It is common practice in this world for the winners of war to write their version of history. This is also true when it comes to political, social and religious structures. Once a civilization is conquered, everything about that civilization is replaced, renamed or discredited. All the wars that have been fought on this planet, it is no wonder we can’t remember anything about our history. In this post I will bring back the true meaning of the Deity, Baal.

The word Baal is taken to mean ‘lord’ or ‘king’. Researchers have taken him to be a solar deity. Some modern researchers say he was the god of storms, the underworld and fertility. The Etymologists will say that in the Semitic languages Baal means master, lord, owner or even husband. The feminine version of Baal is Baalah. Baalah is said to mean mistress or lady of the house. How the hell did we go from king and lord to mistress or lady of the house? I smell a cover up or the stench of ignorance.

In some ancient texts Baal is known as the King of Gods and in others he is knows as being evil or a devil. What gives? Theologians will tell you he is a false god, so he is evil or the devil. Then why the hell do all the patriarch religions have something honoring Baal in one way or another? They have bell-shaped architecture, bell shaped windows and some even ring a physical bell. All of this is honoring the god Baal!!! Are we to take seriously that patriarch religions are really worshipping the devil? Patriarch religions have put the world in the shape it’s in, so maybe they are worshipping the devil. As much as I would like to say this is the case, the truth is that all the patriarch religions are full of ignorance. They have killed, destroyed and burned everyone and everything they don’t agree with. They have destroyed and covered up so much truth that they can’t tell what is true or false anymore. When will the world realize that theologians have no idea what the hell they are talking about?

To get the truth of Baal, we have to go back to ancient Egypt yet again. In earlier posts, I have shown that Yahweh is actually pronounced Yahoo and is the god Thoth. Who in ancient Egypt is the god of fertility and the underworld? It is our old buddy, Osiris. The myths of Baal and Osiris are almost exact. In fact, Baal is the Syrian version of Osiris. The biblical family of Jesus venerated Baal, but they also worshipped several other gods and goddesses. Tell a theologian this and that’s blasphemy. You are going to hell!!! I thought theologians were supposed to be intellectuals. How can you study something and be so ignorant? Maybe because you are studying lies. You are studying the history of the theologians that came before you who were bought off or threatened with death if they revealed the truth. You are studying what the winners of war have cleansed and put out there for you to study.

In the ancient Egyptian language ‘belbel’or ‘berber’ means pyramid. In the Tower of Babel post, I showed that all civilizations came out of Egypt. Baal’s name was pointing towards the pyramids to show his origins. But why is he good and some texts and evil in others? In different myths, Baal either wears ram horns or bull horns. As I have shown before, our modern devil is shown with either ram horns or bull horns. I show that Egypt was separated into Upper Egypt and Lower Egypt. The Lower Egyptians were followers of Aries the Ram. The Upper Egyptians were followers of Taurus the Bull. If Baal is wearing bull horns, like he was in Syria, it is because the civilization was followers of Upper Egypt. If he is wearing ram horns, the people are followers of Lower Egypt. Both sides claimed Osiris, but they saw the other side as evil. Osiris is the King of Gods to both of them, but if he is the other sides god, he is a devil.

Lower Egypt is where all our patriarch religions come from(see Patriarch Pharaohs). With the truth out about Baal then Baalah would not mean mistress. Baalah would be a version of Isis. It would mean ‘lady of the pyramid’ or ‘first wife’. Which makes a hell of a lot more sense. To show that I am right on track with this translation, Bel in Ireland is Baal. Beltane literally means ‘fire of Bel’. In the celebration of Beltane people performed maypole dancing. In my Happy Beltane post, I showed that the maypole is Osiris’ phallic. Government and religious building all over the world have bell-shaped architecture, bell shaped windows and the Green Man all over their buildings the represent Osiris. Christian churches ring a bell to venerate Baal and most of them have a steeple that is a symbol of Osiris’ penis. All this symbolism screams ‘look to Egypt’ for your answers. Just as I showed in the Pyramids post that the Masonic ladder symbolizes pyramids, but not just any pyramid, it was the Ladder of Osiris. So it refers to the Pyramid of Osiris or the Pyramids of Egypt.

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  1. From my own understanding, organized religions need not make any sense; they can describe anything anyway they want, they can thrive with the most ignorant leaders simply because they serve but one purpose: they are one necessary “leg” of the three legged power pyramid that rules the earth: religion, government, money. These can come in any form, interact positively or negatively, but they must remain for if you try to remove one leg from a three legged stool, it falls over. The three divine powers can never allow that to happen so they coexist and share the power pie.

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