Carl Jung coined the concept synchronicity. It basically meant events are “meaningful coincidences” if they occur with no casual relationship yet seem to be meaningfully related. In Magic, synchronicity is your subconscious communicating with you. It is your Higher Self giving you a message. Because of our ego consciousness, we don’t notice the messages. Once you expand your field of vision, you will see these messages. Synchronicity links us to the unknown and weaves us into it.

You have to realize that there is a constant dance with yourself and your Higher Self. Synchronicity happens to everyone. Witches and Wizards are constantly aware of this. They know things you want just don’t appear right before your eyes. They realize you have to look for the opportunities to act on to get what you want. Your Higher Self brings it to you in steps. It is up to the individual to put the masculine force to work and act on it. For this reason, synchronicity is easily seen for them. It is all about an open communication with your subconscious and Higher Self(see Higher Self). When you get good at synchronicity, it is like having your own GPS in your head. Your Higher Self will send you the signs to show you the best course of what you want. If you follow that flow, you get where you want easily. Don’t follow the signs and the road becomes harder and longer or you end up at a dead-end. Let your own intuition lead you. Once you can see the signs, have the courage to follow them.

I have heard synchronicity called a wink from the universe. I would take it a step further and call it a wink from your Higher Self. Your Higher Self will try to lead you or let you know you are on the right path. One example of me personally, I was in a hurry to get to work. Maybe a tad late, but not too late. A taxi cab got in front of me and was going very slow. I became impatient and at the first chance I sped around. Once I got to the parking lot at work, a car pulled out of no where and I had to slam on my brakes so hard I sprained my ankle. I got out and noticed we didn’t actually hit each other, but I couldn’t wedge my finger between the two cars. That is how close it was. We went on our way. I parked the car and started walking in. Then it hit me. If I would have just been patient with the cab, that car never would have pulled out in front of me. Talk about a moment of realization. From that moment on, I knew the signs from the Higher Self were real. Seeing the signs transfers into knowing.

Synchronicity will be given to you several ways. Your Higher Self will use everything. If you don’t get the message it will try another way. Sooner or later you either get it or you get what I call a 2X4 across the face. Most people get the 2X4 across the face at around age 40. We call it the mid-life crisis. It is actually your creative-sexual energy being redirected. This is why most men don’t do anything with their life until after the age of 40. Before that all they want is sex, sports, food and more sex. Women usually are more in tune with themselves, but they are not immune to the 2X4. The 2X4’s don’t happen as often if you are on your path.

Synchronicity can be as simple as seeing numbers that mean something to you or as big as someone giving you straight out advice that you thought you would never hear from them. You have to realize that everything is a constant interaction with your Higher Self. As without, so within. As within, so without. Everything outside of you is whats going on inside. Everything being communicated is signs about the path you are taking. Become aware of everything going on around you. I’m trying to figure out how to explain it in another post, but your surroundings is your subconscious. It is your mind. Once you get out of the ego and start using your subconscious, you will become aware of your surroundings. Ego is a flashlight consciousness. A limited beam. The subconscious is the sun itself. That is the difference.

Nature will speak to you. I was questioning myself about doing all this work alone. How can everyone think I’m crazy, but I still be right about my work, I wondered. I went for a walk while I was pondering and out of nowhere an eagle lands on a tree limb near me. Looking down and whistling at me, I got the message. Eagles are very rare where in my location. This was actually the first time I ever saw an eagle in the wild and it was paying attention to me. Eagles are very much loners and they are rare. I couldn’t have gotten a louder message.
Create knowledge from within. You can look up what signs and numbers mean on the internet, but figure out what they mean to you. If you see something that means something to you or you hear something, focus on what you were thinking about in that moment. See what your reflection is telling you. It is a reflection. What do you constantly see? What patterns are happening before you? That is what is going on inside you. Everything has a deep meaning if you are aware. Synchronicity is just the surface. Wind is a response to your thoughts. There is a reason that alchemy and the occult use the elements for their symbols. Just as I write this the clock says 1:11. Read the signs around you. Become aware of whats going on in front of you, but realize it is a response or reaction to whats going on inside of you.

There is no better teacher than your own Higher Self. When you are with people or interacting with people, pay attention because it is often influenced by your Higher Self. How do animals interact with you? The way animals react to you tells you whether you are in tune with the natural frequency which they can harmonize with. I have animals coming up to me all the time. Deer come out of the brush and woods and show me their presence(the picture above is the one I have named Ragnar), birds fly along side of me as if to say hello and the neighborhood cats and dogs love to get my attention.

When something stands out to you, take note of it. Try to remember what you were or are thinking about at the moment. I’m sure you could think of a few strange coincidences that have happen to you that you could connect to other things. Once you realize the meaning behind the synchronicity, it will remain with you. Reflect on the synchronicity in the external environment. Use it as a mirror to align yourself with your Higher Self. I can not stress the importance of quieting the ego. That is the key to listening to your Higher Self. Do not see this as something outside of you happening. It is you and you only. Not some god bringing you opportunities. We create our destiny and it unfolds right in front of us. Synchronicity helps you work towards the destiny you want. The ancient Chinese were all about the science of meaningful coincidences. They did not ask what causes what, rather what ‘likes’ to occur with what.
As Carl Jung said:

“Synchronicity is an ever-present reality for those who have eyes to see it.”

28 thoughts on “Synchronicity”

  1. Had plenty of synchronicity in my life… Always listened to the message. Some big, and life changing, others small, but important nevertheless.

    A moment of true clarity for me came in Spring of 1999. I was driving home from a meditation group and suddenly became aware of myself in the plants and trees along my route. It was the first time that I had connected so much that I felt ‘me’ in everything else. That has never left me… Every moment of life has connection and synchronicity. I have learned that if something gets in my way…it is not meant to be and to let it go. Life is much easier when the fretting goes away!😊

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      1. Thanks. It really is awsome to feel what a tree feels or a blade of grass… If we are everything, then everything is us. It makes sense of all the native traditions that honour the spirits within every living thing. For they are our ancestors and they are us. Connection is understanding that everything we do will affect other living things simultaneously.❤

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      2. It does make sense, but we in the west have severed that connection. I don’t know if the human race will ever get that connection back as a whole. The ignorance is just to rampant. We fear our true connection to the divine and love the comfort of a bearded man taking care of everything. This time of year when people tell me Merry Christmas, it serves as a reminder of what ignorance has done to this world. Knowing awake people like you and others on my site give me hope. ❤️

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  2. Thank you for this information. It is very interesting. Yesterday I had this sudden realization about the meaning of synchronicity and I had to look it up.

    This post is interesting connection with one of your other posts about City / Cteis. Is this the reason we write in English language “place before time”. It is an indirect reference to something higher.

    Am I correct Synchronicity is based on 3 words?
    1. Synch = inline or in harmony with
    2. Chroni / Chrono = time (Father Time … male)
    3. City = place (mother earth …), cteis = vigina / female

    So in essence be in harmony with M/F energy, but female energy must be leading. I have heard this quite often especially referring to time / space reality. And after some searching I did found that Father Time and Mother Earth are married. Which somehow confirms my assumption above, but I might be off.

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    1. You are welcome. You are not off. You understand it perfectly. Balance and harmony of the energies is the key.
      You are also correct with the three words of synchronicity. It takes the balance of the male and female energies to have synchronicity.
      Thank you for such a great comment. 😊


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