Call to Adventure



The Call to Adventure is what every story, movie and myth is all about. Whether someone was taught this outline or they do it naturally, this is the formula for success in books and movies. This formula is all over the myths, yet we don’t give the ancients any credit. Just like everything else about the ancients, it was stolen to make money. Joseph Campbell brought this to light, but it was made out to be more of just a coincidence. A lot of the great stories in this world were taken out of the ancient myths and so was the template to write them. All the myths of the world are stories of you. They are your Call to Adventure or what happens when you accept this Call to Adventure. The ancients imbedded symbolism, history, astrology, psychology and other truths into these stories. Once I show you this Call to Adventure, you will never read a book or watch a movie the same way.

Our Call to Adventure is our own personal calling to do something. It is the Hero’s Journey. It could be a calling to do anything, but for the most part it is a calling for you to get on your path. It is the calling to do what you love. It is the voice of your Higher Self pushing you to do what you love to do and be who you were meant to be. It is that irresistible beckoning that will test the limits of your mind, body and spirit. In this adventure we will find out who we are, what we can become and what we are able to achieve. Once you accept this adventure, the great adventure will never end. You may have beginnings and endings of new things to learn and do, but your whole life becomes the great adventure. I see the beginnings and ending of the new things in life as chapters or my adventure.

Once you accept the Call to Action, you leave the comforts of stagnation and laziness behind. You will walk your own path and create your own destiny. You will become an authentic individual. You will not only start on the road less traveled, but you will create a path. It will be like walking through a piece of wilderness no one has ever been on or fresh snow that has not been trampled on. Very few will accept this Call to Adventure because other paths are so much easier to walk on, but you will become a trailblazer. On your journey you may see other paths and it is ok to walk on their paths for a small time, but you must get off the path and back on to your own. For if you stay on their path, you will not meet your personal destiny. You will meet someone else’s destiny.

On this path you will meet enemies. The enemies are our insecurities, doubts, fears, anger, procrastinations and laziness. They are our demons within. They show up as other people telling us how to live our life. What we should believe and how to do things. It is your mind doubting itself because we are listening to others. These become the tough decisions we need to make. The false information we must weed out. We must conquer these inner demons to keep moving forward on our adventure.

You will have teachers, guides and wise people who assist you along your adventure. In myths and stories it is usually an older wiser person. They teach us the skills and guide us on how to defeat out demons. Most of the time in these stories the guide or teacher dies. This is symbolizing that you have to fight these demons on your own. No one can fight them for you. All the characters in stories are aspects of yourself. But the Hero, the main aspect of yourself, has to take on this battle. After you conquer these demons, you may become a guide or teacher for others. But just remember, they have to fight the battle themselves. You can’t do it for them.

Fighting the battle in unfamiliar worlds or darkness is symbolizing ignorance. Becoming familiar with the world is symbolizing wisdom you are attaining. Darkness is banished by light. When there is darkness then light in a story, it is representing enlightenment. Enlightenment is conquering ignorance. To the ancients, ignorance was the greatest evil. To religions and governments, wisdom is the greatest sin.

Usually before this battle you are told by either the guide or another character that we have talents within or we are stronger than we know. This motivates us to find this hidden strength with in. If the character dies and comes back or goes into a coma and wakes up, it is symbolizing your rebirth. The great battle is when we conquer all are fears, doubts, laziness and ignorance. It is the battle with the demons.

Because of all the lies this world has to offer, even fewer will win this battle. Most will run and go back to the comforts of the mundane and forget all about the Call to Adventure. This is known as the great darkness. It is the great failure of giving in to our doubts, insecurities, laziness and ignorance. It is going back to letting people tell us how to live our lives. Going back to the ‘poor little old me’ mind-set. This could have happened because we failed at something or something happened we didn’t like. Instead getting back up and continuing the fight, we run or give up. We give up are sovereignty and forfeit our dreams. This is when the Higher Self comes knocking with a 2X4 across the face. Until you get back on your path, chaos will rule. Chaos is a Call to Adventure and is the reason the ancients saw it as good.

When you accept the Call to Adventure and defeat your demons. You become the Hero of your own life. It is why it is called the Hero’s Journey. You travel your own path and make your own destiny. This is why movies and stories are so popular in our world. Most people just see a great story, but our subconscious loves the symbolism in the movies. Consciously we go about our lives letting our demons control us and in turn we let others control us. Subconsciously we want to answer the Call to Adventure and take the Hero’ s Journey, but for most it is too scary. Instead we watch and read these stories that are really about us and go away feeling good for a little while. Now that you know these stories are really about you, take inspiration from them and answer your Call to Adventure. Your Hero’s Journey will be the Adventure of a Lifetime.


13 thoughts on “Call to Adventure”

  1. With all the fears, doubts and media (smart phones, TV {Tell-a-Vision}, news outlets of all kinds) to capture people’s attention, I feel that these are some of the many reasons most of the people never hear the small voice of your Higher Self speaking to them, and never take on new challenges in life.

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    1. Exactly. You have to turn the noise down in order to hear the Higher Self. Then you have to quiet the mind. Most people can not be alone with their own thoughts. The Ego will say anything to stay in control.


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