The Word II


About a year and a half ago I wrote a post titled The Word. In this post I stated that the written word was the reason we are a species with amnesia.  Let’s just say it wasn’t welcomed readily by the patriarch left brain mind of this world.  I’m not saying that we need to get rid of the written word, but I am saying that we need to let the children learn with their right brain too.  Ever wonder why very intelligent people have to write everything down so they don’t forget it?  They are in the masculine mind-set, whether they know it or not.  I have come across an ancient text that backs my theory up.  As a matter a fact, a very ancient god agrees with me.  

Since I finally have some down time this summer, I decided to do some light reading.  Plato’s Phaedrus was my selection.  In this book Socrates is asked, “What makes writing good, and what inept?”.  Socrates talks about the ancient gods in Egypt, specifically Thoth.  Thoth was the ancient god of wisdom who first discovered number and calculation, geometry and astronomy, as well as the game of checkers and dice, and above all else, writing.  When Thoth invented writing he went to the god Amun, the King of Egypt at the time, and urged him to introduce it among the populace with these words, “O King, here is something that, once learned, will make the Egyptians wiser and will improve their memory; I have discovered a potion for memory or wisdom.”  

 Amon replies :

“O most expert Thoth, one man can give birth to elements of an art, but only another can judge how they can benefit or harm those who use them.  And now since you are the father of writing, your affection for it has made you describe its effects as the opposite of what they really are.  In fact it will introduce forgetfulness into the soul of those who learn it: they will not practice using their memory because they will put their trust in writing, which is external and depends on signs that belong to others, instead of trying to remember from the inside, completely on their own.  You have not discovered a potion for remembering but for reminding; you provide your students with the appearance of wisdom, not its reality.  Your invention will enable them to hear many things without being properly taught, and they will imagine that they have come to know much while for the most part they will know nothing.”  

Memorization is not a highly regarded skill in our world today.  In no way do I think Thoth had any bad intent when creating writing. It is a very powerful tool.  I have always said that all magic comes with a price.  Writing is magic and is the reason why we spell words.  The price for writing is memory. With this passage in this ancient text, it was known from the beginning what writing would do to the masses.  The Egyptians even knew that once writing started the only way to make someone immortal was to inscribe their name in stone.  This is why you see so much damage in Egyptian hieroglyphs.  They destroyed the hieroglyph of the person they didn’t like because it would make sure they were not immortal.  So why did it become so important?

I admit that I am going on circumstantial evidence about what I’m going to say next, but I believe I am pretty damn close to the truth.  I think the beginning of writing, any writing, was used by the elite to justify their rule over the illiterate, common people.  Over time, as more and more people learned to read and write, it became obvious that they could use the memory loss on a mass scale.  This is why it was so important for religions and government to burn books.  With memory loss, only whats written down is the truth.   We see it today in the Americas.  Very few know their real history, only the history of lies that is fed to them.  Who ever controls the written word controls history. As George Orwell wrote, “He who controls the past controls the future.  He who controls the preset controls the past”.    He who wins the war writes their version of history and it is shoved down the throats of the people until it becomes fact.  How the hell else could anyone believe that Christopher Columbus discovered America or that there is a bearded man walking on the clouds?   

As fate would have it, not all was burned or destroyed and an age of information has been happening.   The so-called elite are letting information be read because the masses are only interested in how many likes they get on their social media page, what football game is coming on or what rumors are going on in Hollywood.  Even if some get their hands on correct information, their minds are imprisoned by the indoctrination of religion.  At some point in history they knew an awakening would start happening, so they started writing books that would be absolute nonsense or sound like a fairy tale unless you were initiated.  This is the way all religious texts, including the bible, are written.  Even Socrates did no like writing for this reason.  He states:

“Once it has been written down, every discourse roams about everywhere, reaching indiscriminately those with understanding no less than those who have no business with it, and it does not know to whom it should speak and whom it should not.”

So in todays age of information they are letting people read it because they have not been initiated into understanding and even if they do understand, they will forget it anyway.  

What they did  not think would happen was a few people would learn the initiations and get their hands on every ancient text they could.  The problem is that you can’t just read them once.  You have to read them 10, if not 20 times, to get them into your memory.  The more you read them the more they get seeded into your subconscious.  That is when your subconscious will start to work on the info for you. Your intuition will let you know if the info is correct or not.  

I am not saying stop reading and writing.  It is a very powerful tool.  I just want you to use your memory.  Ever meet someone who could tell you, off the top of their head, the batting average of someone who played for the Yankees in 1968.  The information might be garbage, but it is important to them.  Or someone who could remember a place with every detail that they have only been to once.  Before “The Word”, information was passed orally and everyone’s memory was probably this good.  “The Word” is a very powerful tool and Witches and Wizards will use it to their advantage.  

9 thoughts on “The Word II”

  1. Ec. 12:12 “Of making many books there is no end, and much study wearies the body.”
    I’m sure you are well aware of the event mentioned in Genesis, the bible, regarding “the gods” (Elohim) not pleased with the technological advancement of the Earthian race, so they decided then and there to “confuse” man’s universal language (I suspect it was telepathy) so that no one could understand another and they scattered from each other, abandoning their great plan at Babel on the plain of Shinar. By “creating” a mass of languages these master controllers were able to greatly dummy down the Earthian race, and also create distrust among them so that the rest of history is mostly about wars. Now we live in the “Google it” generation – no need to remember anything. If you need to know, just “Google it” and presto: you’re informed. The problem with that is, much of that information is either patently false; slanted towards a patent or brand name; propaganda; and it’s a throw away kind of input, useless on the long run. Through the casualness of words and videos people are increasingly becoming spectators of their own life, or should I say, passage, for I would not call it a life.

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    1. I couldn’t have said it better myself. Having these so-called smart phones at our hands makes us not use our memory even more. Where the word made us forgetful, these phones are making us just plain stupid. They keep the individual in an endless supply of pleasurable diversions and nonstop distractions to drown their minds in a sea of irrelevance. Technology is magic and all magic comes with a price. The price is a distracted and dumb down population. A population who scream, “Give me my smartphone and don’t bother me with responsibility!” All that matters is pleasure and comfort, mentally and physically.


  2. Another thought-provoking article. This topic, is why I can’t wait to catch up to date with your coaching and start all over from the beginning again. This time, with taking notes and dissecting every last one of them. Your quote: “You have to read them 10, if not 20 times, to get them into your memory.” You my friend, are being conservative with the numbers!

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