Lone Wolf

Every Witch and Wizard is a Lone Wolf to a degree. A Lone Wolf is a person who loves solitude, expresses introversion and works alone. I have been called a Lone Wolf as if it is a bad thing to be one. I have been called arrogant simply because most don’t know the difference between arrogance and confidence. Most people see a Lone Wolf as being excluded from the pack. They have it backwards. A Lone Wolf leaves the pack because they want to distance themselves from the petty bickering, mediocrity,  and noise of other people.

The Lone Wolf is the authentic person. A true individual. They live the life of their dreams and are on their own individual path. What is your path? What do you love to do? If there was no such thing as money, what would you do? That is your path. The Lone Wolf loves the purity of their own climate and surroundings. They are cunning, imaginative and love their independence from the masses.

The Lone Wolf knows that when you travel with a group, you can only go as fast as the slowest person in the group. When you travel alone, nothing can hold you back but yourself. The pack always wants to debate on who’s beliefs are right. The pack spends obscene amounts of time and energy on bickering and gossiping. I have come to realize that if you put two people from the masses in the same room, you will get 3 or more opinions about any subject. They love to argue amongst themselves. The Lone Wolf hunts their own destiny and will not let anyone trap them in negative energy.

The Lone Wolf has no master above and no slave below. They are very confident in their abilities, so the world sees them as arrogant. Arrogance is thinking you are better than everyone else. This is how all politicians and aristocrats think. The Lone Wolf is sure of themselves and are full of wisdom. They have a vision and awareness that helps them see what others do not. It frustrates them when they can see so easily and other can’t. When they try to show others, they are ridiculed. They use their imagination and creativity to create their own world. The Lone Wolf chooses to separate themselves from the masses and only mingles with them when absolutely necessary. This is why the lone wolf appears to be arrogant.

The Lone Wolf acts while others remain idle or slothful. As they make their way up the mountain they breath in the pure sweet air of individualism. Very few make it to the top of the mountain, so the air is not polluted with the stench of conformity. They will leave a path that will help others get to the top if they so choose, but most will stay on the lower part of the mountain. For the path that the Lone Wolf leaves is not cleared, not easily maneuvered and full of unknowns. If it is not easy. The masses will not turn the tv off, put the chips down and get off the couch. They love their chains and being told how to live their life. The Lone Wolf will chew their leg off to free themselves from the chains. Better to walk with a limp in freedom than to live a life in chains.

The Lone Wolf has answered the call to adventure and is living the Hero’s Journey. They know they did not come to this world to be an animal put out to pasture or a fish in the aquarium. They will be seen as a rebel and be hated most and envied by some, but the Lone Wolf does not care what others think and will continue on their journey. So if someone calls you a Lone Wolf, tell them thank you for the compliment. Keep your howling soul.


15 thoughts on “Lone Wolf”

  1. The lone wolf needs silence and solitude to correctly find the trail their intuition tells them to track. Unfortunately the average person prefers external clamour and deafening any senses they possess.
    I need time alone and living close to nature as being around others’ deafness can scramble my psychic radar. It can demonstrate to me how differently I respond to environmental signals that others don’t notice. I often get twitchy in the community as I feel that ignoring signals can lead to danger and mistakes.
    Yes, I think I am part wolf!

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