The idea of reincarnation has been around long before Patriarch religions. It is in the ancient texts of every civilization, especially Hindu and Egyptian. What is reincarnation? What reincarnates? To put it simple, you are incarnated here at this place and time. When this body can’t function any longer, your spirit will go back to the whole or all. At this point you will decide to reincarnate anywhere and anytime in all of the Universe or Universes. It is a never-ending cycle, just like the water cycle.

I’m doing this post because we as a human race don’t like death. We are scared of it. We even paint the corpse at funerals to look alive. We regard it as the total negation of life. Why are we afraid to die? We want to stay in this bickering, anxious, hating, jealous, anger filled, fighting existence? What are we afraid of? Losing everything? All this comes from attachment. Personal and impersonal attachment. Death and rebirth have a relationship. People die and people are born everyday. I’ve been asked if I believe in reincarnation. My answer is I don’t believe anything. When you don’t believe anything, it means the mind is free of all the entanglements of belief. I simply see what others don’t.

We as humans look to be immortal. Meaning we want to never die. All while not understanding that our spirit is forever. Matter can not exist without spirit. But true immortality is the beauty of what you create. It is not the painting itself, the building itself, the writing itself or anything you create. It is the beauty of the creation. Roman philosopher Epictetus stated that people come here when the world needs them. Very few understand this and most don’t create a life. They let someone else control their life. The world does not need another follower. I have stated many times that this world does everything it can to keep you from realizing your power. The problem with reincarnation is that we are always looking to the future. We think that maybe our next life will be better, just hang in there on this one. If we don’t get this one right we will have to do it again. Thinking this way is no better than the infantile heaven and hell, Valhalla, virgins waiting for you, or what ever else these childish religions have dreamt up. We have got to stop projecting our humanness on to nature. Here is a thought…what if it is totally up to you on where you go and what you do after you leave this place?

Right and wrong is only in our dualistic minds. There is no right or wrong in nature. There is no one who is going to tell you that you got this life right or wrong. Your are going to go to whatever life you wish. Whatever you feel will help you grow(see Soul). Jung thought that not only are we capable of creating, but we are capable being great. Our bodies and mind suffer when we choose not to become what we are capable of being. Subconsciously we know we can be great, so our bodies and mind become anxious because we have become lazy. This world gives us things like sports, religion, social media and prescription medications to cover that up. We are not here to long for the ‘good ole days’ or wait for some better time. We have come here to experience this life and create. The beauty that you create in your life will be immortal. When we ignore our greatness, we let someone else be responsible for what has been entrusted to us by our Higher Selves. We become victims instead of masters of our own life. What you do in this life matters. How you are in this life is how you are in all your other lives. The texts also state that time may be purely human, but you don’t get a do over on this life. You may decide to come back here, but you will not be the exact same person you have already been. There are no do overs.

Many of the ancient teachings refer to the process of incarnation and reincarnation in which our spirits experience and learn from. Here is one from the Egyptian Papyrus of Anana:

Men do not live once only then depart hence forever. They live many times in many places, although not always on this world. Between each life is a veil of darkness. The doors will open at last , and show us all the chambers through which our feet have wandered from the beginning.

If you lose one you greatly love, take comfort. Death is a nurse that puts it to sleep , no more, and in the morning it will wake again to travel through another day with those who have companioned it from the beginning.

If we live on, we must continue forever, like the circle and eternity, man had no beginning or end.

Man comes into being many times, yet knows nothing of his past lives: except occasionally some day-dream or a thought carries him back to some circumstances of a previous incarnation. He cannot, however, determine in his mind when or where the circumstances occurred , only that it is something familiar.


Notice it says you will travel with the ones who have companioned you from the beginning. Take a look in your life and see who is close to you. Who are you really connected with? They are probably in your soul group. Maybe next time around you will be a different gender or instead of being the mother or father, you will be the son or daughter. Maybe instead of being brother and sister, you will be lovers in next life. The movie Cloud Atlas portrays this text perfectly. Yes the very gifted people in this incarnation can have visions and feelings of past lives.

We forget our past lives, so we do not stagnate in our current incarnation. As we learn and grow the Universe(s) learns and grows because we are the Universe. I will leave you with one thought: If you truly are a great God or Goddess, would you let your mind be polluted with the infantile garbage that this world uses to keep you distracted? Now you know what is holding you back. You are a God or Goddess, start acting like one. We are who we have been waiting for!

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