In God’s Image


In God’s image is a concept of patriarch religions that all humans are created in the image and likeness of God. It is time to right another wrong that these patriarch religions have caused. It is said there is three common ways of understanding ‘imago dei’. I don’t care how many ways there is to understand this concept. If it comes from theology, they are simply wrong. This concept goes all the way back to ancient Egypt when the ancient Egyptians worshipped the Pharaoh as the human image of their deities.

The Pharaoh being the human image of God is basically why these religions say ‘he’ made humans in his image. All the patriarch religions are pure Lower Egyptian (see Patriarch Pharaohs). I showed in Lemurian Magic that the human race was created by an advance alien race. In other texts it says nothing about being created in the image of the aliens, only being created to serve them and venerate them. Besides it says in other texts that the alien scientist was a her and her name was Ma-mi. As much as I would like to say these texts are pointing to our alien creators, they are not. These aliens looked down on us. They would never say we are in their image. From what I can tell, these aliens were full of themselves and very arrogant. They fought amongst each other all the time. Do these characteristics sound familiar? Saying we were in their image would be an insult to them. So no, they would not have even thought that they had a mini-me. Now you know where the concept in that movie came from.

If this concept has nothing to do with a being creating the human race, what does made in God’s image really mean? I have tried to get my readers to understand their own divinity and that is what this concept really means. The religions and governments of this world do not want you to realize your power. The lies and untruths of this world have been going on so long that we are on a freight train barreling down the track heading to no where. It is time to stop that train or jump off. Sooner or later the train of ignorance is going to run out of tracks at a cliff with no bridge. Get off the train of ignorance or better yet, help stop it before we reach the point of no return.

In Magic there are two things that are going to help you manage the things you manifest in your life. The first is self talk. The conversations you are having in your head all day long without you even being consciously aware of it. In my Magic post, I showed how to get these negative conversations under control. Rejecting and banishing negative thoughts and accepting positive thoughts is the best thing you can do to gain control of your self talk. If you are constantly having negative conversations in your head than you are divided. How can you ever be successful in anything you do if you are constantly telling your self negative things? If you keep telling yourself that ‘you can’t do it’ , ‘you are not good enough’ or ‘I will never be as good as them’, then you will never accomplish anything you really want to. How can you do what you love if your own conversations in your head are telling you things won’t work out or giving excuses not to do it? Whether you think you can or you can’t, your are right. You must gain control of the negative self talk in your head.

The second thing is your self-image. Are you the person that you imagine yourself to be? I’m not just talking about where you are in life. I mean everything. Do you imagine yourself as the person working the job that you have or when you dream are you doing something else? When you look in the mirror is that the same person you visualize yourself to be? When I first got into Magic and the Occult, I did not see myself as a writer or someone who teaches others. As I went further down the rabbit hole, I began to see that very few know  the truth. The few that know the truth use it for personal gain or control. As I was involved in debate after debate, I began to realize not many have control of their own mind. They just parrot someone else opinions. As people began to approach me because they really wanting to learn, I started to see myself as a teacher. Previous to that I saw myself as a student and someone who was just going to have to be the weirdo in the darkness by himself. As soon as I started seeing myself as a teacher, things took off. See yourself as you want to be and your subconscious will bring the opportunities to you for you to make it happen.

You are a God. You are a Goddess. Your subconscious is your divine mind. Hegel, Kierkegaard, C.S. Lewis, Goddard, Nietzsche among others saw imagination as God. I see imagination as your creative power. Everything that is created is first imagined. What manifest into your reality will come from your imagination. Self talk and self-image are both part of your imagination. You must get a handle on both if you want to live your dreams. How ever real you believe your dreams to be, that is how far they will go. You create yourself in your own image. Now that you understand this, lets look at what Genesis 1:27 was really trying to say:

So You created yourself in your own image, in the image of You, you created yourself; male and female You created them.

We are who we have been waiting for.


16 thoughts on “In God’s Image”

      1. Out of the blue here, but do you by any chance have any insight on Aryanism, or Aryans, and where that idea originated from? Don’t bother if not your thing, just wondering.

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  1. “The religions and governments of this world do not want you to realize your power.” This is EXACTLY what’s going on. For if we realized our power, they would no longer be able to control us. We would realize the depth of the deception. The house of cards would crumble. All the broken systems would implode. Ooh dare to dream girl! This is sooo what I try to get across in my blogs. Maybe one day I’ll be ‘calmer’ (less emotional), like you; you seem so serene – “Unaffected by disturbance; calm & unruffled,” to be exact. How do you do it? loll I’m like an impatient fireball – frustrated & angry at the system for being the way it is. Geez, sounds kinda silly when I type it out. Some of my blogs might seem like I’m ‘telling people off,’ it’s not directed at the readers, but at the system. Any suggestions on how to better keep my cool? Aside from moving to my own planet or dimension? Maybe that’s just ‘my way’ loll I’ve been awake sooooo looooong – I’m so tired of seeing/dealing with those still so sound asleep.

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    1. You must depolarize yourself. I was the exact same way. Check out my Depolarization post. It is not silly. I used to be just as frustrated. You can not change someone. They have to change themselves. If they are not ready for your information they will rebel. I don’t put tags on my work for people to find. If they are meant to find my work, they will find it. If one comes onto my site and does not like it, I don’t care. I don’t need validation. I have read as many ancient texts as I could get my hands on, most who want to argue have never read the book the argue for, i.e. the Bible. You really have to not care what others think and do. I realize the more knowledge and wisdom you gain, the greater the sorrow you have to confront. But if there were no people who were not awake, how would you know that you were awake? We live in a world of duality, it is as it is. Most look but they don’t see, hear but they don’t listen and touch but they don’t feel. When you lead by example, they come to you and want to know how your life is not chaotic. I find that when someone confronts me and wants to argue, the calmer I am the more perturbed they get. I state facts, they state the opinions of others. I welcome them trying to prove me wrong. That way I can correct something if I am wrong. The best way of dealing with the zombies is to not argue with them. Usually all they want is to see if they can get a rise out of you. When they are ready, and only when the are ready, they will seek you for advice.


      1. A very wise response… lot’s of “life experience” expressed here. The questions I ask myself (silently!) when interacting with someone who “disagrees” with me are: do you want to teach me something? Do you want me to teach you something? Do you want to put my ideas down because they don’t fit your belief paradigms? Once I know the attempted discussion is based on the third point, that’s the end of the discussion: period. The only individuals who have the power to break through socially accepted paradigms to push their own personal agenda are charismatics. The problem with that is, they just create a new paradigm that will be distorted as soon as s/he is gone.

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  2. “The most useful piece of learning for the uses of life is to unlearn what is untrue.” — Antisthenes
    I just received my 1st of many, Ralph Ellis books in the mail.

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