Free Will


Free Will is something that has been grossly misinterpreted. Most see it as making a decision or choice without outside influences. Problem is that we all have been programmed since the day we were born. How are you going to make a decision that is yours and yours alone when nothing in your mind is original? Did you just decide one day that you were going to get up and go to school? Did you decide what religion you were going to be? Men, did you decide you had to be mister macho? Women, did you decide you had to wear make up to be visually pleasing for men? I’m going to go out on a limb here and say the answer is no.

What is Will? It is your intent, your purpose, your desire or your passion. In the legal sense, it is a document that declares a person wishes on how their property and things will be distributed after they die. This is the only time most people ever use their Will. They don’t use it till they are dead. So Will has to do with your wishes too. Your wishes are your dreams, your wants, your desires or your preferences.

Free means not hampered, not constrained, no chains or being unrestricted. But Free can also mean you are lacking something. Like you have a free hour, you are lacking something to do. Most people are free of insight, they lack insight. It also means to let someone off the hook or absolve them. Free a person from their responsibility. It can also mean to relieve, like freeing your mind from anxiety.

Our etymology speaks to us. As I have shown in previous posts before, the leaders of this world are not lying to us. They are just using a play on words. Let’s use Will as your intent or your desires. That is what Will is. Free Will would become unrestricted intent or desires, lacking intent or desires, or absolving intent or desires. Very few in this world have unrestricted intent or desire. Most have chains on their minds. The ones with Free Will in this sense become the Katherine Hepburn, Michael Jordan, Alex Morgan, Robert De Niro, Aretha Franklin or Leonardo Da Vinci. They will do what they love no matter what.

Free Will can also mean lack of intent or desire. This is the masses on a grand scale. Everyone is worried about what others will think. They want to conform and fit in. Free Will can also mean to relieve or absolve someone of their intents and desires. This is what this world does. This world keeps people in a state of fear. I have shown before that the opposite of desire is fear. When you are in fear, you don’t want to do what you fear. You become desire less. This world does its best to keep people in a state of fear and anxiety, so they relieve us or absolve us of our will.

When they say people of this world have Free Will, they are not lying to you. They know very few will break the chains to live their dreams. They know we have been trained to conform. People really believe they must conform and fit in. They accept that a group or society must give them a roll to play. People will give up their sovereignty to fit into the mob. They have Free Will because they have no intent, purpose or desires of their own. They have no responsibility for their own life and they love it. So Free Will is a choice, just not in the way most think. You can choose to live your life where you have no control over your decisions or your can do what you love. We can break our chains and choose our own destiny or you can go with our programing and let our destiny be chosen for us. When we choose to do what we love, we answer our Call to Adventure.

10 thoughts on “Free Will”

  1. According to this definition of “free will” it really is a meaningless term since everybody has some sort of free will. So can “free choice” be substituted in order for it to mean something? But who, not self-empowered, can claim to have free choice in anything? So the discussion would go to self empowerment and what that means; what it entails; how does one get there.

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    1. Free choice is similar. Most make choices based on their programming. When we make choices and act on them, it molds our personality. Every action we take on our choices defines our character. This is why the masses are all the same. They may think they are different because they like a different brand, team, religion or political affiliation, but at the core they are all the same. It is a vicious loop that needs to be broken. As Darth Vader said in Star Wars, “Your choices define your destiny. Choose wisely”. In Serpents, I showed what wisdom actually means.
      Self empowerment is Magic in itself. This whole site is about what self empowerment means, entails and how to get there. The self empowered person will have a lonely road. It is what the video at the top is relaying and why I chose it. Thanks for the great comment as always Sha’Tara.

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  2. We are programed from the moment someone says, “it’s a girl/boy.” That’s when things begin. So right about that. Every thought we have comes from where we’re from, our past experiences, what we have been TAUGHT. Those who refuse to accept their programming are labeled, hunted, denied, jailed or even killed. The status quo is everything to those who rule. That’s why it needs to be dismantled. But, as you said, good luck with that.

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    1. Yes, if you don’t go along with your programing you are demonized. What is sad is it’s the programmed masses who do the most demonizing. The rulers don’t really have to do anything, they just sit back and let the walking zombies attack. That is what the show “The Walking Dead” is symbolizing. The post-apocalyptic world is an artistic representation of what an awake person has to put up with on a daily basis. I don’t really watch the show, but the creator of it ‘hit the nail on the head’. The masses love their servitude.


      1. Definitely. People build their own cells and become their own jailers and they do everything the can to get everyone to join them, including laws and social punishment. It’s sick. I haven’t seen the Walking Dead but I think the title is a perfect description for human beings in general.

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    1. Thanks, Jessica. 😉 Funny how people will do anything just to fit in. It seems that when it comes to material things, rare is good. But being a rare individual is frowned upon.


      1. Yr welcome 😊That’s an interesting point. It takes a lot of internal fortitude to own one’s rarity for that exact reason

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