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What is Mystery School?  All the schools today are promising ancient knowledge and wisdom.  How can they offer it if they don’t even know it themselves?  Thanks to religion and governments, there is very little ancient knowledge left in this world.  Just like Magic, I will take the mysticism out of Mystery School.  

Most of the modern Mystery Schools try to take everything back to King Solomon.  This tells me they have no idea what the hell they are talking about.  Mystery School goes back to Lemuria.  How the hell can you teach a Mystery School when you have no idea of King Solomon’s true identity?  He may have been wise, but the scribes were witty enough to hide his true identity.  True Mystery School has to do with the biggest mystery of all…….YOURSELF.  Mystery School students understood that you don’t see the world as it is, you see the world as you are.  There is no division of ourselves and the Universe(s). 

“In one self lies the whole world and if you know how to look and learn the door is there.  No one on earth can give you the key or door to open except yourself.”- Jiddu Krishnamurti 

This is what the key hole and door are symbolizing.  Nothing outside of you can open that door.  You have locked it yourself and you are the key.  

The origins of Mystery School had to do with what we call the Seven Liberal Arts.  They are Grammar, Rhetoric, Logic, Arithmetic, Geometry, Music and Astronomy.  This combined with lessons that helped the student develop their internal world.  The internal world is The World of Wisdom.   This was done by teaching how to silence the mind and true meditation.  When the mind is silent, you can communicate with your Higher Self.  The phi symbol Φ is also the golden ratio.  In the hermetic it stood for silence.  The phi symbol is the shhhh symbol.  Silence the mind and you will understand the golden ratio.  If you are constantly chattering in your head, you will never hear your Higher Self.  Once you tune out the chatter, you can stand back and watch, you see the entanglement.  

Ancient Egypt, Alexandria,  was like the headquarters for all Mystery Schools.  Mystery Schools were open to all men and women.  This is why the patriarch religions burned Alexandria to the ground.  It is also why Ancient Mystery Schools faded at the end of the time of Aries. But you couldn’t just be curios to get into a Mystery School.  It was only for the dedicated few who were able to invest the time and energy necessary for learning.  Your mind also had to be strong enough to handle the weight of knowledge and wisdom.  That is what the symbol of the Elephant represents.  An inscription on the obelisk at the Piazza Della Minerva states: 

The learning of Egypt carved in figures on this obelisk and carried by an elephant the mightiest of beasts may afford those who look on it an example of how strength of mind should support weight of wisdom.

Very few seekers can handle truth and wisdom.  Learning the truth of reality is not pretty.  For this reason students of Mystery School could leave at any time.  Discovering the world is discovering yourself.  The further and further you get away from the world, the further and further you get away from yourself.  Everything you do, you are learning. As you learn you are learning about yourself.  All our interactions are based on self-knowledge.  This is why today’s Mystery Schools are nonsense.  They have no knowledge of themselves, so they teach no knowledge.  

Learn what the past has to teach you,  don’t impose our concepts on the ancients.  Everything that has happened in history happened to make you.  You are a living being living in a living Universe.  Download wisdom from within.  You must turn within for the Call to Adventure or the Hero’s Journey.  Physical does not regress, only mind and heart regress.  Religion is regression because people want to be taken care of.  You must live your life and push through the regression.  Break the chains.  Amen means to ‘turn within’.  Amen was the god of the setting sun because the sun was going into the underworld.  When you turn within, you go into the underworld.  Every ancient civilization had an underworld.  It is not an afterlife.  It is shadow work.  Spirit is only within, turn within.   Yes, I am saying that when you pray you are contacting yourself.  You are the high priest or high priestess.  Nothing is outside of you. 

When you self understand, you understand the world.  Don’t kick the ego out.  Selfhood grows out of the embryo of the ego.   Conquer the masculine to let feminine arise.  Osiris being broken into pieces not only symbolizes mankind, but it also symbolizes the wake up process.  Find the Goddess to put yourself back together.  Now more than ever the world needs the Sacred Feminine.  The feminine will temper your mind.  Find the feminine principal in yourself.  The Holy Grail, forbidden fruit and Pandora’s box all have to do with the Sacred Feminine.  Self love and imagination are key to finding Sacred Feminine.  

“I am all that ever has been, and is, and shall ever be, and my robe no mortal has yet uncovered.”- Inscription at the Temple of Neith at Sais 

Thought is engaging with the world and the world is engaging thought.  Thought is a form of imagination.  Thinking is an emulation of imagination.  Thought is organizing the data of the world.  Minds interaction with world comes from imagination.  Imagination is the most concrete thing of it all.  It is the parent of thought.  It is the brightness of thought.  Connects mind and matter.  Thought is connecting the will of imagination.  Nature makes it look easy, mirror nature.  Imagination is key.  Thought is the guide through life.  Science and religion squash imagination.  

The outside world gives you your self-image.  If your self-image is bad, than the world will be bad.  

Break through with imagination.  You can be anything you want with imagination.  Imagination breaks through your limits.  Reality is imaginations manifestations.  

If you set a limit, it Implies there is an unlimited.  When you impose a limit you are already beyond it.  Limits help define unlimited.

Thought defines that there is an imagination.

Imagination is the unlimited. The world lives in limits.  We impose our own limits.  

The mind makes it’s own limits.  Imagination overcomes that.  Push the limits of who you are.  

Thinking beings conform.  Imaginative beings go their own way.  

There is an exchange of energy between us and the world.  Imagination is that energy.  The mind creates the things it sees.  Everything has something to teach you, not externally but internally.  Your Higher Self will direct you to what you need for it to communicate with you. There is no such thing as death and endings. It is all renewals and beginnings.  Look at nature, renewal is everywhere.   Understand the miracle of where you are and who you are, the miracle of thought, be conscious of consciousness.    Most people don’t become conscious or awaken the self.  They remain a pseudo self. People want an artificial world because they are artificial.  If you see the world as separate from yourself, you want to control it and make it safe for yourself.  You are hostile towards the world because you fear it. Safety of the herd.  Give me a leader. It’s all pseudo self.  

A true Mystery School will help you get the power back to where it belongs…yourself.  The worst thing you can do is doubt yourself.  This world is meant for you to doubt everything about your thinking and self.  Do not doubt your own mind.  They make you doubt the mind with your own mind.  Balance is the key.  Without an inner light you are blind.  Find your inner light that will work in the darkness of this world.  If you are just coping in this life, you don’t get it.  If you don’t feel that you are worth it or you don’t feel you  can do it yourself, you create imaginary reasons why other people do it and you don’t.  My website will teach way more than any of the fake Mystery Schools on the internet will offer.  Learn to trust yourself.  You might find out that you are way more powerful than you actually thought.  

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  1. Another great post. I just call it self empowerment, thus leaving the “mystery” out of it. It only seems mysterious to most because they basically live in denial of their own self, their own centre, their own power. Carry on, teacher!

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