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If you listen to mainstream archeology, they will tell you that our ancestors built all the ancient megalithic sites with nothing more than sticks, stones, chicken bones and a little rope.  How can anyone accept this?  How can anyone look at these megalithic sites and not ask themselves “How did they build them?”  The few that ask themselves this question, will just leave it right there and go on with their life.  Well I’m the type that wants to know.  Ignorance is not my forte.  If you have followed my work, this post will be no surprise.  If you are just stumbling across it for the first time, you might want to get a stiff drink.  

Ralph Ellis has figured out that the ancients were using a measurement that he calls the Thoth rod.  In his magnificent work he has shown that Giza, Avebury and Stonehenge are all connected or built by the same architect. Ralph’s  book, Thoth Architect of the Universe, shows exactly how he uncovered it.   Graham Hancock’s great work has shown that the ancient sites mirror the stars.  Graham’s book, Heaven’s Mirror, not only shows how these sites relate to the stars, but has gorgeous pictures you will find in no other book.  Christopher Dunn has a book called Giza Power Plant and he not only shows there is advanced measurements in the Pyramids, but power tools were involved in the construction.  Diamond tipped power tools.  

Though one could go off in any direction with the measurements of these ancient sites and create a fantasy,  advanced mathematics don’t just fall out of thin air.  They had to have been designed in the structure.  The internet is full of people creating a fantastical legends of mostly the Egyptian Pyramids and this goes to prove my point as to how advanced the ancients were, but I will try to keep it simple because the simplest solution is always the answer.  Math is the universal language and it never changes.  2+2 is 4 in any language.  Even if a made up measurement system was devised, one could still see that something was going on if they measured the sites.  It would be a matter of figuring out what measurement system the architect was using in order to get whole numbers and see the message.  That is exactly what Ralph Ellis has done.  

The first measurement system being used in all the ancient sites around the world has a symbol. It is in every door way to every building.  Stonehenge screams that this measurement was used.  The mathematical constant that was used is Pi.  I am well aware that William Jones is credited with the invention of Pi.  All you have to do is Google him to see how well-connected he was.  He was part of the Royal Society.  It is very well-known that the ancient Greeks and Chinese used Pi as far back as 1100 BCE.  They are even coming out and saying that ancient Egypt had it as far back as 3600 BCE.  It was longer than that but at least they are headed in the right direction.  Everything that has been so-called invented was rediscovered.  Even Newton  immersed himself in the ancient Egyptian texts his whole life.  The next thing used in all of the sites was the Pythagoras’ Theorems.  

What units of measurements are used in these ancient sites?  Well here are the measurements found at the sites that have been known in ancient Egypt since at least 11,700 BCE.  I have no doubt these measurements are sacred measurements and were used by the gods to build all the ancient sites world-wide.  These measurements are inch, foot, yard, chain, acre, cubits, furlong, rod and mile.  Those who know their math understand this is the Imperial Measurement System.  The Imperial Measurement System is a mixture of what all ancient Megalithic sites were using.  

Ever wonder why the Americans rejected the metric system?  Let’s see where the metric system came from.  The metric system was invented by Gabriel Mouton, the Vicar of St. Paul’s church in Lyons, France.  Gabriel is the founding father of the metric system.  How about that!?  The ignorant or deceptive minds of religion invented the metric system.  It came from St. Paul’s church.  Those who know my work, know exactly who St. Paul was(see His Royal Jesus).  Mathematicians will tell you the meter and metric system are a ‘fashionable folly’.  I say the metric system was created to keep the masses ignorant.  How the hell can you accept anything from an organization that told the masses the earth was flat?   In America, Masonic culture is everywhere.  Masonry came from ancient Egypt.  Masonry is also what caused the Renaissance.  Don’t get me wrong.  What you see today is not true Masonry.  It is a club for people to join.  Very few have wisdom and knowledge.  With America using the Imperial Measurement System, it tells me there are still a few who understand the sacredness of mathematics.  

Every ancient site on the planet represents something in the heavens.  Just like the Pyramids in Giza and the Mayan Pyramids are representations of Orion’s Belt, other sites mirror other star constellations.  This is where the concept of, “As Above, So Below” came from.  The ancients were taking a snap shot of what the sky looked like while building these sites in the exact same positions here on earth.  By using the star map theory, Ralph Ellis has dated Stonehenge and Avebury to 11,740 BCE.  The Egyptian Pyramids to 11,670 BCE.  I agree completely because as I have stated from the beginning, the Sphinx had the head of a woman and the body of a lion.  Egypt was built-in the time between Virgo(woman) and Leo(lion).  11,670 is very close to this exact time.  The woman’s head was chiseled to a man’s head by Patriarch Pharaohs.  

The Great Pyramid is angled with Pi.  The angle can not be replicated today. The Great Pyramid represents a circle while the Second Pyramid represents a square.   The early pyramids are far superior to the later pyramids.  The earlier pyramids are actually light years ahead of the later ones even though they were built thousand of years earlier.   All the megalithic stones used to build these sites around the world can’t be lifted today.  Advanced mathematics and measurements were used to create all the sites.  We would struggle to cut with the precision that was used at these ancient sites.  Earth’s pole, Sun’s pole and percussion are all integrated into the ancient sites.  The true megalithic site all use interlocking systems with the massive stones.  The golden ratio is even incorporated in most ancient sites.  The golden ratio is found in nature.   It is time to stop saying it is all a coincidence!!   

It is time to come to grips with an alien civilization coming to earth and not only creating these sites, but creating the human race(see Lemurian Magic).  Science and religion both squirm uncomfortably when this is brought up.  This is no surprise because they are sister organizations.  The same hand controls both.  Anything outside of the opinion of either one of these organizations and you are ridiculed and ruined.  Most will believe in gods, angels and demons, but will not accept good and bad aliens.  How can the mind not connect the dots?  Have we had entirely too much fast food, pharmaceutical drugs and GMOs?  The worst part is that most woman believe the patriarchal crap of religion.  The ancients encouraged the role of woman and priestess, it was St. Paul who was the misogynist and states it in his sacred book:

“But I suffer not a woman to teach, nor to usurp authority over man, but to be in silence.”

All the ancient sites were not religious sites.  Religion is purely human.  The ancients did not create these magnificent sites for religious ceremonies, sacrifices or burials.  These sites were created to pass on a message.  Mathematics, astronomy and stones were used because it was the only things that would last until our infantile brains could develop enough to see the messages.  Math is universal and forever, the universe will always be here and stones last a hell of a long time too.  The ancient myths say that certain sites will talk to you or the stones will sing.  When you know what to look for, they will tell an amazing story.  

These sites are showing what we need to advance as a human race and individuals.  We as humans are capable of so much individually and collectively.   If we would just get rid of the infantile prejudices and differences and work with each other instead of trying to make others look bad, we could quite possibly join a universal group.    But as long as we act like a group of bullying school kids on the play ground, I don’t see any other life form wanting to be with us.  Even the wild animals that are stuck on this planet with us don’t like us.   Hell we don’t even like ourselves.  It is time to find out what the human race is capable of doing.  If we would just quit giving our power away to religion, celebrities, politics and corporate fat cats, we would see how great the human race could be.  We are who we have been waiting for and it all restarted in ancient Egypt.

15 thoughts on “Ancient Sites”

  1. Agreed! The ancient Egyptians were incredibly pragmatic people. Any society that could function so well living on a river that regularly flooded and so efficiently organise the construction and infrastructure needed to build the pyramids is not going to waste their time and energy in going to all that trouble just to make any pharoah’s tomb.
    I’ve always thought there is a lot hidden under the pyramids and that they were perhaps also used as energy from stars storage facilities.

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    1. There has never been a mummy or hieroglyphs found in any of the major Pyramids. If Christopher Dunn is right, it was a power plant and had the ability to store energy, so you may be on to something. Eric Von Daniken refers to things like that in his books, but he says it was stored in Himalayan Mountains. Great comment!


      1. Well I was shown in 1990 that the pyramids lined up with certain stars. I didn’t know which 1s, but that they would use certain alignments to receive and store their energies for specific purposes. So this was several years before Hancock’s and Bauval’s fabulous book came out and to see their theories was very gratiyfing. Of course I could still be barking up the wrong tree, but some my theories which I copied down are being explored lol!
        So I believed that they are perhaps multi purpose in function?

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      2. They definitely serve multiple purposes. Ralph even shows the Great Pyramid is a map of the earth itself. With latitude and longitude lines pointing to maybe the Hall of Records. No one is willing to fund an exhibition to K2. He went himself and shows it in his book, but they reached a point after many days that was impassable. The K2 mountain has a causeway that is exactly the same as the Great Pyramid.

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  2. Well, imagine that: I found NOTHING to disagree with in this post! I agree with your assessment of the metric system – it’s a dummying down childish system. If it was so great, why didn’t they go all the way and make a circle out of a hundred, or a thousand “metric” degrees? Why didn’t they change the 12-24 hour clock to a metric configuration?

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    1. Lol! Thanks Sha’Tara. I agree. There is so much out there that is meant to keep us dumbed down. I think the metric system just scratches the surface.


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