Why it is Awesome to be a Witch or Wizard


I know when you say the word Witch most of the masses gasp.  Muggles think Witches are evil or there is something psychologically wrong with them.  In this patriarchal society, the word Wizard does not bring up the same fearful thoughts.  You must put the word bad, evil or dark in front of  Wizard before it starts to scare muggles.  In general the masses just think the guy is probably nuts.  If you are a true Witch or Wizard, other Witches and Wizards will know who you are and they will respect you.  The ones who control the masses and muggles know who you are and they are not going to mess with you.  They don’t want the world slipping into another dark age.  When they screw up, they need the magical people to fix it.  They know that a Witch and Wizard is the same as a druid, ancient priest or priestess, medicine man or woman, shaman, witch doctor, sorcerer, voodoo or magi which is an adept of the mind.    

Witches and Wizards have special abilities that make them very important to the world today.   They used to be degraded, burned at the stake and considered needing to be cured.  It has been known for a long time how important Witches and Wizards are, but now even unenlightened muggles are beginning to recognize this.  When patriarchy took hold in this world and leaders sent the muggles out on a witch hunt, the world was thrown into the dark ages as a result.  Most Witches and Wizards went into hiding and used their abilities to help their family and very few friends.  Some like Leonardo Da Vinci were forced, extorted and blackmailed into doing things for the leaders of religion and government.  This is why there is so much encoded in Da Vinci’s work(see Turin Shroud).  It was Wizard and Witches like Da Vinci and his secret close group who began the Renaissance.  Witches and Wizards pulled the world out of the dark ages, but the leaders of the masses would not let religion be abolished.  They had to have an unenlightened, half-wit population to send over and steal everything from the native people of the Americas. 

If you are a Witch or Wizard, it is fine to come out and say it.  Muggles will run from you because they fear what they don’t understand, but the important people will support you.  Here are some abilities of Witches and Wizards that make it awesome to be a one.  

  1. Witches and Wizards are geniuses.  They are very intelligent and unique.  They don’t talk much, but when they do, it is pure knowledge.  Muggles will use computers and smartphones for mindless and pleasurable attractions.  Drowning their minds in an endless sea of irrelevance.    Witches and Wizards use these tools to gain knowledge.  They are lovers of knowledge.  
  2. Witches and Wizards are great observers.  They see things other people can not see and will not let anyone else tell them what to see.  
  3. Witches and Wizards are good listeners.  They love to listen to other people’s stories and ideas.  They want to gather as much information as possible.  What they do not like to listen to is mindless ‘what ifs’, gossip, politics and rumors.  If one tries to talk to us about these, they will use our next great ability….  
  4. Great excuse makers.  Witches and Wizards will come up with great excuses not to have to deal with muggles.   They realize they have to do the family thing sometimes, but being around the masses is so draining.  There is only so much a Witch or Wizard can take.  Most of us have to be around the muggles for our jobs, so we try to stay away in our free time.  My latest and greatest excuse is, “Sorry I can’t, my daughter has soccer”.   I am so thankful for soccer.  
  5. Witches and Wizards do not get bored easy.  They love alone time.  It is actually a necessity.  Alone time is how they recharge from all the negative energy of this world and the energy vampires who unknowingly steal our energy.  Being alone observing nature or reading a book is time well spent.  They do not need to be entertained. 
  6. Witches and Wizards are free.  The do what they want and like what they do without interruption from others.  They are very detailed oriented in what they do and realize other people slow them down.  Muggles get distracted very easy.  Witches and Wizards will not trade freedom and liberty for social comforts.  
  7. Witches and Wizards think deeply.  They will turn within to solve a problem.  It will be their main focus until they solve it.  If they need help the will turn to another Witch or Wizard.  They will not waste their time with the petty problems of muggles.  
  8. Less is more for Witches and Wizards. They do not get jealous of what others have.  Besides if they want something they just figure out how to get.  They are thankful for what they have and don’t live a cluttered life.  A cluttered life is the sign of a cluttered mind.  
  9. Witches and Wizards keep their minds occupied with things that are practical and useful.  They really focus on the meaning of their own life and sometimes of close loved ones.  They always see the bigger picture.  
  10. Witches and Wizards know themselves.  Just as Pythagoras said, “Know thyself”.  They have a healthy sense of self and their inner monologue is strong.  It is so strong that sometimes you will see them talking to themselves.  
  11. Witches and Wizards are stealthy.  Because of the ignorance of muggles, we are used to blending in. When religious muggles want to burn you at the stake, it becomes second nature to be stealthy.   When in crowds or groups they will make unexpected exits.  Making people wonder where they disappeared to.   
  12. Witches and Wizards are brutally honest.  They know the world if full of BS and does not need anymore.  If you ask them for their thoughts on a subject, be ready to get an honest answer.   So don’t ask us if your outfit makes you look fat.  
  13. Witches and Wizards love nature and animals.  They feel right at home in nature.  Whether it be in a field, forest or garden, they are in their element.  Storms actually energize Witches and Wizards, they know not to fear nature.  When stuck at a muggles gathering, you will find Witches and Wizards with the family pet.  Wild animals and stray pets are drawn to them.  
  14. Witches and Wizards are creative.  The best artists and creative thinkers of this world are Witches and Wizards.  In their mind, there is no such thing as a box to trap their minds.  As a matter of fact, nothing can trap their minds.   In a world full of the illusion of choice, Witches and Wizards make their own choices.  

If you are a Witch, Wizard or any other adept of the mind, let your light shine.  The world will be a better place for it.   The leaders of the muggles made a huge mistake in letting the world silence Witches and Wizards and they are not about to do that again.  Bring out your creative weird side and be what you were born to be.  It is time for the real minds to take their rightful place in this world.  I said it before and I will say it again, and I am being brutally honest here, 

We don’t “hide in the dark” because we are evil or “worship the devil”. We were driven into the dark and into hiding because of the ignorance and intolerance of religious fanatics. Who would rather us die than to promote peace and learn exactly what it is we believe.  We will hide no more. 

This world needs you. Let your weirdness shine!  If you think you may be or know someone who is a Witch or Wizard, check out my Eleven Traits of Witches and Wizards.  

11 thoughts on “Why it is Awesome to be a Witch or Wizard”

  1. I’m new to this blog, but had to comment. Great article! I definitely identified with almost all these abilities. The only one that’s changed for me over the past few years is my relationship to nature. I used to love being outside. Now, I find myself feeling more comfortable retreating to my home or indoors. Nonetheless, the wild still seem drawn to me, even though I’m like “please go away”. Go figure. Anyhow, thanks for sharing this post. 🙂

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