Alchemy is yet another tradition that has been taken literally. Most think Alchemy is turning lead into gold. They actually think that certain alchemist turned lead into gold and became rich. Alchemy is a philosophical tradition. It used to be very close to magic. Witches and Wizards are known for mixing chemicals and ingredients to make things like medicines, potions, poisons and antidotes. Alchemy is where we get the word chemistry.

Alchemy literally means “of Egypt”. Kem or Cam was a very ancient name for Egypt. It is where the scribes got the name Camelot(see King Arthur). Egypt was the world capital for wisdom until Patriarch religions came along. Ignorance is not only the norm in these religions, it is worshipped. These Patriarch religions have made Alchemy into what it is today, nonsense. Today’s Alchemists are either deceitful or ignorant.

Alchemy simply states that when you remove all that is impure, what remains is pure. You must understand that we are all born perfect and pure. Living in this world we pick up impurities like bad habits, learned ignorance, laziness, negative thoughts, poor self-esteem, the need to be liked and the worst one of all, religion. This world tells us we need to become better or improve ourselves. You are a guilty filthy soul and need to do better. We are sent on futile pursuits of artificial perfection and improvement. When nothing works we wonder what is wrong with us.

Carl Jung said, “Alchemy is the seed of unity which lies hidden in the chaos of Tiamat and forms the counterpart to divine unity”. To understand this, you must know the true history of this world. I show in Lemurian Magic, what the chaos of Tiamat was. It was at this time our minds were divided. All the imperfections we pick up have to do with the ego mind. Unify the male(conscious) and female(subconscious) side of your mind and you will know what is impure.

You must understand that you don’t need to improve anything. Original Alchemy taught that we simply need to eliminate our impurities. We don’t need to remove them all at once, but by removing them at our own pace we become pure. Once all your impurities are eliminated you will be pure and perfect again. You turn lead into gold. You are perfect. Drop the impurities of self-help and religion, unify your mind and become the divine person you were meant to be.

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