The Cornucopia or horn of plenty is a symbol of abundance. It is commonly a large horn-shaped container overflowing with fruits, nuts flowers and food. The Cornucopia is usually associated with the Goddess, but there are several Gods who hold the Cornucopia or are associated with it in some way. What are the ancients trying to tell us and why a horn?

Modern depictions of the Cornucopia is typically a horn-shaped wicker basket with filled with a variety of fruits and vegetables. In America it is a symbol of Thanksgiving. The Cornucopia is on several country seals and state flags. Are these countries and states trying to say they are so full of abundance that no one goes hungry within their borders? I don’t think so. That is what the uninitiated see. I’m going to give you the spiritual side of this symbol, but I will also let you in on the secret of what the rulers of this world have turned it into.

The simplest answer to the Cornucopia is that it has to do with Mother Nature. This is why it is associated with harvest time. Mother Nature provides us with everything we need. She gives us an endless supply of food, shelter and clothing. Mother nature makes abundance available to all. Know that while you are eating your food, putting on your clothes or building shelter, Mother Nature was working on replenishing that which was taken for your need. She will provide for all our needs, not our greed. It is when we get greedy that the horn runs dry.

In the spiritual sense, and spirit is feminine, it is symbolizing what happens when the seeker meets their Higher Self. When are on your journey of enlightenment, your Higher Self will send you and unlimited amount of information and synchronicity. All you have to do is seek and you will receive all this until you stop seeking. Once one becomes enlightened they never stop seeking, so the Cornucopia is open to them the rest of their lives. Mother Nature and spirit is why the Cornucopia is associated with the Goddess.

The best known story of origin of the Cornucopia has to do with the birth of Zeus. Rhea hid Zeus in a cave from his devouring father Kronos. In this cave Zeus was cared for by a number of divine attendance, one being the Goat Goddess, Amaltheia. She is considered his foster-mother who fed him with her milk. One day when he was playing with his foster mother he accidentally broke off one of her horns, which had the power to provide unending nourishment. This story, among others, gives away to the initiated what is going on with the Cornucopia.

Those that follow my work, know Ancient Egypt was split into Upper and Lower Egypt. Upper Egypt venerated the Bull or Taurus. While Lower Egypt venerated Aries, the Goat or Ram. I show in my post Lucifer, the depictions of the devil have to do with these two side fighting each other. If the devil is portrayed with goat or ram horns, the group or person is loyal to Upper Egypt. If the devil has bull horns, the group or person is loyal to Lower Egypt. The Cornucopia does the same thing, but whatever horn is used shows their loyalty. If the Cornucopia is a bull horn, they are loyal to Upper Egypt. If it is a goat horn, they are loyal to Lower Egypt. What these flags and seals are saying is “side with us and you will know abundance”.

Whenever you see the Cornucopia, pay attention to the type of horn. This will tell you their loyalties. All religions, governments and corporations brag about who they are loyal too, especially in the western world. This Upper and Lower Egypt division has caused all the fighting and warring in the world. If you think you I’m way out there on this, think about this…
In the Hunger Games ,the fighting starts off in the center of the arena in a place called the Cornucopia. The Cornucopia is a stylized horn where all the weapons and goodies are stored. The Cornucopia is the death of may tributes due to the large amount of desirable items found in and around it. The Cornucopia is where the bloodbath begins at every Hunger Games. I am positive the author understood the symbol of the Cornucopia.

You must realize that not everything is as it seems in this world, but when you know the true history of this world, everything falls into place.  The Cornucopia will bring you an abundance of wisdom when you know the true meaning.

10 thoughts on “Cornucopia”

  1. A good point on the cornucopia in the Hunger Games. As I pointed out today on another blog, when we write stories, particularly “fantasies” we carry forth our myths and insert them in our works, either consciously or unconsciously. Our entire, how should I put it, “race” or “species” is based on, held together by, ancient myths. Through our DNA, we remain “there” – as you imply, we are still, really, enacting the Upper/Lower Egypt scenarios and conflicts. At least that’s how I read it and that makes sense to me.

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    1. That is correct. Upper and Lower Egypt are still battling over control of pretty much the entire world.
      Our stories and fantasies do continue myths. Subconsciously and consciously is a perfect way to put it. 😉

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  2. I’ve been a vegetarian now for the last 8 years; coincided with starting on my path. Even as a small child, I’ve always looked at the Cornucopia and wondered why with all the food pouring out of the horn or basket; why wasn’t there any meat coming out, just fruits and vegetables? Thanks for enlightening us once again.

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