Lilith is the biggest enigma known to man. Many women see her as a hero, but only know she was a strong woman with a mind of her own. Patriarch religions see her as a demon. In fact she is quoted as being a dangerous demon of the night, who is sexually wanton and who steals babies in the darkness. Why is it that all women with a strong mind are considered evil or demons or they are just killed and the history covered up like it was with Hypatia? Here is an even greater question. How can any women be a theologian or even belong to these patriarch religions? For those that know my work, this will not come as a surprise. To those just finding my work, get ready to have your world turned upside down.

Those that have read Lemurian Magic have an idea who Lilith really was. To really understand this post, you will have to have read Lemurian Magic or know the true history of this world. In this post I will go into detail about my translations of the ancient texts from Sumer, Akkadian Empire, Assyria, Babylonia and the Bible. For those of you that blindly follow these patriarch religions, you probably don’t know who Lilith is. Lilith is supposedly Adams first wife. She was strong, independent and wanted to be equal to Adam. The patriarch god didn’t like that, so he demanded she submit to Adam. She refused and left Eden. Adam complained, so god sent some angels after her and she still refused to return. She became a demon and coupled with Samael, who in many texts is Satan or the Angel of Death. She threatens to kill Adam and Eve’s babies unless protected by the names of three angels. Don’t hear that story in Sunday school.

The texts describe her as uncontrollable and having a dangerous sexuality. She was said to have fertilized herself with male sperm to create demons. She is believed to be the mother of thousands of demons. First of all, the texts are just being degrading. In the ancient texts, the code for a woman with a healthy sexual appetite was ‘she is a very religious person’. Anytime you see this describing a woman in theology, you can understand she loves sex. If they were hiding something, they called her a whore, prostitute, demon or just flat-out say she loved sex. This is why they call Mary Magdalen a prostitute. It is time to bring out what they have been hiding.

Lilith is known in the cultures of Hittites, Egyptians, Greeks, Israelis, and Romans. She migrated to the Northern Europe with the pagan texts. Michael Angelo painted her as half woman half serpent. C. S. Lewis, the author of The Chronicles of Narnia, was inspired by Lilith when he created the White Witch. Michael Angelo was like Da Vinci, he knew exactly what he was painting. C. S. Lewis was like Tolkien and Disney, he knew exactly what he was writing about. The Lily flower is named after her. Lullaby even comes from “Lilith abi” and means Lilith go away. There is so much hatred and a lot of love for Lilith. What is going on here? Get ready to be enlightened.

I have shown in Lemurian Magic that an alien race came to earth and created the Homo Sapien race in Atlantis. This alien race is the same as the Annunaki in the Sumerian texts. Atlantis was on the continent of Appalachia that is now under the Atlantic Ocean. It would have been near todays Ireland. Atlantis was a northern city. I showed how the text say this alien race came down and first tried raping the female hominids to see what offspring would occur. This didn’t work and some of the female hominids stomachs exploded while pregnant. Then they tried it in laboratories with using the female hominid’s eggs and alien sperm. Still didn’t work. What they found that worked was using the alien female egg and hominid sperm. The eggs they used were Lilith’s. Lilith was pure alien stock. They used her to create the first race of humans. This race was just as smart and big as the aliens themselves. This is why the text say she fertilized herself to create demons. It wasn’t her doing it. It was the scientists.

This first race eventually rebelled against their alien creators. They left Atlantis and started what became know as Lemuria. For the aliens of Atlantis, it was back to the drawing board. They had lost their slave race because this first race was too smart and strong to be held down. I think Lilith helped the rebellion. Even though this race were lab created, probably in a test tube, I think she saw them as her children. The conditions for this race were unbearable. Would a mother not want to help her children? She was still in Atlantis after the rebellion, so I think she helped without the aliens realizing. The aliens labs went to work on dumbing down the second creation. The result was Adam.

This is where I need to explain that the first race created was androgynous. The male looking ones had a full head of hair, facial and bodily hair, while the male aliens had no hair at all. The more feminine ones had very little body hair and a full head of hair. The female aliens only had hair on their head. One of the ways to dumb down the second creation, the homo sapien sapien, was to split the sexes. They used the DNA they had from the first race and hominids to create a male called Adam and a female called Eve. They made a whole race of Adams and Eves. But they used only one of each of them to try to make a ruling bloodline. The plan was to have Lilith mate with Adam and a male alien mate with Eve. Lilith refused and they kicked her out of Atlantis. Lilith had 2 daughters and they used them instead. Adam wasn’t the only one who mated with Eve, the father of Lilith’s daughters mated with Eve too. You can accuse me of having a vivid imagination, but think about this. Many times I have said Lucas read these ancient texts when he created Star Wars. Well in one of the stories he has a DNA laboratory that the rebels find out about. The only difference is he has Jango Fett as the genetic template. Guess what Jango Fett means. WICKED HERO!!!! Lucas knew exactly what he was writing.

Every ancient civilization talks about a Great Mother. Most take it to be Mother Nature, but just as the Egyptian texts refer to their gods as having been here and walking among the people, so do some of these texts refer to the Great Mother as an actual being. Lilith left Atlantis and became one of the Queens to the Lemurians. My personal belief is she is Danann of the Tuatha De Danann. Tuatha De Danann means ‘People of the Goddess Danann’. Danann means ‘our seed’. They are the People of the Goddess of Our Seed. Lilith, having been used for the first creation and her daughters being used for the second, is the Goddess or the Great Mother of everyone. Everyone is looking for Eve when they should be looking for Lilith. This has been another great secrets held from all humans. The bloodline runs through the female. Everything is backwards in patriarchy and this is no exception.

The texts say she rested with hairy monsters and demons. The Lemurians were hairy when compared to the aliens. The aliens hated Lilith and the Lemurians, so of course they are going to call them hairy monsters and demons. The scribes were writing propaganda for the patriarch religions. All of the myths that refer to Vampires, Banshees, Mermaids, Faeries, Nymphs, Angels, Lilies, Roses, Fountains or anything else that refers to a royal bloodline is ultimately referring to Lilith’s bloodline. All of the Holy Grail legends say the Holy Grail is the blood of Mary Magdalen. Well yes, but Mary Magdalen was of Lilith’s bloodline. Just like all royal woman of ancient Egypt, she was the only one that could pass on the pure bloodline. Lilith may be the ultimate Holy Grail.

So big deal, she left Atlantis. Why so much hatred towards her? It was Lilith who sent the Lemurians in to try to talk to the Adams and Eves. This is why Michael Angelo painted her as half serpent half woman. She could have been the one talking to the Adams and Eves. If it wasn’t her, it was someone representing her. She knew exactly what was going on and why they were creating a dumb down race. On her orders, the Lemurians destroyed the DNA labs in Atlantis. This started the War of the Gods. She was trying to stop the slavery of the human race. The patriarchs of this world blame her for taking their power away from them. They hate her for it, but they have to keep her bloodline pure in order to rule.

I often wonder if there is anyone left in this world with the spirit of Lilith in them. Can you imagine what this world would be like if she didn’t rebel? She gave us a chance to actually think for ourselves. For the most part it looks like she rebelled in vain. I have had a couple of people ask me, “What if she was just power-hungry?” I don’t think so. She knew how powerful the Lemurians were and that they would not be controlled. She showed them a Matriarch. Matriarchy is not a women having full control, it is the feminine and masculine working together. So I ask…..Where have all the Liliths gone?

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      1. I just found this, and my spiritual path of the last 4 months led me here. This is the culmination of many theories evolving in my head for some time. Lilith is the key.

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      2. I know this next comment doesn’t fit in with standard “interpretation” but for those who really want to know who Lilith is… she is the daughter of Lucifer. What? you might question… Lucifer? Yes indeed. Lucifer, the great leader who lead an incredible rebellion against the “Jehovian” Time Lords in their so-called “Heaven,” the female who “seduced” a third of Time Lord disciples, lost her bid for freedom and was cast to this system where she proceeded to build it up with abundant life (and light for is she not the “archangel of light”?) until attacked and defeated again. Now we suffer until we get it together and make another bid for freedom under her leadership… once again. Stay tuned, it could be a few thousand years yet but the enemy is aging and losing its mind. We will win.

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  1. Hi! Interesting post. Just letting anyone who is interested in getting past the patriarchal biblical B.S. and cutting to the chase of what most likely occurred around Christ and the history of those fascinating times, I highly recommend reading 2 must read channelled books by Claire Heartsong.
    They are “Anna, Grandmother of Jesus” and its sequel “Anna, The Voice of the Magdalenes.”
    Anna claims that the Magdalenes were descended from Isis and were initiated in and practised the Isisian rites. She says they were not Christians which as we know was a fabrication by unbalanced men.

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    1. She is correct. Mary Magdalen and the biblical Jesus were the great grandchildren of Cleopatra. The family was Egyptian. See my His Royal Jesus post for more. Thanks for the awesome comment! 😉


      1. Thank-you for your generosity, I will look up your post. I have learnt that the more I read and witness over the years, the more I recognise that all roads lead back to Memphis!

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      2. Aloha.
        My name is lily.
        I live in Mu or Maui in the Hawaiian Islands, Or what was also known as ancient lumeria..
        There are so many synchronicities with lilith in my life it’s astounding..

        Many years ago when I told an elder rasta named Benito from JAMAICA that my name was lily short for lilaenya… he said that bc of me he remembered a song he made up 20 years before when he used to play with Marley and the wailers.

        He told me … lily you are lilith and told me a story about her…

        There is so much I could go into here….

        My life. Has presented so many synchronicities to her…

        Even now I am married to a shaman, who was said to be a fallen angel…

        I am not into biblical stuff much although i have studied it. My bloodline is Jewish.

        It runs in my veins.

        Anyhow… interesting read and love to learn more.

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      3. Aloha Lily. What you say sounds awesome! I hope I can help you connect the dots and I would love to hear more about what you know of Lilith.
        I love Hawaii and you are correct it was part of ancient Lemuria.
        Very nice to meet you Lily.


  2. Whoa! I love the big synchronicity spider on the web! This post I just read of yours was the 1st I have read. I followed your link through to the early pharoahs as biblical leaders of upper Egypt. I applaud your scholarship and erudition. I must get back and read your articles when I have time, they look fascinating.

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  3. It’s a good story or piece of Earthian history which I wouldn’t dispute. However, long before the Anunnaki invasion, bringing in Lilith (Innana?) as the later goddess there was another female rebel in these parts, the demonized Lucifer who dared challenge to enslaving patriarchal power of the Time Lords. She was defeated and “cast to earth.” In the biblical Genesis, chapter one, she is the first “creator”, the one of the “Elohim” who billions of years before Eden and the Anunnaki, had changed the face of Earth while almost completing the final arrangement of this solar system. She was attacked and defeated once again – losing her own world, Tiamat in that war. In all likelihood, Lilith was contacted by Lucifer and instructed, thus gaining much knowledge and power. As I said, all a very long time ago, but a history that will eventually cycle back to us in the changes ahead.

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    1. The truth will definitely come out in the changes ahead. I can only go by what’s in the texts. I don’t have the vision that you have, so that is all very interesting to me. My gift is trying to put the pieces together.


  4. Sometimes bits and pieces of vision work can fall into textual gaps and bring more understanding of the endless “Why?” questions we carry in our minds. Like yourself, I can’t abide the secrecy, the not knowing. If it means literally going into hell to find out the truth about such an abode’s existence, then so be it. When we discover that “something” is real, we also discover and expose the powers that operate that sort of reality, even if it is only a very powerful, very convincing illusion. I think Dorothy would agree on that, eh? 🙂

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      1. You’re welcome. Yes, I have been doing so much work with Black Moon Lilith in astrological chart readings, as I find her so key for healing all manner of health and soul issues. Of course, you also know how much I love Dion Fortune’s book Moon Magic, as well as Sea Priestess, both with Lilith themes. 🙂

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      2. There is so much more to her. She should be used for healing. I found it very interesting that Dion uses Lilith Le Fey. A term used with the Tuatha De Danann. She takes it a step further in Sea Princess and connects it to Atlantis. Love those books too. 😊

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      3. Dion Fortune was really into the Fae and the Arthurian legends. She did some channeled work, which is kind of a slog to get through in terms of style, but the material is very interesting!

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  5. Wow, this lines up perfectly with some other puzzle pieces I’ve discovered in my research for the truth of the human race. I knew about the Atlantis and Lemurian stories and such, some involving Mars as well, some not. I’ve been stuck on the Holy grail or Sangreal. This sacred blood runs through veins today. This I know to be true. I also know I descend from some people believed to be very much in the Sangreal. I know this planet and our race have no chance for survival as long as the sacred feminine is ignored and pretty much non existent today. We will not survive without the true Matriarch being fully restored and this world needs a lot of work to accomplish that. Also being the mother of a crystal child, my hope is high…..I was told I’m from the divine realm by a medium, and am also an empath. So I do what I can to spread the word of this path we should be taking…..or trying to take to rebalance our race and this planet. Great information in this posting….I can feel the truth and more pieces of the bigger picture coming together. I can truly feel it. Thank you so much.

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    1. You are welcome Lindsay. It is time for the sacred feminine to take her power back….and it is coming. As we go into the age of Aquarius the collective psyche will change. We won’t be around to see it, but we will see the changes. I personally am going to enjoy the show. Thank you for helping plant the seeds for future generations and to bring back balance. The number one problem I have is trying to get females to know they are a Goddess. They jokingly say “I like that thought”, but they don’t really feel it or know it. Men laugh at the sacred feminine because they don’t understand it. Thank you for such a great comment. Feel free to input what you have learned on any of my post or ask any questions. I will do my best to answer them for you.

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  6. Lilith is Adams plural wife who’s been hidden from history.

    The aliens are fallen angels who mated with mankind and dammed themselves.

    Lucifer relies on lies and deceptions to influence man.

    Our creator relies on truth and free agency. He will not force us to live with Him in Heaven. It is our choice to choose Him or the accuser and deceiver lucifer.

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  7. I’ve always been curious after hearing the nasty “patriarchal ” stories of Lilith when young- I was always smart enough to know though if the “church” were trying to portray her in such a vile way then she must be powerful & a threat to their hold on power & control, I gave my beautiful daughter the name of Lilli 21 years ago and she embodies it completely- she taught me how to love myself…

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    1. I love that name! I have a couple of girls who play for me on my soccer team named Lilly and Lilli. They are so full of energy and passion. I will call them Lilith sometimes and it puts a huge smile on their face.
      The spirit of Lilith is in a few of the younger generations. I can see it. Hopefully they can teach us all how to love ourselves.

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  8. Guys….I only recently found this article in search of why I call myself Lilith on tiktok. Ummm…
    Why is every day getting more crazy? Past lives are a thing, inner truth, history, evil to good, some of us are bright stars. I understand egos and free will powers get in the way of truth, however, hear me out…I may be what everybody is looking for.

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