Victims of Circumstance


It is our limiting beliefs that hold us back. The beliefs we have been taught our whole lives. The beliefs we were born into. This whole world is a victim of circumstance. A victim of circumstance is said to be an individual that suffers from ill consequences that are out of their control. A person born into a bad situation. What is the circumstance that people have been born into? We have all been brought up in ignorance.

To be a victim of circumstance means you have no control over your own life. If you remain a victim of circumstance, you will never progress. Technologically this world has advanced in leaps and bounds, but mentally and spiritually we have gone backwards. Ignorance is bliss, no one wants to take responsibility for themselves. Witches and Wizards seek to take control of their own lives. Most Witches, Wizards and high-ranking officials in secret societies will not speak to the ignorant masses. They understand the masses love their victim mentality and will fight to the death to remain in their bliss.

The ignorance that I speak of is not simple ignorance. Something that you don’t understand like a new job, calculus or a foreign language. Simple ignorance is cured by learning. The ignorance I am talking about it was I like to call ‘learned ignorance’. ‘Learned ignorance’ is ignorance learned from other people’s ignorance. ‘Learned ignorance’ is our indoctrinations, beliefs and conditioning. Learned ignorance surrounds the world in abundance. All religion, politics and media are built on ‘learned ignorance’. Before I get any emails that Nicholas of Cusa’s Learned Ignorance is about not being able to understand an infinite deity, I am well aware of this philosophical theologians ideas. He is simply wrong. Although this Cardinal could have been on to something because you certainly can’t know the divine with learned ignorance from any religion.

Learned ignorance is close minded. It will not accept anything outside of its belief system. Most people stay in learned ignorance their whole life. Whatever the beliefs of the group they associate themselves with, that is their belief. Anything that validates their beliefs is correct and anything that says other wise is crazy. They have no desire to understand or acknowledge anything outside of their beliefs. They have given their heart, soul, life and mind to some thing or some person outside of themselves. Just like every person before them and everyone they know has done. How could it be wrong? When things go wrong, the blame game can start. How could it be one’s fault if it wasn’t one’s own personal idea?

We are all victims of circumstances. It is the job of the Witch and Wizard to overcome these circumstances. The first step is to lose the victim mentality. People are drawn to magic to have more control of their own life and circumstances. So many people are not getting what they can out of life because of the victim mentality. If you feel stuck or frustrated about life, it’s probably because of a victim mind-set. Victims have a story, excuse or rationalization for anything they have set in their mind. They really believe someone or something else is at fault. When in reality it is just their own mind. A victim mind-set is a self-fulfilling prophecy. Whatever is in your mind, will rule your life.

You have no control over the ignorance of this world, but you have control over your own ignorance. Take 100% responsibility for your life. When you take responsibility for your life, you guard the gates of your mind. To have a victim mind-set is living in ignorance. Ignorance is bliss. Most don’t know they are doing it, they just live life unconsciously. Whatever has been programmed into the subconscious will rule your life. It is called Karma. Produce any information against these beliefs and they will shame you to no end. Witches and Wizards create their own life. They work on getting the programmed ignorance out of their mind. They focus on what they want to create. Once you realize you have been programmed with ‘learned ignorance’ and you do something about it, you will start to take responsibility for everything in your life. You can’t do anything about being born into ignorance, but you can start to do something about it right now.

The victim mind-set is in the ego and it will do anything not to leave it’s comfort zone. Gaining knowledge and wisdom brings the ego to atonement. It makes you realize the ego doesn’t know it all. As you read this, that little voice in your head is probably telling you that, “This idiot doesn’t know what he is talking about”. It’s probably saying something like, “I don’t believe that! What makes him think he is right and everyone else is wrong?” or “That is ridiculous! How can you suggest such a thing?” My mind used to do it too. That voice needs to learn to shut up and listen. It needs to be quiet long enough for you to learn true knowledge and wisdom. That is where Magic comes in.

I know it is scary to leave your comfort zone. If you want personal growth, knowledge and wisdom will give you the biggest leap forward. It will take a lot of hard work and emotional labor. The ancients saw ignorance as the biggest sin. It was the great darkness. There is a great darkness that surrounds this world. Be a shinning light in the darkness. In my post about Depolarization, I told you to learn both sides of an argument, so that you could debate either side if you wanted too. In this post I’m asking you to look at the other side of your beliefs. The biggest sign of ignorance is immediate rejection followed by ridicule. Think of the people in your life that do this. Think of how often you do it.

Most people believe Witches and Wizards are lone wolves because everyone thinks they are weird. They have it backwards. Witches and Wizards are lone wolves because they refuse to be around ignorance. You are who you hang around. They understand knowledge makes a creative mind. A creative mind stimulates new ideas. New ideas creates growth and new paths. Growth the masses don’t want and paths the masses are not willing to walk down. When you walk down those new paths, doors open and you meet some very interesting people. Stop looking for validation for your thoughts and the circumstances you have been victim to will fall apart.




13 thoughts on “Victims of Circumstance”

  1. Amazing post as usual. Loved it. I’ve been talking about this as well. I partly blame the MSM for those who dismiss & then ridicule. I’ve tried having discussions with them on Twitter, only to feel like I’ve entered the Twilight Zone. Cut ties with 2 FB ‘friends’ – I had opposing views, so I was excited to have an exchange of ideas, a friendly debate. Un uh loll Yikes. I love exploring different possibilities, comparing notes.
    Hello growth! ✌😁 I miss that.
    Now with all the disinfo, agendas .. it’s easier to fool the masses ..
    I’m not sure if they’re falling into deeper n deeper sleeps, or if it just seems that way the more layers n levels I go 😎💘
    Good nite 💌 Thx for being a solid anchor in this sea 🌊

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    1. Thanks. 😊 That’s why I tell people to turn off the television. The MSM is the main culprit of brainwashing.
      The higher you go the more asleep the masses seem. It’s maddening sometimes.

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      1. It is. I adore my solitude more & more loll Plus, been buried under ice & snow with average temps of -15 since Dec, first week. Hibernation mode loll
        Yea tv is such a brain drain.
        Those MSMers are transparent puppets.
        System needs an overhaul 🤗

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      2. Yes it does. But I don’t see it happening any time soon. Wow! That is cold! I tend to enjoy the cold, but I like winter sports. Just do them for fun to get out in nature.

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  2. It’s funny. Your use of the old saying ignorance is bliss struck a chord. Mainly because I use it to explain to those who think it odd that I don’t participate in political goings on or watch/listen to any news.

    “How can you not keep up with the news/know what’s going on/stay in the know? Don’t you want to be current? You don’t want to be ignorant, do you?”

    My answer is always to ask back, “does it make you feel happy? Do you feel better about things after watching the news/listening to politics/whatever?”

    Because I don’t. It makes me unhappy and often angry. Made worse because we all know there is a lot of fake news and propaganda, so I can’t even be sure that what I am riled up over is real. Plus, I don’t appreciate being manipulated.

    Invariably, they answer, “…”

    And that’s when I say it. As the old saying goes, ignorance is bliss. I choose to be blissful.

    I’m fascinated with how one saying can be used to express two different things so well.

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    1. News and politics is not about informing anyone of anything. It’s only purpose is to keep people polarized, filled with anxiety and make them angry. So yes ignorance from the propaganda is bliss, but propaganda is not knowledge.
      I basically tell people, “News of the herd is for the herd”. To which they ask me, “What is news to you?” I reply, “Finding things in books that over throw the propaganda you call history”. To which they walk away. Ignorance is truly bliss for the masses.


  3. Many of my family members seem to be comfortable just settling with the life they are in. Never wanting to break away from their status-quo lifestyle, and I know they question my lifestyle and choices. I’ve always been the non-conformist. Thanking the Higher Self’s voice for that!

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