The Mind


When you look out into the night sky, the forest, city streets, across a lake or anywhere else, you are seeing your mind. The mind is not the brain. The brain is just the receiver. Because this receiver sees in poles or duality we see everything as something or nothing. We always see what is there, but never think about what is not there. How can you know what is there without the contrast of what is not there?

Our eyes can only see a certain spectrum of light and vibration. If something is beyond that spectrum or vibration, we can’t see it and we call it nothing or space. There is nowhere in the universe that vibration isn’t happening, so if you could see all the vibrations or light there would be no contrast. You couldn’t see what you see, everything would be jumbled together. In order for you to write on a piece of paper the page has to be blank, so you can see the words you wrote. Our attention is only on the written word, so you don’t see the paper. Just as I type on this computer, the words appear because of the blank screen behind the letters. But you are not reading the blank screen behind the letters, you are reading the letters. So we see the tree, but don’t see the air or blank space around it. This is because we are in the masculine mindset. The flashlight ego consciousness.

You must realize that when you explore the world, you are exploring your mind. When we explore space, we are exploring our minds. Space is not the final frontier, it is our mind. All the empty space everywhere is the power of your mind. Space and material are the same thing. It is just presenting itself in two different ways. They are different poles of the same thing. You can’t recognize what is there without having what is not there. Nothing is just lack of stimulation to whatever is perceiving it. It is not ‘nothing’ we are moving around in. It is our mind. Our world is not an illusion. The Hindu call it Maya and one of the many meanings of Maya is Magic. It was translated as illusion because that is one of the meanings, but the western world thinks badly about illusions. This is called pesher. I have shown how pesher works in previous posts. Our world, our universe, is our mind. When you look up at the night sky, you are looking into the depths of your mind. When you are immersed in what is there, you don’t pay attention to what is not there. Tarot and astrology are ways to understand our own minds.

The universe is mental. You are a brain looking at itself. Everything is your mind. If you are healthy, you don’t notice your body. You only notice it when it’s not healthy. You don’t notice your eyes unless you have trouble seeing. The only time most people notice the weather is when it is bad. In the same way you don’t notice your ego unless your receiver, the brain, is acting up. This is why the ancients knew conflict and pain were good(see What is Enlightenment?).  In the same way your Higher Self has you live many lives in order to keep you, and ultimately the universe, from going static, conflict is brought into your mind and world to keep you from stalemating. When you understand this, you don’t believe in a Higher Self, you know you are your Higher Self. Either you know it or you don’t. If you know it, your Higher Self and the ego work together(see Lemniscate). You don’t believe in the illusions of this world.

God’s mind is your mind, just divided into many drops, per se. Just as nature has the water cycle of drops falling then returning to the whole, we go into many lives and return to the whole. The Synchronicity I write about is your own Higher Self communicating to you, so it is the Universe communicating to you, and so it is your own mind communicating to you. As above, so below. No one really understands the meaning of this maxim. There are no degrees of separation between you and the universe. The same forces that keep the planets in motion also keep the atoms in you and your environment in motion. Everything has a vibration and a consciousness. You did not come into this world, you came out of it. Everything in the Universe is electromagnetic. It is a subconscious energy. The subconscious energy is programmable. This is why you can charge things like crystals, charms, amulets or other objects. You are charging the consciousness of that object.

I’m not the only one that has touched one this subject. The great Alan Watts was big on this too. This is how the Native Americans knew we are all one. The same force that is powering the sun, other people and everything else is this subconscious energy. Your brain is able to process this energy to think like a human. Descartes had it backwards. It is I am therefore I think. A dog thinks like a dog, a cat like a cat, bird like a bird, ant like an ant, and so on. But it is all the same subconscious energy. Once you understand this and Synchronicity, you will understand nature spirits and faeries so much better. You will also have a new found respect for other people, animals and everything else. There are no degrees of separation between you and everything in your environment or the universe. It is all one. As above, so below.

People who pray to a false god are sending their intentions way out there to who knows where. Your mind(the universe) is probably endless. They wonder why it takes so long to get a response. Understand that this power is omnipresent. It is everywhere. “Know thyself!” You are better off praying to your dog or cat. I believe this is why the ancients prayed to the planets and made them Gods and Goddesses. It was a ways up there, but not on the other side of the universe or make-believe. Plus they knew the planets have an awesome amount of subconscious energy. The sun is pure electromagnetic subconscious energy. It is why Solar worship is the king. Christianity is solar worship, but you are not supposed to know that.

Once you are in tune with this or change your perspective coincidental things and synchronicity will start to happen more. Don’t think your house is haunted or you are going crazy. Your subconscious is trying to get a message to you. Once you get real good at it, you wont need rituals or divinations tools. Your environment will speak to you. These forces are all around you. They are everywhere. You are not separate from this divine force, your are it. It is our brains that create the illusion that we are separate. It is only different in your mind. You can call upon the forces of the Planets above or call upon the forces of the atoms below. As above, so below. The energies are all the same. We are all made of the same energies.

Planets above, atoms below and we are in Middle Earth. This is exactly what Tolkien was conveying in Lord of the Rings.


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