This world has a lot of what I call Pretenders.  A Pretender imitates the beliefs, behaviors and values of what is considered socially acceptable.  They know they don’t belong in this world, but they have to pretend to be like everyone else.  To not pretend is a lonely existence.  This is the number one reason people turn away from Magic after they start, they don’t want to be lonely.  Better to be a Pretender than be lonely.  I don’t think I belong on this planet of madness either, but every one of us has a purpose and as long as you are pretending, you will never reach what you truly love.  

This post is to show those who are waking up and continue to pretend, that there is another option.  Every muggle on this planet is living an inauthentic life.  Witches and Wizards are shaped by behaviors and values which are chosen for personal and authentic reasons.  They know their true talent, secret gift and uniqueness.  They are the artists of this world and have the most beautiful minds in human history.  If you have something that has been there your whole life and is now waking up, being a Pretender will not make it go away.  Only a trip through the underworld or Hero’s Journey can do that.   Some Pretenders have been pretending so long that they have forgotten they are pretending.  This post is to remind you who you are.  

Pretenders are all about show.  They have an inner emptiness that can not be filled.  The masses need religion and for most Pretenders society is their religion.  Whether it be church, state, politics, science or consumerism, they immerse themselves in it to fit in.  Just like religion, society has safety in numbers.  Witches and Wizards will plant seeds of doubt into the minds of the Pretenders.  The Pretenders are too scared to take the next step, so they join in on the ridicule and ostracizing. Pretenders live in a robotic state.  They look to others in order to determine how to behave and what to believe.  Pretenders pretend to be something they are not.  

Being a Pretender deadens the human spirit, the alive unique and personal center of ourselves.  This is the only part of us that can and wants to grow.  Pretenders are full of insecurity and are vulnerable.  They think other people will ridicule them or be mad at them.  You must see that if someone is going to ridicule you are be mad at you for being yourself, they are not worth having in your life.  

Pretenders can not view themselves as being able to bring forth anything of significance in this world.  They are comfortable in their limited and protected routines.  When Pretenders fail to accomplish what they desire, they try to pull the world down with them.  They have the ‘If I can’t have it, no one can have it’ mentality.  They have a declining life, so they scream for equality.  Stop the pretending and bring what is rare, strange and creative inside you out in the open.  The world does not need more Pretenders.  

What Pretenders don’t understand is that the majority of the masses are not fearful, they are lazy.  Their slothfulness keeps them from becoming unique.  They strive solely for comfort and contentment and are full of resentment and envy.  The masses are herd animals, so when you pretend to be like them you are a herd animal.  The only power a Pretender has is in a group.  Do not hide from your purpose into the comfort of mediocrity.  Bring out your creativity and individuality.  The ideas of the herd rule the herd.  I tell my daughter all the time “The lioness does not care about the sheep’s opinion”. The masses want the glory for everything, but do not want to work for it.  

The more we become Pretenders, the more the true self becomes ineffectual and dies.  Pretty soon we become such good Pretenders that we identify ourselves with it and suppress our real selves to fit in.  We lose ourselves in the crowd.  Pawn ourselves to the world.  When we pretend, we become average. We allow our identity to be shaped by others.  We immerse ourselves in social roles and social games.  Today we don’t just pretend to our community.  We pretend to the world on social media.  It is time to stop going along to get along without question.  

There is a reason why rare things are valuable in this world.  Calling all Pretenders… bring out your authentic self and you will find out how valuable you are.  Authentic people are the ones who bring forth new ideas, creations, and ways of living which produce a vibrant society.  If you are authentic, you are doing what you love and it is not done for selfish reasons, importance, defensiveness, fear or defending dogmas and beliefs.  You do it because it is who you are and that is the most important thing you can do.  

10 thoughts on “Pretenders”

  1. Immediately reminded me of that old Platters’ song, I’m the Great Pretender. “Too real is this feeling of make-believe
    Too real when I feel what my heart can’t conceal
    Oh yes, I’m the great pretender…”
    There are two sides to the pretender story. Children, who cannot be their heroes, pretend, and imagine a day when they too, can be “heroic” for there are no limits to their power of imagination… yet at that age. When we want to be “other than” but do not possess the experience to go ahead and “do it” we proceed pretending we do know. That’s a different kind of pretender.

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    1. Imagination is very powerful. I always say, “be like a kid again”. What Pretenders are doing is pretending to be something they are not for fear of ridicule and not being accepted. A kid using his or her imagination does not care what others think, they are just doing there thing. They are doing what they like to do. Pretenders are self conscious and don’t do what they love to do. They care what others think, so they pretend to be like others to fit in. Great comment Sha’Tara. Thanks.

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  2. Once again you have nailed it! This should be required reading, in front of a mirror. Watching the interactions of the ‘herd’ today in society is like watching a large flock of black birds move in harmony through the sky or a large school of fish, swirling in unison or a herd of wildebeest stampeding across the plains…its size is definitely growing in number.

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