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I have just returned from an awesome trip to Cancun, Mexico.  I spent time going to ruins that have not been commercialized.  During this trip I was lucky enough to be invited to a Mayan village.  Here I met the Queen.  They called her the head matriarch, but she was the Queen. Her name was Norma.   With my archeological guide translating for me, I was able to have conversations with Norma.  While I was at the village I received the stone you see in the pictures.  This stone is Obsidian and it is what the Spaniards and Christians were chasing when it came to El Dorado.  

Studying Mayan history I knew they did not value gold.  They had some gold, but it was found not sought after.  When they found gold they used it for decoration and jewelry.  Sliver was more valuable to them.  It had many more uses including medicine.  Silver was considered the tears of the Moon.  The Mayan people were a matriarch.  The Aztecs, Olmecs and Incas, who came after the Mayans, were more of a patriarch and the gold found was more than likely theirs. There has never been an obscene amout of gold found  in Central or South America. Not ancient gold.  The Mayans valued Jade and Obsidian.  They were so advanced that they had both of these in powder and liquid form.  

Reading the El Dorado myths, you can tell they have a very heavy Christian bias to them.  Stories of explorers going into the jungle and mountains, meeting emperors and kings who knew the explorers to be Christians, so they lodged them in their palaces and threw riches at them.  Give me a break!!!  The kings and emperors might have known them to be Christians, but only because they were greedy like most Christians are today.  Gandhi got it wrong when he quoted,  “I like your Christ.  I do not like your Christians.  Your Christians are so unlike your Christ.”  Christians are not like the fairytale Christ, but they are exactly like the real historical Christ who tried to take over the Roman Empire(see His Royal Jesus).  Some texts I have come across say the historical Jesus was glutenous.  And we wonder why Christians will have billion dollar buildings and luxury spa and workout areas connected to their churches. All while there still is poverty not only in their city, but all over the world.   It is seeded in the beginning of their religion.    

Truth is the Mayans and natives did not like the Spaniards, Christians or any other foreigner.  They knew they were coming there to not only rape their people and land, but to steal everything they had.  This is why you are given the fairytale Thanksgiving type history all over the Americas.  Fairytale history gives everyone a good feeling about what happened and for those who are smart enough to actually read real history, they are told the natives were savages who had to be brought to believe in Jesus, so they could go to heaven.  This garbage is still believed today!  The Musica myth of the King putting gold dust on himself was more than likely obsidian powder.  Throwing gold in the lake was obsidian stones. The Mayans painted their cities with this obsidian that looked gold in the sunlight.   The Spaniards said the natives were to ignorant to know the value of gold.   No, the Mayans knew the history of this world and how it relates to gold(see Lemurian Magic). They knew that many greedy people would lose their fortunes and lives on a wild goose chase.  

When the truth was realized that it was obsidian stone, it was too embarrassing to admit what had happened.  The great people of Europe had been outsmart by savages.  So even bigger legends about El Dorado were made.  About it being deeper into the jungles of the Americas.  People returning empty-handed came back with even bigger stories.  Lakes were drained because the legends grew into an underwater golden city.  The legends went from being a man covered in gold, to a building, to a city, to a kingdom and finally an empire.   The Mayans understood the greed of the foreigners and played a huge hoax on them.  I would say it was the biggest hoax in history if it wasn’t for religion.  I will say it is my favorite hoax because the people who have written history deserve everything they get when it comes to the truth they have covered up.   El Dorado means golden one and this obsidian may not be the gold they were looking for, but it is definitely golden in more ways than one.  These amazing people were an advanced civilization and sending people who think they are smarter and better than everyone else on a wild goose chase proves it.  To see how advanced the Mayans were,  check out my posts Mayans and Mayans 2

15 thoughts on “El Dorado”

    1. I did have an excellent time! Thanks. Meeting the Queen was the highlight of the whole trip. She had the village priests put me through a Goddess rebirth ceremony. They smudged my aura, then put me in a steam room that looked like a cement igloo. It represented the womb of the Goddess. After the ceremony it started to rain hard, monsoon hard. The rain felt so good. lol It was hot in that steam room. From there I was led to a Cenote, an underground lake, where the water was probably 50 degrees and clear as a bright sunny day. The experience was magical. 😉 The Queen said I was now truly the child of the Goddess.

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    1. You are welcome. 😊 When I was asked if I would like to go to a Mayan village and meet the head Matriarch, I couldn’t get, “Hell yes!” out fast enough. lol It really was magical for me. It was also nice to see a people, who most think our gone, thriving in their way of living. They even had a school house where, because of a new law passed, they can teach the children Mayan language and their true history. The archeologist told me to keep my eyes and ears open because they are finally letting more archeologists into the jungles to excavate new sites. I’m more excited to see whats going to happen as the kids in these Mayans schools get older and decide to take back what was taken from them, their heritage and country. Thank you, Inaloveworld.

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      1. Thank you so much for everything you told me. I do not have enough words to tell you how happy I am for them. It is time for things to get back into their place. I will also be eyes and ears on everything you will share about them. Thank you!!

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      1. Haha I was I a bad situation when a friend gave me Miguel Ruiz’ book “The Mastery of Love.” I read it & freaked, reading my own thoughts n feelings loll Jumped up n down like Tom Cruise on that couch loll And then I saved myself!

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