Victim Mindset




Being a victim is what 99% of the world’s population loves being. Alan Watts called it being “poor little me”. One will never have control of their life if they play the victim. What is dangerous about this mentality is most don’t know they are doing it. If you are stuck in life or in a certain area of your life, maybe you are playing the victim.

People with the victim mentality will have stories, excuses and rationalizations on why they are not doing something. They love to point the finger and blame others for thier failures. They really believe they are stuck. The only thing that is keeping one stuck is their thinking. The victim mentality, like every other state of mind, is a self-fulfilling prophecy. That is what the ancients were trying to tell us with the Ouroboros. One thing I find funny is if you listen to peoples conversations they will try to one up each other on who has it worse in life. I work around a lot of people and I hear it all the time. We love being “poor little me”.

What is a Victim Mindset? It is someone who gives their power away. They really believe they have no control over the outcome of their own life. They are dealt a certain hand and that is it. Sigmund Freud thought religion was the reason most of the population plays the victim. I agree 100%. In every religion, you are taught to give your power away to some made up entity. You are bombarded with this religious garbage from day one. You must believe that you have the power to create the life you choose.

If you are over the age of 18, who is responsible for your life? If you answered anyone or anything other than yourself, you have a Victim Mindset. Humans do this because if things go wrong then they can blame anyone other than themselves. The definition of victim is – an unfortunate person who suffers from some adverse circumstance. If you have a Victim Mindset, you are going to have the life of a victim. You will have results that a victim gets. What you think about, you bring about. Witches and Wizards take full responsibility for their own life.

Most people think that when something happens to them it causes them to think a certain way, have certain emotions or react a certain way. You have to start realizing that every thought, emotion and reaction is generated from you and you alone. Just as an example is a farmer lights his field on fire, so he can plant new crops in the spring. A random person going by freaks out and calls the fire department because they see it as a wild fire. Do you think that the farmer and the random person have different thoughts, emotions and reactions to the same event? Of course they do. They generated their own thought, emotion and reaction. This is true in everything with every person.
I have been asked many times “How can you be so calm?” How you react is not going to change whatever happened. You might as well learn to react calmly.

The world is not a greater obstacle than you are to yourself. The only obstacle is you. Whatever excuse you are giving for not doing something is an illusion. Your mind is your obstacle. You are your greatest enemy. Magic is how you overcome the obstacle of your mind. Rejecting and accepting thoughts is the best start you can have. Look at the limiting beliefs you have in your life. Get rid of them. Your beliefs will rule your world (see Karma). Victim mentality is a small mindset. No great mind ever blamed something on others or something outside of them. Your internal world, your mind, creates your reality. Your reality is a projection of your internal world. Your thoughts create your world. Change your thoughts and you change your reality.

I show in my Gollum post how the ego will do anything to stay in charge. Your mind will create problems. You create problems to stay in the Victim Mindset. When you are in the Victim Mindset, the ego is in charge. Nothing is ever the ego’s fault. If you have accepted that the world is cruel and a bad place to be, then you are in the Victim Mindset. If the world is cruel and bad than your inner thoughts are cruel and bad to yourself. Stop the negative self talk! Your eyes don’t just see, they are projectors too. You see what you project. Your ego is not your friend, it will deceive you. Once you bring the ego under control it will work in your favor. Our ego is an infant. It loves infantile things. I show in Lemurian Magic how young our mind actually is. We are infants.

Once you grasp that your mind is your world, that is when a light will flick on. You will start on your road to enlightenment. You must get your mind in order and guard the gates of your mind. We are all connected through the subconscious. When you have a Victim Mindset, your subconscious will bring things to make you a victim. Realize that you create your world. Know your individual power. Take responsibility for your thoughts. Push yourself to the limit and find out what you can do as an individual. You will surprise yourself at how powerful you really are. Never use your mind as an excuse not to do anything. Prove your mind wrong and you will find out how much power you have. Your are not ‘poor little me’, you are a Goddess or a God. We are who we have been waiting for!

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