We are what we repeatedly do. Whether your life is good or bad, it is all from your habits. You are only as good as your habits. Quality of your daily routine is going to be the quality of your life. Witches and Wizards understand that Magic doesn’t just make things magically appear, they know that it is all about our habits.

There are many reasons we don’t live up to our full potential, but laziness and fear are the biggest reasons. If something is important to you and you want to succeed, you must make it a habit. The main reason most people feel bad about themselves is because they have greatness inside, but don’t do it. Think back to a time you accomplished something that was really important to you. How did it make you feel? I bet you felt great. How about a time when you gave up on something that you really wanted? Didn’t feel so good did it? Subconsciously you know you have greatness, but because you keep putting off what you would really love to do, your body and mind are down in the dumps.

Everyone of us are a creature of habit. You either have bad habits or good habits. If you have bad habits you will not accomplish much in life. You will feel bad about yourself. You subconsciously know you could be doing more. Then you start taking a defensive attitude on life. Your mind is full of anxiety. Your life becomes defensive and full of anxiety. You start to feel weak and afraid. All because you want to stay in these bad habits that make you feel comfortable. The bad habits are comfortable because that is exactly what they are, a habit. Once you have set a habit, good or bad, it makes you feel comfortable. Bad habits put you in a downward spiral.

Good habits will make you feel the way you want to feel. You will feel excited and strong. Good habits instill a sense of success. You create an upward spiral that makes you feel unstoppable. You start to try new things and possibly make them a habit. You get comfortable feeling uncomfortable. Everything becomes open to you. You start feeling fulfilled. The problem is that so many people have been in that downward spiral for so long that they don’t have the patience to break the bad habits and instill new ones. Most want to jump all the way to the top and when they fail they get right back in the bad habits. You must look at it like lifting weights. Are you going to go to the gym and lift heavy weights the first time you walk in? No, you will fail to do it and possible get hurt. Then you will more than likely quit. You have to work your way up to the heavy weights. Set realistic goals and work your way up with your habits.

In sports, do you think those athletes were that good when they started? Do you think heads of businesses and owners of companies just snapped their fingers and poof they were in that situation? Do you think artist created their masterpiece the first time they tried? No. There are no shortcuts and that is what Magic is all about. Most of Magic is setting those habits to accomplish what you want. To the mundane it looks magical because they are not willing to do the work to have a magical life. Most people just start something and drop it. They make ‘starting something then dropping it’ a habit. Spend some time and figure out what is important to you. Make a routine and execute it. Once it becomes a habit it will be easier for you.

Why is it that most people just can’t keep up with their good habits? They try something once and give up. They are operating exactly as they have programmed themselves. Just sitting there not knowing what to do and not taking action is as much of a habit as any drug or alcohol. It is an addiction. Your habits are your programming. The subconscious rules all habits. It makes it to where you don’t even have to think about doing it. It is your default setting. The only way to change your self is to change your programming. Your habits will dictate what you do. If you don’t feel like doing something it is because it’s a habit. Habits are addictions. Science is finally catching up with Magic and realizing that addictions are habits. Habits are very hard to break. Drugs and alcohol are addictive, but the hardest part to break is the habit.

People become addictive to their train of thought. Depression, feeling sorry for themselves, feeling angry, indecision or anything they have done enough times to form a habit. This is what keeps people from moving forward and is why they remain where they are in life. Magic is mostly the reprogramming of the subconscious mind. By giving it instructions on what you want to do in life. Magic is utilizing the subconscious mind to work for you instead of against you. To the mundane it seems like magic, but Witches and Wizards know it is hacking the subconscious programing. You can’t just do things once. You have to stick with it. You must establish new trains of thought and habits. While you are doing this, you will still manifest things into your life from your previous programing. You just need to stick with it in order to break the bad habits. We all have the choice to keep going or quit.

The subconscious will only manifest the things you focus on. It does not matter what it is, good or bad, it will manifest what you keep your attention on. You change your habits with repetition and visualization. Visualizing what you want. The subconscious does not know what is real and what is imagined. It will manifest what you imagine. This is why a kid with a great imagination is so dangerous to this world. We force kids to stop using their imagination. Why? Because you don’t want your kid to be weird. Fall in line like the rest of them and do what they are doing is what we tell our kids. I will let you in on a little secret. The kids who don’t lose their imagination become the ones everyone dreams of being.

People are addicted to their suffering out of habit. They don’t want the truth. They look at me like I’m some kind of alien or they get reactive from their programming when they see or hear my work. It is because their thoughts are the results of their programming. They have been fed the garbage of religion, politics and history their whole life. They can’t help the way they react. They don’t want to hear the truth. They are only addicted to their misery and pain. We are expressive beings so they express by complaining. Which brings them more misery and suffering, but fulfills their addiction, their habit or their programming. It is not their fault, they have been programmed since the day they were born. You can’t tell people what to do, you have to lead by example. They have to want to change. If they want to they will approach you and do what is necessary to change. Just by telling someone what to do will not change subconscious programming. I can write a million post, but unless you take action and change your habits you will never change.

Your mind will rebel when you try to change the programing. It is trying to safeguard the programing. Get out of your head and stop analyzing so much. Your mind is the enemy right now. Your habit of thoughts need to change. Do the work, change your habits and the subconscious will surprise you. You either will go in a downward or upward spiral. It is your choice. Put in the time, effort and action and your subconscious will do all the heavy lifting when you set the habits that you want. Stop running the programs that hurt your or do nothing for you. Change your program and you will change your world. There are no excuses for not doing it. When the excuses come up, deny and reject them. Put your habits to work for you instead of working against you. As Aristotle wrote:

“We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence is not an act, but a habit.”


5 thoughts on “Habits”

  1. Hello my dear Friend~ I spoke to my Mom today about You, when She asked about new #WordPress website, hope You enJOY 😀 😀 It begins to looks like pp message lol ok, Greaaaat post- can someone help me to share this on wp? It’s true, habits project programming- I can feel,see it everytime I say ‘No’ to people.. Fear is a Lie- one step forward/to Self, that’s what I know for sure ..

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