I have had several emails referring to my last post. The questions are asking, “How can you say what we are here to do is grow?” I’m going to get very deep on this post, so if I give you a headache for the New Year, I’m sorry. I admit, this post will not be understood by many. Hell, most of my writings are understood by very few and this one will be understood by even fewer. We are not here to bow down to some bearded man who wants to be praised all the time or to consume as much as possible and who ever has the most when they die wins.As I have always said, we have to look to nature for the answers. The Law of Conservation of Energy states that energy can never be created or destroyed; It can only change form. You have always been in the Universe and always will be here. It is why most of us can’t remember anything from previous lives, so you don’t go static. Matter and consciousness are indestructible. When we die, our atoms simply return to the earth and change form. Our soul, spirit, consciousness, divineness or whatever you want to call it, returns to the whole of the Universe. I’ve stated in previous posts that all you have to do is look at the water cycle to see how this works. This brings into question, “What is the human soul?”

The soul is spirit, nature univesal mind or the divine spark in yourself. It is not something you own, but an expression of you. The soul is not a possession nor thing, nor a constant or fixed entity. The soul or spirit is always changing, growing and evolving. It is nature. The soul is the individualized aspect of Spirit or Nature. Therefor it is different in everyone and expresses itself uniquely through everyone and everything. What would be the purpose of putting the spirit into an egotistical brain? As I have shown, the spirit, soul, nature or the divine is feminine. The ego or conscious is masculine. You need both masculine and feminine to not only create life, but to grow.

I have been accused by more than one theologian that I am worshipping myself. First of all, I don’t worship anything.  My response is that they are closer to worshipping themselves than I am to worshipping myself. That response is always lost to their feeble minds. In worshipping a bearded man, they are worshipping the masculine egotistical mind. This is why their God always wants praised, rewards and punishes, he is jealous and proud of it, a control freak, unjust, petty, misogynist, homophobic, racist, blood thirsty, infantile and a genocidal bully. And he loves money, lets not forget money. He is everything the egotistical human is or has become. The people of this world is everything this god is. When you worship him you are worshipping everything about the ego mind. And we wonder why the world is the way it is. Science does not get a reprieve because most mainstream scientists are like that too. Religion and Science are different degrees of the same thing.

Just as the acorn has the whole oak tree inside it, you have the universe inside you. The body and soul are not separate, they function as a single entity. The relationship between body and soul is intimate. Your thoughts effect your body. The body is part of our personality. We would have no self-identity without a physical body. The body is part of our personality. We only recognize others because they are expressing themselves through another physical form. If there wasn’t a physical form there would be no personality. The physical body is born, but the soul always was and will be. It is not a fixed state of being, but a state of becoming. It is not something that leaps into a baby’s body but something that emerges and matures. In a baby you could say it is pure spirit. Because we have no memory when we come here, we forget who we are from cradle to grave. From the time we are born we are put into the egotistical mind with heavy chains.

If you want to say a soul is born, it is born the day it remembers it is the divine spark of the Universe. As you grow the Universe grows. I believe this is why it is not in the best interest of the world to let people grow. Everything about this world is to shackle ones mind from growing. The more people who grow the more Spirit and Nature grow. The more your mind grows the more The Mind grows. This is why it is all over the ancient texts that if you want to change the world you have to change yourself first. As your masculine mind works with or for the feminine, growth is assured in you individually and in the universe. This world is full of people in the ego mind-set. They are entirely polarized people who are very reactive. They have very little free will because they give programmed responses to their environmental stimuli without thinking or reasoning about their reactions. They are organic robots. Sometimes their Higher Self, which is always striving towards expansion and growth, has to totally disrupt their limited lives in order for them to grow. I call it the 2X4 across the face. There is no growth in stagnation(see The Dead Marshes).

I’ve had people who know me ask me, “Are you not scared that they will kill you like they killed John Lennon or others who have given the truth?” My answer is they killed Lennon because he was so popular, he would have caused a massive awakening. The rulers of this world know they have created a world of disordered minds. To an awake person this place is hell. In an insane world, a sane person will seem insane. What fun would it be to kill me? I have read in several ancient texts that once an enlightened soul’s body dies, the evolutionary process of the universe accelerates. That is why they do not want a mass awakening. My insane writings are far from causing a mass awakening.

This is why I say the great task of our lives is to grow. Learn new things because there is nothing you can not learn. As you grow, the universe grows. As you become better, the world becomes better. Become aware we are part of the infinite and to express this awareness through our personalities. It is only when you have the masculine mind work with the feminine mind that you become awakened. It is then you change from a robot to a soul. The soul is born.  When this happens, you will understand synchronicity.  Just like a bird can not fly with one wing, a soul can not grow only being in the masculine or feminine. It takes both to fly.  Many historians think the ancients were obsessed with sex. No, they were trying to show us how to create and grow with using both masculine and feminine energies.

Happy New Year!  Wishing all an enlightened 2018.

13 thoughts on “Soul”

  1. Hi I would just like to say thank you so much for this post. I am so glad of the points you have just covered and for explaining them in a way that is understanding. I’m so pleased I happened to come across this website. A lot of people have distorted the view of this world, but you speak many truths and I am looking forward to learning more from you and reading more of your posts.

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  2. Thanks to HazyDays, I was reminded I hadn’t commented on this very excellent post.
    Quote: “As you become better, the world becomes better. ” If I were asked to state my own purpose for living, I could not say it better than that. Thank you, GS.

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