Cairns are piles of stones that can range from a few stones in one small area, to enormous constructions containing millions of stones.  Cairns are found on every continent.  They were built in may styles and sizes.  Most mistake mounds for Cairns and they are wrong to do so.   Mounds are burial mounds.  Cairns literally means  “piles of stones” or “heap of stone”.  People think the Cairns were built for several different reasons, but the ancients had only on reason for building them.  A reason that most will not be able to comprehend.  

Most will tell you Cairns were built for landmarks, burial mounds, defense and hunting, ceremonial purposes, astronomical purposes, places to bury food, mark trials or any other purpose they try to force on to them.  The more modern Cairns may have been for any of those purposes, but I am giving you the reason for the most ancient ones.  The Cairns from the Neolithic age or earlier.  There are all sort of legends about these stones being burial markers. But I think if they are ever to look underneath these ancient sites, it will be just like the ancient pyramids and have no human remains to be found.   These stones did have something to do with dead loved ones, but not in the way most think.  

There is a very ancient Gaelic blessing that states, “I will put a stone on your stone”.  Native Americans will go up to a Cairn and add a rock to it.   What is this suppose to mean?  To understand what the ancients were doing you have to know the true history of this world.  If you have read my post Lemurian Magic, you understand the cataclysm that happened in ancient times.  Rocks and Ice fell from the sky and all who were caught above ground were killed.  When the survivors returned to the surface, the earth was in a disastrous state.  There would have been no bodies of loved ones to be found.  The world was in ruin and so was the mental and physical state of the survivors.  

Rocks that fell from the sky were considered sacred to the ancients.  The Ark of the Covenant housed a meteorite.  They were considered to come from the same place as the gods.  The leaders of the survivors had to do something.  This is when the first Cairns were built.  The remaining survivors all over the world began to collect rocks and pile them into the Cairns.  Each person picked up a rock that would symbolize each and every loved one.  They picked up the biggest rock they could carry for it was a symbol of a family member.  If they were near a megalithic site, they used it for their Cairn.  This is why some Cairns contain huge rocks and are aligned astronomically. The gods had built those megalithic sites, so they were going to use them.  

Cairns were built in remembrance of loved ones, but they are not just a memorial.   It was the beginning of a new earth.   It was a symbol of people lost and the beginning of building a new world without them.  A structure that would stand the test of time.   It was a message about the catastrophe that happened, remembrance of loved ones and the hard work that was about to begin with the new world.  In order to survive, everyone was going to have to work together.   The survivors needed closure.  They also wanted something to remind them what can happen from war.  For it was the war of the gods that ultimately caused this event.  Though these structures remain, we are a species with amnesia.  For we have fought war after war after war.  It’s like it has been programmed into our DNA.  The world is full of scars from all the wars we have fought.   

So this Memorial Day weekend let’s do what the ancients did.   Remember your loved ones, but also use it to realize that war is a symptom of man’s failure to work together.  The ancients built so many magnificent things because they worked together.  War has destroyed all of them and our history.  Use this Memorial day to remember our history.   Like the X-files says, “The truth is out there”.   No matter how much the leaders of this world want to divide us, we are not human races.   We are a human race.    As the ancients found out so long ago, “War does not determine who is right – only who is left to put the pieces back together”.    

10 thoughts on “Cairns”

  1. Thanks for linking the Lemurian Magic page. I only had a chance to skim it, but when I saw “Tsarion” “Icke” and “Wilcock” I knew I wanted to bookmark it for later. 😉

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  2. From childhood, I’ve always had a fondness for stones and crystals. I will still today, pick up a stone that catches my eye and look into them with amazement. One of my favorites in my collection is a shard of meteorite from the Gebel Kamil site located in the East Ewinat Desert, Egypt. Approx. 1.6 tons of the meteorite has been found and they have estimated the total weight of the meteorite at 5-10 tons. Impacting the desert approx. 5000 years ago would have certainly been seen and felt by all!

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    1. Wow! That’s amazing. I bet that shard is fantastic. Yes it certainly would have been felt by all. I think it’s one of the reasons the ancients thought meteors were from the gods.


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