This is How the Ancients lifted the Megalithic Blocks


Many people have tried to figure out how the ancients lifted those megalithic blocks.   Some of these stones weigh more than 2000 tons.  The blocks on the Great pyramid weigh about 400 tons each and there are millions of them.  For those who  don’t know, 1 ton equals 2000 lbs.  400 tons is 800,000 lbs a block, 2000 tons is 4 million lbs a block.  Our machinery today would struggle to lift these blocks.  To get to the bottom of how they built the megaliths, we have to look at one major problem science likes to lie about.  That problem is the dinosaurs.  Don’t worry, I’m not going to say they used the dinosaurs to lift the rocks like on the Flintstones.  Though that makes mores sense than most theories.   

I included this video because it brings to the attention what I have known for a few years now.  I had some discussions with a very open-minded paleontologist a while back. About the problem of dinosaurs being able to live on our planet with gravity as we know it.  She knew that an elephant was as big as a land animal could get without it collapsing under its own weight.  She told me most scientist know this problem, but just sweep it under the rug.  So how did these 180 ton animals walk around on the earth and not collapse?  Not only do they have a weight problem, but the long neck dinosaurs couldn’t hold their head up, much less get blood pumped to it.   I ask her if the earths gravity was ever considerably weaker and she told me she didn’t know.  Science says it is impossible.  Well, science was bought and paid for a long time ago.  

Not only do we have the problem of the ancients moving these massive blocks,  we have the problem of how huge dinosaurs walked the earth.  What is going on here?  They have all sorts of theories as to how the ancients moved these blocks.  From using levitation from sound, to tractor beams,  to antigravity machine or using their mental power to lift the stones.  As entertaining as these ideas are, they are all wrong.  Even if any of these theories were true, it does not settle how the dinosaurs walked the earth.  The only way these massive creatures could have lived on the earth was if the earth had less gravity.  

How does a planet get less gravity?  It’s simple, the bigger the planet the bigger the gravitational pull or more gravity.  The smaller the planet the less gravity.  Science is stumped as to how the earth could have gotten bigger.  There is an expanding earth theory which is as ridiculous as flat earth.  So what happened?  If you have read my Lemurian Magic post, you know the asteroid belt in our solar system was a watery planet named Tiamat. Tiamat was bigger than Jupiter.  Something happened to Tiamat that caused it to be destroyed.  There was total chaos in our solar system and most of the water from that planet hit the earth.  This is how we got our oceans.   Well guess what science?  Our planet is 70% water now.  My theory was that maybe 15% percent of the earth was covered with water back then.  The water from Tiamat caused our planet to grow.  This is where the gravity comes from!  

I estimated that Tiamat was destroyed anywhere between 15 thousand and 40 thousand years ago.  I also said dinosaurs are more recent than science likes to admit.  If you watch the second video I posted, it shows how Mary Schweizer at NC State University was able to get soft tissue out of a dinosaur bone and date it to 40,000 years.  Those who sent me hate mail about my suggesting the dinosaurs were recent, apology accepted.  I maybe crazy, but I’m buried in your memory.    Without the oceans here, these creatures could roam easily with less gravity.  I still believe the people of Atlantis tried to exterminate them because they couldn’t control them.  But once the oceans came in, any that survived this catastrophe, collapsed under their own weight.  This also solves how the dinosaurs became extinct and not all other life forms, like what would have happened if the asteroid theory was correct.  This also proves that all the ancient huge sea creatures, like Megalodon, came from Tiamat.  Nothing bigger than what is in the ocean now could have ever survived in our oceans.  But as I said, Tiamat was bigger than Jupiter and she had enormous creatures living within her waters.  The bones of these creatures came to earth with the ice that fell from the sky.  

Lets get back to the Megaliths.  With less gravity, the stones would weigh much less.  I still think the ancients were very advanced.  Giorgio Tsoukalos says, “How ever they built the megaliths, it had to be easy”.  With less gravity and the technology available to the ancients, it would have been very easy.  Even with our technology today, we  would have a very easy time building the Megaliths in a lot less gravity.  This tells me that the Megaliths were built before the ‘War of the Gods’ or right after the first wave of water.   The water from Tiamat came in 3 waves spread out over 35,000- 40,000 years. The last wave being about 8,000 to 10,000 years ago.  Each time the water came in, the gravity of the earth became stronger.   

Before all the water came in, moving these massive stones would have been quite easy for an advanced race from a much bigger planet.  To see how super human we would be on the planet Mars, check out the movie John Carter.  This is a Disney movie and if you know my work, you know Disney is in on the secrets.  There was a race of people on Mars before the ‘War of the Gods’.  This movie is probably showing some of the battles that took place on Mars.  

I know I won’t receive a ‘thank you’ from anyone in the science community, but I am happy knowing that the world is finally starting to wake up to the history that has been hidden from them.   I am just helping put the pieces back together for the ones awakening.  We are a species with amnesia.  Imagine if you woke up tomorrow and forgot everything that happened in your life.  You didn’t know who you were, where you were, how you got there and your couldn’t recognize your family and friends.  How would you go on?  Wouldn’t you need someone to tell you who you were, who your family and friends are and your history?  This is what has happened to the human race, but the people telling us who we are and our history are greedy psychopaths.  It is time to start remembering who we our and what we are capable of!  We are who we have been waiting for! 


16 thoughts on “This is How the Ancients lifted the Megalithic Blocks”

  1. This is a good piece. I’ve read/listened to stuff about the expanding Earth (mainly Clif High,) and heard about all the tech that can move heavy objects (anti-grav and telepathic-tethered tech) from multiple places. I had never considered the physical effects of all the extra water Earth took on from the deluge, et al.
    You’ve given me some food for thought about the effect of gravity on a planet.
    Also, I don’t know how much stock ypu give to QHHT/hypnotherapy, but there is an Alba Weinman session on youtube (175, I think) where her client had lived a life on Mars, and he on the topic of assembling monolith structures, he said of the means “we can make it in a day.” I take it for what its worth.
    Thanks for the thought-provoking post.
    And btw- I finished the Lemurian Magic: big props for the time it had to take to put that piece together!

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    1. Thanks. I have been fighting with myself about putting it out there. I was chatting with an very open minded colleague the other day and they told me, “Get it out there before someone else does. If you are right about Tiamat, this changes everything”.

      Hypnotherapy has its place and I have a very open mind. I wouldn’t doubt it being assembled in a day. There are Native American legends about the Grand Canyon being created in a day. Knowing what I know about the cataclysm, I am sure they are correct. Knowing the history of the solar system, I wouldn’t doubt the truth of his statement.

      Sorry Lemurian Magic was so long. It was the very first thing I wrote when I ‘woke up’ in 2010. I couldn’t talk to anyone, so I had to write it down. I sat on it for 6 years adding things here and there and finally decided I could put it out there. The show Ancient Aliens really helped me get the guts to do it. I wasn’t alone kind of thing. Thanks for reading. I really enjoy your posts too. Keep up the good work!


      1. I know you’re at least part right about Tiamat, at least the part about the waters, and what wasn’t lost to space or collected by earth ended up on the outer planets – “they” now know there are unexplainable amounts of water out there too. It has been my contention for many years that some of Tiamat’s water creatures somehow survived and manifested on earth for a time until various inimical conditions caused them to disappear. The myths of mermaids and sea monsters that were common in ancient times had their origins in people having actually seen such creatures. Tiamat had a large population of mer-people, and to this day, many “sleep” in the ice of the outer planet and comets. There are plans, so I’ve been made aware, to rescue these people but not under current political and social conditions. These were (are) my people and I’m fully conscious of their situation and the waiting is difficult at times. Your theory also explains why there are so many human-made edifices lying at the bottom of earth’s oceans. Some were so huge they can still be seen through Google maps, where the Pacific ocean is relatively shallow, as near the Marianas Islands. “They” got to Velikovsky and Sitchin, though thankfully not before they published their findings and theories… don’t let “them” get to you. “They” are frightened and ignorant witch hunters who fear any truth that might upset their scientism.

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      2. That is so interesting Sha’Tara. I never thought about people being caught in the ice floating out there. I had my mind on sea creatures and fish. That makes perfect sense in knowing Tiamat was inhabited by an aquatic race. I have personally heard stories from pilots who have had huge fish fall from the sky and hit their jumbo jet. The damage is apparent when they get on the ground, but they are told, “There is no way you hit a big fish at 30,000 feet in the air. It had to have been a huge bird”. The pilots have told me, “I know what I saw and it wasn’t a bird”.

        I am well aware of all the under water human-made structures. They are all over the place. We know less about our oceans than outer space. We know very little about space so we don’t know jack about our oceans. On my last trip to Mexico, I was told they have found some Mayan structures off the coasts. No one seems to have the money to investigate these things.

        I won’t let them get to me. Im just a blabber mouth nobody to them right now. Im pretty confident I have some protection from the side of the Goddess. 😉 Sometimes things get really weird in my world.


      3. Quote: “No one seems to have the money to investigate these things.” I’ve been accused of being “a silly bitch” and the milder, but even more derogatory “conspiracy theorist” and dismissed as such. You know what? When an idiot calls you an idiot you have to see the irony in that! No one has the money? Actually the dummied-down fake reality absorbers and consumers aren’t to know their real history or maybe, just maybe, they’d start to wonder why that carrot never gets closer and the stick never stops beating bent backs, regardless of the political and economic rhetoric. Maybe, so why take a chance? Label them all mushrooms, keep ’em in the dark and feed them all more and more bullshit.  Why not? It’s cheap, profitable and even entertaining as hell to watch them kill each other over the BS we fork out. 

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      4. I wanted to go off like that, but it was an Mexican archeologist who was being very nice to me an letting me see things most people don’t get to see. She was very opened minded, she even told me about the Mayans believing they are from Orion’s Belt. She told the head Mayan Matriarch that I knew of Lemuria. I did not want to break the trust.

        I understand where you are coming from completely, but she has to play within the parameters and I didn’t want to make her feel bad. She told me to keep my ears open for new things coming out of Mexico. I think it was a hint.

        I have been called the same thing, but she really was trying to help me out with information. I’m very happy someone with her job has an open mind like she does. She told me things I can’t repeat. She really is trying.

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      5. I’m really sorry, I may have inadvertently given the wrong impression with my closing remark in my comment, “Why not? It’s cheap, profitable and even entertaining as hell to watch them kill each other over the BS we fork out.” I was being sarcastic, pretending to speak for the elitist apparatus. My excuse? I was working off the tablet and that thing drives me crazy. This time I’m writing with a real keyboard, on a real computer…
        Quote from you: “I understand where you are coming from completely, but she has to play within the parameters and I didn’t want to make her feel bad. She told me to keep my ears open for new things coming out of Mexico. I think it was a hint. ” I totally agree with you, and I was not at all referring to the archeologist or the head matriarch in my comment. Again, sincere apology for bad choice of words.

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      6. No need to be sorry. I agree with you completely. The so called people in power love to feed us crap and watch us fight. I didn’t think you were talking about the archeologist or head matriarch, I just wanted to show you there are a few good ones coming up the ranks. I am not a fan of ‘hope’ by any means, but I love to see people in these positions who are not dogmatic and don’t tell me I belong in a mental hospital. lol Im seeing signs everywhere that we are moving toward at least some truth.

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  2. I often come back to what David Icke says ” I just put the information out there. I don’t care what people think.” O mean, worst that can happen? We’re wrong, we admit it, and continue on.
    Better that the idea is out there to provoke thought than not at all.

    And brst to you to. I like reading people’s analysis of things. I can only take so much of the popular names before it becomes a worn down tire. 😉

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    1. Exactly. Provoke thought! I tell people all the time that is what Ancient Aliens is all about, provoking thought. I usually get the blank stare look like “What is thought?”


  3. Usually, I get missing pieces of information that I am looking for, here through your articles. Now, I found more! 🙂 As Brian said, “I had never considered the physical effects of all the extra water Earth took on from the deluge”. I am glad you put all the information out. It is a wonderful & provoking article. Congratulations on your work! 💐

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    1. Thanks 😊. You are welcome. I am happy you can take info from my work and fit it in to yours. It means a lot to me that I helped a fellow researcher. Thanks for reading and commenting. Congrats on your work too. For my research would not make sense if you had not done your research. 😉

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