Star Wars: The Last Jedi


Star Wars: The Last Jedi doesn’t have as much symbolism as The Force Awakens, but the symbolism it has goes much deeper.  It is showing the transition that is happening in our world right now.  The dying off of the old patriarch ways and the beginning of the new sacred feminine.   If you have not seen the movie I am giving you a spoiler alert.  I will show what happens, so if you don’t want to know the ending, see the movie first.  

The movie opens with Poe leading a battle against the First Order.  Poe, as you know from The Force Awakens, is a fly by the seat of your pants pilot who is teaching Finn the ways of the rebellion.  We meet Finn right where we left him in the first movie, waking up.  Finn symbolizes a person waking up. We can see by his suit leaking water  and him walking around dazed and confused, he is still not fully awake.  The water spilling everywhere is his emotions not under control and being dazed is him still being confused.  First thing he asks is, “Where is Rey?”  Rey is the sacred feminine needed to get through the wake up process(see Maat).  But Rey is on a mission to find Luke Skywalker, who she thinks will bring balance back or enlightenment.  

When Rey finds Luke he is in a no confidence mind-set because of his failures.   This is showing that it does not matter how enlightened you become, you will still have battles in your life and in your mind.  Luke just decided to do what his master Yoda did, run away and hide in seclusion. He asks who Rey is and she finally tells him, “Something inside me has always been there and now its awake.  I need help”.  Luke finally decides to teach Rey about the force.  At first she thinks the force is the way the Jedi control people’s minds and make things float, but she quickly finds out the truth by reaching out with her feelings.  She sees life, death and decay that feeds new life, warmth, cold, peace, violence and between it all is balance and energy, a force.  Inside her is  that same force.  Meaning she has the force that she can turn light or dark, good or bad.  What she does with the force scares him.  He thinks she went straight to the dark power.  

Luke says, “I’ve witnessed this raw strength only once before. It didn’t scare me enough then, it does now”.  Here he is talking about the power in himself.  He saw the raw strength in himself, but it didn’t scare him then.  Now he sees it in Rey and it scares him.  It leads him to say the Jedi must die. Why is it scaring him?   The power he saw in Rey that is scaring him, he could only conjure up when he became mad or angry.  Like when he fought his father, Darth Vader.  Rey is able to tap into it without getting mad or angry.  Why is she able to do this?   She is the sacred feminine!  Luke had just figured out that with the power of the sacred feminine, one could tap into either side of the power anytime one wants.  The secret is that you can’t have the dogmatism of the masculine mindset.  Rey is balanced in both the sacred feminine and the sacred masculine.  

Rey goes into a cave where she confronts her fears.  That fear being, what is her history and her identity.  She wants to know who her parents are.  This is Rey figuring out that she has to rely on herself to get the answers.  No one but herself can get her the truth. Snoke has opened a bridge between Rey and Kylo Ren’s mind.  He did this hoping Kylo could get Rey to come to the dark side.  Snoke and Kylo both know they need the sacred feminine because of the power she has.  They are to far into the masculine to tap into her power, so they need Rey.  The movie shows this by how reactive Snoke is and by the temper tantrums Kylo Ren throws.    In the mind bridge she sees the struggle Kylo Ren is having and starts to think she can change him.  About this is time she figures out Luke is not coming with her, so she leaves thinking she can go change Kylo Ren.   

Luke decides he needs to burn down the Jedi temple tree and the texts, but he can’t bring himself to do it.  Yoda appears at that time and uses the force to cause lightning to strike the tree and burn it down.  Luke says, “So it is time for the Jedi order to end?”  Yoda responds, “Time it is, for you to look past a pile of old books.”  Luke says,  “They were sacred texts!”  To which Yoda asks if he had read them.  This is where we see that Luke has not read them thoroughly.  Yoda responds, “Page turners they were not.  Yes they contained wisdom, but that library did not contain anything the girl Rey does not already possess”.   Yoda proceeds to tell Luke to teach Rey about, “strength, mastery, but weakness and folly too.  The greatest teacher is failure”.  This I believe Yoda is talking about the failure of the Jedi.  In every Star Wars story they keep looking for a chosen one who will bring balance to the universe. It is one failure after another.  Depending on if you are good or bad, you are a Jedi or a Sith.  There is no in-between, dogmatism.  Yoda finally tells Luke, “We are what they grow beyond.  That is the true burden of all masters”.  

Meanwhile Finn, BB8 and Rose go on a secret mission. Most think this segment of the story was a waste of time, but that is because most people watching this film are walking zombies.  The purpose of this segment was to show more of Finn’s wake up process.  When they escape in a stolen ship, Finn tells DJ, the code breaker, “at least you stole from the bad guys to help the good guys”.  DJ tells Finn that ‘good guys’ and ‘bad guys’ are made up words.  He shows Finn that the owner of the ship made his fortune by supply weapons to the bad guys and the good guys.  Just like in the real world.  It does not matter if it was one of the World Wars or a local political conflict.  The so-called leaders of this world supply both sides to keep us fighting!!!!! The next line is the best in the movie when DJ tells Finn, “Let me learn you something big.  It’s all a machine partner.  Live free.  Don’t join”.   

When Rey gets to Kylo Ren’s ship, he takes her straight to Snoke.  Snoke tells her she has the spirit of a true Jedi and because of that she must die.  He tells Kylo Ren to kill her, but Kylo kills Snoke instead.  A fight with the guardsmen ensues.  I found it very interesting that the guardsmen were all red.  My work shows that the patriarchy in this world is from the Red Crown of Lower Egypt.  In this scene, one of the guards is using a whip that looks a lot like a snake against  Rey.  Symbolizing the Garden of Eden story with the snake and Eve.  After a struggle, Rey kills the guard. Symbolizing this story has lost its hold!  It takes the sacred feminine to kill the patriarchy garbage(see Rings).  Kylo sees its over for the old ways, but needs her to rule.  He can’t get the sacred feminine on his own.  When he sees that she won’t, he tries to tell her she is nothing because she does not know her parents or her history.  The only way she will be good is if she joins him.  Perfect for what has happen in this world to the human race.  But Rey learned her lesson in the cave about only relying on herself for her history.  She escapes in the chaos.  

The last part of the movie we see that Finn still has not learned his lesson and decides to go on a suicide mission to stop the cannon.  Rose saves him and he still does not get it.  Rose explains to him, “I saved you.  That is how we are going to win.  By not fighting what we hate, but saving what we love”.  This is perfect and it goes against everything the world is today.  We fight what we hate or dislike.  Why can’t we just save what we love?  

Luke appears and confronts the First Order where he has an entertaining battle with Kylo Ren.  Kylo says once he kills Luke he will have killed the last Jedi.  Luke tells him he is wrong.  Luke says, “The rebellion is reborn today.  The war is just beginning and I will not be the last Jedi”.  All this is going on while Rey uses the force to lift the boulders and help the rebellion escape.  Kylo Ren strikes Luke down, but figures out it was a projection of Luke the whole time.   

The movie ends with what seems to be Luke’s death scene.  Luke does die on the planet of Alch-To.   Rey and Leia sense his death, but this scene has a deeper meaning.  He is watching the sun set.  Luke was an ancient name for the sun in ancient Egypt.  The sun was the sky walker.  This is how Lukas got his name.  So we have the sun setting and Luke, the sun, dying.  All the patriarchy of the world centers around the sun.  Religion, government, corporations etc.  This is telling me the creators of the new Star Wars know what is going on.  The sun is setting on Pisces.  It has been in the patriarch dominate signs of Aries and Pisces for almost 4,000 years.  We are heading into the age of Aquarius.  The sun is setting on the solar patriarchy and all its dogmatism.  Just like Luke had not read the texts, most in these patriarch religions have not read them either.  They just go by what priests tell them!  It is time for people to start using their intuition and not be told what to think.  Intuition is purely feminine and it will not mislead you.  

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