The Pendulum Swing

I have had a few questions about the pendulum I speak about in some of my posts. We live in a world of duality. There is an opposite to everything. No matter how hard you try, you can not escape duality. If there was no duality, we would all stagnate. There would be no movement in your life. Ever wonder why the children of a great athlete or performer never become as great as their parents? It’s because they have such an easy life that they stagnate. They have no reason to work as hard as their parents did. As you will see, staying in the far side of the swing, on either side, is detrimental too.

Let’s see what the Kybalion says about the Pendulum:

“Everything flows out and in; everything has its tides; all things rise and fall; the pendulum-swing manifests in everything; the measure of the swing to the right is the measure of the swing to the left; rhythm compensates.”

In everything there is manifested a measured motion. Backward and forward, in and out, to and fro,high tide and low tide, and an ebb and flow. Everything has a pendulum like movement. There is always an action and reaction, an advance and retreat, and a rise and fall. This is built right in to the universe, suns, worlds, humans, animals, mind energy and matter. It is manifested in the creation and destruction of worlds, rise and fall of nations and the life of all living things.

This is why the founding fathers of the United States set up, for the most part, a two-party system. Most if not all were Masons. Back then there was still some knowledge left in Masonry. The Pendulum in the US will swing left and right, but if it stays to far to the right or to far to the left, it is out of balance and bad things happen. Then the pendulum will swing just as far the other way. If the pendulum remains in the middle for to long, the economy stagnates and it crashes. Governments in history have crashed because they swung the Pendulum to far on their beliefs. They came crashing down because the Pendulum swung the other way.

Some spiritual teachers will say the divine is non-duality. When I hear this, I do a face plant into my hand. You are divine! Nature is divine! You are part of nature. Is everything in nature all candy canes, lollipops and unicorns? No. Nature has duality built right in. She is a beautiful sunset or a calm spring day, but she is violent with storms. Everything is dual including the divine. This way of thinking causes people to go into isolation and stagnate. You were not put here to sit there and stare at a wall or chant while you bow down. You are here to create and experience your life.

The Pendulum swing is easily seen in the mental states of humans. Everything we experience we see as right or wrong, good or bad, should or shouldn’t, etc. This affects our emotions, so we feel good-bad, courage-fear, pleasure-pain, etc.. We live our life on a roller coaster. You can’t have the good without the bad. There is a deep connection between these opposites. You need to train your mind on how you react. You do this by depolarizing yourself. There is only one constant in this world and that is change. What matters is how you react to those changes. You will never escape duality, but you can master how it affects you. You can learn to use it instead of being used by it. The masses are swung back and forth by this law every day.

You will have highs and lows in your life. Understand that if you are in a bad time of your life, the pendulum will swing just as far in the opposite direction. If things are going exceptionally great, the pendulum will swing the other way. It is called life! Everyone’s Pendulum swings differently, but it does swing. Just like the moon you wax and wane. Sports fans, the Pendulum is why a team will come out really good one game and very flat the next. Just like a team that has mastered the game can overcome this, a person who has mastered their mind can over come it too. Not the experiences, but dealing with them. Life is a game. If every player was too scared to make a mistake or pouted every time something in the game didn’t go as planned, there wouldn’t be a game. Enjoy the game of life.

Understanding this principle of Magic will help you on your path. It is not easy. I am in an area where there is flooding going on and my mind still wanted to wander to the negative ‘what ifs’. Understanding this principle and rejecting the negative thoughts helped me. Though many areas around me have flooded, I did not have any flooding. If I did, I would have understood this principal and dealt with it. For now I will be helping people in my neighborhood recover knowing they have brighter days ahead. One last thought to share… If books or movies only had good things happen to the characters, would that make an interesting story? Of course not! Experiencing the good and bad in life is part of what makes it magical. Live your life. Play your game. Write your story in the sands of time.

18 thoughts on “The Pendulum Swing”

  1. My favorite part: “When I hear this, I do a face plant into my hand. You are divine! Nature is divine! You are part of nature. Is everything in nature all candy canes, lollipops and unicorns? No.”

    Hang in there with the floods. Goshen is flooded under 4 feet of water in many areas but not our old yard and house. Those are apparently, still very well protected. Here in Kalamazoo, we had so much flooding that people were jet skiing and kayaking downtown streets this weekend, but we had no idea. We’re on a hill, and everywhere we went on the weekend was sunny and just a little damp. I only learned of the Kalamazoo floods from concerned people emailing me this morning.

    So yes, there’s the pendulum, but there’s also the influence we have on our environment, which is more substantial than most people realize, as you of all people know! Blessings ….

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    1. Thanks, Laura. Seems it’s been a wet late winter in quite a few places. Our influence on the environment has swung so far out of balance that I’m looking forward to the pendulum swinging back. It will eventually swing back. I just hope I’m alive to witness it and ride the swing. 😉 Till then I will do what I can to take care of are environment and hopefully others will join in. Blessings to you too.

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  2. Nice post! It reminds me of the 1960s saying: They’re so far left they’re right. It was mainly addressed to those against the war who became activists (like eco-terrorists) and bombed buildings, killed people, etc. Balance is the secret to life…

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  3. I waited to respond to this because it reminded me of something and I couldn’t think of what it was. It’s the Wheel of Fortune in the Tarot Card. The wheel turns, sometimes in our favor, sometimes not but mostly it works for us.

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    1. I go into the Wheel of Fortune with my post Fortuna. Fortuna is Tyche and she is the Goddess of opportunity or fate. When she comes around on the Wheel of Fortune you have to grab her or greet her while she is in front of you. Once she passes you by, you can’t grab her and pull her back. This is why she has clothes on in the front and no or little clothing in the back. Her hair is very short in the back as well. All symbolizing once she passes you, you have nothing to grab to pull her back. Meaning you can take the opportunities brought in front of you or you can let them pass, but you cannot pull it back.
      You are right those opportunities usually work for us. We just need to take advantage of them while they are in front of us. Thanks for the great comment. 😊


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