The single most important thing in your life, when it comes to Magic, is your Perspective.  Whatever you have been conditioned to believe is your Perspective.  Perspective is a self-fulfilling prophecy.  Your Perspective is how you perceive something.  Perspective is influenced by a number of factors:  experience, beliefs, judgements, personal values, information or lack of, and our needs and desires.  Just about everything that goes on in your life is determined by your Perspective.  This post is not about gaining a positive Perspective on the world, truly enlightened or awake people know this world is messed up. If your Perspective is positive on everything, than you will never fix anything.  This post is about you being aware of your Perspective to help your Magic.  

Magic is all in the mind. Perspective is all in your head.  If you have any polarized Perspectives, you will have a very hard time manifesting because it may not be the truth.   One thing that worsens this is the internet.  The internet is set up today to keep bringing you your Perspective.  It does not bring you information, it brings you information you want.  Your internet life is personalized to you.  Everything from ads, to videos, to news is tailored to satisfy your Perspective.  Use this as a mirror.  What ever pops up on your phone or computer as far as ads, videos or news feeds is showing you your inner personal life.  Most use it as something to stroke their ego.  “Hey look at that! More stories on hating Trump! So many people agree with me!  How could I be wrong?”  Don’t send me emails about how you knew I was a Trump fan.  I am just proving a point.  I don’t do politics because like religion it is for small minds.  Everything today is to keep your Perspective polarized.  

This is not just a technological problem, it is a human problem.  Whatever you Perspective is, your mind is going to look for things that make you right.  This happens because you are in the masculine mindset or the ego.  Getting what you want feels good or being right feels good, so we live in our Perspective bubble of reality.  The news media and most internet sites are designed to feed your biases and strengthen your bubble.  Today ‘lies’  means anything I don’t believe in.  Whatever I believe is the truth and whatever I don’t believe is false.  This is where the world is at today.  Critical thinking is almost impossible.  People spell research Google.  Googling and understanding are 2 different things.  Understanding only comes from the underworld.  In short it is doing some of the work on your own, using creative insight, reading books on the subject, talking to people who know about it, imagination, experiments, etc. 

Really understanding means risking you could be wrong.  It means looking at something from a different Perspective.  Know that you don’t know what you don’t know.  Understanding your world is understanding more about yourself.  Your Perspective will manifest in your reality.  It will influence you in everything you do.  Whatever is in your mind will manifest in your reality through your beliefs and actions.  You need to focus your Perspective on whatever it is you want to manifest.  If you think all men pigs than that will be your reality.  You will manifest men who are pigs in your life.  If you do not think you are good enough to get a certain position, job or do a certain activity, you will never be good enough.  

Magic mixed with an empowering mindset is rare.  Most people have neither of these.  A few have think they have an empowering mindset, when they just have arrogance.  If you think you are better than everyone else, than you are never going to get better at anything.  There is a difference between confidence and arrogance.  Focus and align your Perspective on what you want to manifest.  If you want to be a great athlete, focus your attention and Perspective on being a great athlete.  Your subconscious will bring you the opportunities to become one.  What you don’t want to do is hate and be jealous of the ones that are already great athletes.  It will just bring you more opportunities to be hateful and jealous.  

The subconscious does not care if you want something or not, all it cares about is what you are focusing on.  Whatever your Perspective is, that is what your subconscious thinks you want. The thing that makes Perspective so powerful is that it is continuous. Thoughts come and go. Perspective is what you continuously focus on.  If you are focusing on all your problems all the time, then the subconscious will manifest more problems.  Because that is what it thinks you want.  If you are focusing on things that make you angry, then it will manifest things that make you angry.  

You can not know how much Perspective effects your reality until you change your Perspective. What you see on a day-to-day basis is your world through your Perspective.  You are the one who defines your own reality.  If transforming your Perspective can transform your entire life, is it good to have your eyes closed?  To steal part of a quote from Tolkien, “Not all wandering minds are lost”.  

13 thoughts on “Perspective”

  1. An interesting perspective… oops… and ha ha! 🙂 If I believe what you wrote here, then I have to believe that setting for myself a life purpose and putting all my perspective on THAT was the right way to go. Just kidding a bit, of course I believe what you wrote: it’s how I’ve lived my life and how I too became that proverbial square peg in the societal round hole. I do like your articles, gserpent!!!

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  2. To understand, for me is just like the word and you have said. To be able to ‘stand – under’ something, is to support it and see it from a different perspective. Just like Nada in one of my all-time favorite allegorical movies, They Live. Never really fitting into society, Nada finds the sunglasses and is shown a different perspective of the world and finally ‘understands’ what’s going on. This post as usual, great words to contemplate, thanks G.

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