The Serpent is my favorite symbol of the ancient world. I have been asked why I haven’t made a Serpent post yet. The simple answer is because I mention the Serpent in several posts. The Serpent has to do with wisdom and because of that people associate the Serpent with the Divine Feminine. As you will see, wisdom is feminine, but the Serpent is the both masculine and feminine working together.

The Divine Sophia is wisdom. Most mistake knowledge for wisdom. Knowledge is something you can access or understand. To increase knowledge, you just increase your information. Go read a book. Wisdom is the highest and purest form of understanding and knowing truth. Wisdom is Gnosis. Wisdom is rare in this world because anytime someone is confronted with truth, they greet it with scorn, mockery, hate, destruction, ridicule and suppression. You must be tapped into the Sacred Feminine, Divine Sophia, or Holy Grail to have wisdom. This is why wisdom is considered feminine. You can not understand or know wisdom without the feminine side of your mind. Wisdom is enlightenment. Wisdom is spiritual essence and spirit is feminine. To the ancients, wisdom is what separated the Gods and Goddesses from mortals. My website can give you all sorts of information, but without understanding you have no wisdom.

The Serpent is all over the ancient world. Whether it be in the form of a snake, dragon, plumed serpent or feathered serpent, it all represents the same thing. As I showed in Quetzalcoatl, the snake was considered the messenger of the underworld. It would literally carry messages to the Goddess. See Maat as to why the Goddess was needed in the underworld. Being a plumed or feathered serpent meant the wisdom was given wings and it became spiritual wisdom or illumination. In Egypt, the Pharaoh wore a crown with the Uraeus and Vulture to symbolize the unification of Upper and Lower Egypt. Put them together and it is the Feathered Serpent. Upper Egypt used the Vulture because birds represent spirit and spirit is feminine. Upper Egypt was a matriarch. Lower Egypt used the Cobra or Uraeus and they were a patriarch.

Some think the Uraeus is the Goddess Wadjet, but Lower Egypt was a patriarch. Just like todays patriarch religions, they would not use the symbol of a Goddess. Nefertiti, who was Akhenaton’s wife, put two cobras on her crown and people are wondering why. The two-headed snake was a symbol of Wadjet and Nefertiti was from Upper Egypt, a matriarch. She was venerating the Goddess in plain sight without the ignorant patriarchs knowing. If you have read Patriarch Pharaohs, you know the true identity of Akhenaton. Wadjet is the Goddess of the Papyrus and a very early symbol of her is a serpent entwined around a papyrus stem. For those who don’t know, the papyrus was used for writing in Ancient Egypt. So she is the very first Goddess of Wisdom and I believe this is where Sophia originated.

As I have shown before, the Serpent is all about your thoughts. The snake moves in the same pattern as your thoughts. The Ouroboros is showing that your thoughts create your world. But the Serpent goes deeper still. The Serpent sheds its skin and is a symbol of renewal or enlightenment. You will shed your old skin as you reach enlightenment. The Serpent’s bite is poisonous yet its venom can be used to save a person’s life. Symbolizing wisdom is poisonous to the uninitiated, but life saving to the initiated or the wise. When you are wise, your mind becomes very cobra like. The serpent coils itself around your mind. It is reared up and ready to strike. Warning the ignorant and mundane to stay away! The serpent becomes the guardian of your mind. It is ready to attack any and all who trespass. The serpent tells any and all who are unworthy of your mind to keep their distance. I have had a few people who have asked me questions and they were not ready for the information. It was like a cobra striking them and the venom was poisonous. It literally looks like the person is being effected by poison. I have had people who are ready ask for information and it literally looks like a life saving serum as the dots connect in their mind.

The last reason the Serpent is so sacred has to do with it’s tongue. The Serpent has a forked tongue that represents duality. The Serpent mind is able to navigate the duality of this world with ease. It understands the teaching of the ancient texts. That you are divine and are in this world of duality for a limited time. When the time comes your Higher Self will pull you back out of the realm of duality to be one with it. To all of the Serpents out there, don’t stay quiet. Inject the Venom!!! Whether they are ready for it or not.


13 thoughts on “Serpents”

  1. Thanks again for the thought-provoking post. After every post I read, a little more of the mud settles in the water I drink from the well. The tapestry you weave in your posts appears that you have spoken the Athena herself! Knowledge and Wisdom to me are different. Knowledge is of the mind and the comprehension in the heart and taking appropriate action is Wisdom.

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  2. I love learning all your knowledge and wisdom regarding many animals, especially the serpent I was wondering if you may have heard about the “rainbow serpent”? I grew up in Australia and loved hearing the indigenous stories of our country- though not often enough… in the “dreamtime” which i believe was the beginning- the rainbow serpent created the land. Thought you might find this interesting.

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