Luck is seemingly random events that happen to us all. If the events are good, we see them as good luck. If the events are bad, we see them as bad luck. Witches and Wizards know they create their own luck. They will set intentions, take action and luck happens. When you sit and do nothing, bad luck is normally what you get. Things happen to you instead of making things happen.

I know I have said to keep a positive mind because ‘what you think about you bring about’. Thinking positive brings mostly positive things to you and if you think negative, well mostly negative things will happen. But this is only part of the equation to luck. You have to recognize and act on opportunities. You can’t just sit there and day-dream about your life getting better. That is setting the intention. You have to act on the opportunities your subconscious brings to you. This is the main difference between someone being lucky and unlucky. Just be aware of the opportunities. Magic brings you the opportunities.

Most of the time when you do magic and think your spell didn’t work, you just missed the opportunity. Looking for opportunities is like seeing synchronicity. It works in the same way. You have to be aware to see it. Then seize on the opportunities. I have realized I missed opportunities more than once after the fact. I would think back and realize that was my opportunity to seize on something I had casted a spell for. When this happens, don’t worry because your subconscious will bring more opportunities. Recognize and take action.

Making your own luck makes you very powerful. When you set an intention, you are telling your subconscious, ‘this is important to me’. She then goes to work and brings to you what you say is important. Lets say you are looking for a new job. You tell her exactly the job you want and she will bring the opportunities to you to get that specific job. You want to start a new business? Set the intention and she will bring you the exact opportunities of the exact type of business you want to start. Like a person who is already very knowledgable about that particular business who can give you advice or maybe become a partner. Like a certain kind of car that you need at a certain price? Set the intention for that particular car and  she will bring you opportunities to get that car. If you have really set the intention with emotion, after you get the car she will continue to bring you more opportunities because you set it so deep. Once your ‘luck’ works, be thankful. Being thankful, lets your Higher Self know that ‘you get it’. You are thankful for all it has done.

I know I said that sitting and doing nothing can bring you bad luck, but the subconscious works the other way too. If you get yourself in a negative mindset and  you start thinking of bad things about a partner or friend. That is setting the intention for your subconscious to bring this to you. Lets say you think, “My partner or friend just can’t do anything right, I don’t know how I am even with them”. Your subconscious takes that information and brings all that you don’t like about this person to you. All their bad habits and little nuisances that perturb you. Everything you don’t like about the person comes to you, because that is what you are telling your subconscious you want. What is even worse is when you are thinking this stuff about yourself. All the negativity going on in your head about yourself, is telling the subconscious to bring everything to you that validates these thoughts. If you think you are not smart, it’s going to bring things to you that make you feel you are not smart. If you think you can’t do something, it will bring you every opportunity or excuse not to do something. If you think, “I was born in a bad situation and there is no way out”, then your subconscious will bring you every opportunity to not get out of that situation.

So take this information of ‘luck’ that I am giving you and use it in your favor. If you think, ‘I can do it and no one is stopping me’, it will bring you every opportunity to do what ever it is you want to do. If you think your friends and partner are great, its shows you all the things that make your friend and partner so special and wonderful to you. Magic is all in the mind and so is luck. If you think life sucks, your subconscious will bring everything to you that makes your life suck. If you think life is beautiful, your subconscious will bring everything to you that will make your life beautiful. It is not about circumstances happening to you, it’s about making things happen for you.

We all came into this world in certain situations. Some good, some bad. But we all have the ability to make our life lucky or unlucky. Just let your subconscious know what you are looking for and you will see how ‘lucky’ your life can be.

7 thoughts on “Luck”

  1. Hello! I had an interesting day the day after Uranus had stationed direct and ALL the planets were moving forwards. I did not actually consider this till the evening. I was just aware of feeling very positive, calm, peaceful and as though all mental/emotional blockages had vaporised away. It was as though I had no usual receptors for any negativity to attach itself.
    I wandered around my place and was able to clearly see what I needed to do next and how to go about organising these tasks, whereas I had previously been feeling stuck.
    I felt like a different person. The point is that I had felt the possibilities which were a benchmark for me to consciously achieve which would help me achieve what I needed to.

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