Pyramids are all over the world. Why is the pyramid used instead of a different shape? What were the ancients trying to tell us? Most of todays buildings look like stylized pyramids. Ask any architect and they will tell you they just structurally make sense. The ancients didn’t just build pyramids just because the structurally made sense. They were leaving a message. A message that has stood the test of time and has been forgotten. Until now.

Most researchers will tell you the Pyramids are mountains. They symbolized sacred mountains. After all, I show the Great Pyramid is Mt. Sinai in my Patriarch Pharaohs post. The Egyptian Pyramids had a white limestone casting that made them look like snow-covered mountains. The Mayans used limestone to make a white cement that made their pyramids appear to be white. Were both these advances civilizations trying to make snow covered mountains? Although I have now doubt mountains were scared to the ancients, they were not just saying, “Hey look! I can build a mountain”.

Pyramid means ‘born of fire’. The Great Pyramid use to have a walkway all the way to top that was lit with torches. It is the reason we light our Christmas tree spirally all the way to the top. No one remembers this walkway, so it is lost wisdom. They Mayans lit their pyramids up too. What is going on with all this fire and ice? If you have read Lemurian Magic, you know that fire and ice fell from the sky at a certain time in history. These pyramids were build right after this disaster. They were trying to leave a message of our true history. They also saw these pyramids as bringing stability to the world. It is why pillars represent pyramids, they saw them as holding up the sky. Fire and ice are what fell from the sky, so they built them to represent fire and ice.

The pyramids are the primordial mound that appears in so many creation myths around the world. The primordial mound is the first matter that arose out of the depths of the sea of chaos. This primordial mound, upon rising from the primal waters, separated the waters below from the sky above. Why would the sky and water need to be separated? These chunks of fire and ice falling from he sky was the planet Tiamat coming into the earths atmosphere. It brought the oceans to our planet, so waters below needed to be separated from the sky above. The people ran to mountains and found their way in until the disaster was over. Inside the mountains they had protection from the water coming up and the fire and ice falling from the sky. This is the main reason why pyramids were built. To remember the sacred mountains that protected the people from fire, ice and water.


After this disaster the world had to start over and the pyramids became a symbol.  The human races were brand new infants. The ancients knew what the mind of this new race of humans was capable of. They had to leave messages to last an eternity. One that would survive the elements and what ever Mother Nature threw at it, but mostly it had to survive the humans themselves. All the destruction that the human race is capable of yet these structures are still standing. The people who have known the history of this world have tried their best to destroy them and when they faile, they covered up the history. Lets take a look at the symbolism of the Pyramids to see what the ancients were trying to tell us.

As I said, pyramid means ‘born of fire’. Fire in Magic has to do with the intellect, force, will or your desire. These are your creative seeds that give you energy, purpose and expression. The upward pointing triangle is the element of fire. A triangle has three sides and three is the number of creation. The Pyramid itself has four sides and this incorporates the square and triangle into the structure. Triangle is the things you can change and square is the things you can’t change. Meaning there are things in life you can change and things you can not. A big one we can not change is we all die. So you might as well live your life doing what you love.

The pyramids were built on solid bedrock. This is showing you must have a solid foundation to build your life upon. Build your life on truth not beliefs. We require a solid foundation to build our principles and character upon. We can not aspire to great heights if we don’t have a solid foundation. Those who build their life on a shaky foundation(beliefs), always find themselves shaky and unstable. They feel ready to collapse under the stresses of daily life and their mind is not thier own.

The pyramid has a wide base and narrows as it goes up. Conspiracy buffs will tell you it is ‘the few who rule the many’. If that is your mind-set, than you will be ruled by the few. In truth, the wide base is symbolic of where most people stay. The base symbolizes where the masses congregate. They mingle among each other while fighting, struggling and bickering the whole time. Very few will make it up from the base. Most are just ignorant while others think they are incapable of reaching higher levels.

The pyramids  ascend in steps. The steps have the same symbol as the Mason’s ladder. It is a symbol of ascension in our minds and spirit. As we gain knowledge and wisdom we ascend up these steps. It can only be earned one step at a time. Some of us will stay on steps a little longer than others until we require the necessary skills to keep moving up. There are many ways to the top, but once you are at the top , the view is the same. The steps and ladder symbolize that anyone who is willing to climb can ascend and leave the muggles. You can ascend to being higher than rumors, pettiness, fear, superficiality and egotism.

This brings us to the pyramid being four-sided again. Each side of the pyramid faces in only one direction. Those that stay on one side of the pyramid only have a one-sided view-point. The lower you are to the bottom the more restricted the view. The myths talk about the four corners of the world. Those that stay on one side can not see the views of the four corners of the world. Our histories make sure we only see it from one view point. Those that stay on the one side, have a restricted view and therefore have a narrow point of view.

As we ascend the pyramid, we can see other views that were hidden from us. You will leave the noise of the masses behind which intern makes it more peaceful as you climb. The higher you go, the fewer and fewer people you will see, but those you meet in the higher altitudes are rare noble-minded and high-minded individuals.



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  1. I agree with you that Pyramids are the “message that has stood the test of time and has been forgotten. Until now.” It is time to remember it, it is time to live our life and love what we do. Thank you for the explanations. Great article, as always! ❤

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