Born Again

This post is going to show how religion is some serious dark sorcery. They know how to play with a weak mind and get someone to give them control. In the previous post I showed how everything is a circuit. You have to keep the circuits flowing in order to keep your life flowing. Emotions do not flow in our world they are held in. Guilt, shame and traumatic events usually are the cause of emotional blockages. Everyone who is not a Witch or Wizard has an emotional blockage. I’m about to show you how religions play on this to convert people.This world is all about making people fill guilty and shaming them for being different. Then they tell people if you show any emotion other than happiness, you are weak. We are all a bunch of smiling depressives. Let all your emotions come and go like weather, don’t hold them in. If your emotions get clogged they will stagnate. What happens to stagnate water. It stinks. If you have an emotional blockage your personality will stink. We can not operate properly with an emotional blockage. Yet another reason why the world is so screwed up. When you remove an emotional blockage, you will be on cloud nine after it is released. You will feel better than you have your entire life. You will be like the pot smoker from the sixties, “Peace and love man, make love not war”. You will love everyone, even your worst enemy. You will feel renewed to the millionth degree. This is being Born Again. Water is the element that corresponds with emotions. When you release an emotional block you will release water or tears. Usually uncontrollable crying. Once the emotional blockage is released, you will have an indescribable sense of peace, joy and love. You just cleaned out you emotional center. All the garbage was flushed out.

The key to releasing an emotional blockage is forgiveness. You must forgive yourself. Quit blaming others, take responsibility for your actions and forgive yourself. Whatever it is you need to forgive yourself for, do it. When you have forgiven yourself you will forgive others too. It does not matter what you have done, forgive yourself. Then quit doing it or at least do it less often. This world is all lies. It wears a thousand faces. Nothing but broken mirrors on the walls, floor and ceiling. Guilt is the most destructive emotion and religions use it to their benefit. Forgive and forget. It is the same because once you truly forgive yourself, you will forget about it. Forgetting about it means you let go of it. Just like when I told you to ‘set it and forget it’ in your magic. It is the same principle. When you release it, you wont care about it anymore. Consciously you can forgive yourself, but subconsciously you have to forgive yourself. The subconscious is the emotional side of the mind.

You must realize your mind has not been your own. I get a lot of flack about this, but it is true. We have been programmed since the day we were born. You were programmed as child by your parents and teachers. They put their values and beliefs in your mind. You have watched television most of your life. All the subliminal messages that go on in movies and commercials have planted things in your mind. The education system has indoctrinated you. Religion has performed rituals, probably every week to get their programming into your subconscious. Whatever is programmed into the subconscious will rule your world. We have been programmed to believe that grown men don’t cry, men are the ones with the worst emotional blockages.

Here is how religion takes advantage of all the emotional blockages. I’m going to pick on Christianity  here because they are the main culprits of using this sorcery. Priests will tell someone Jesus loves them, wants to save them and they will be forgiven. All they have to do is accept Jesus in to their heart as their savior. Once they do that, their sins will be washed away. This sorcery is what gives the person permission to release that emotional blockage. Jesus has just forgave them, so he gives them permission to forgive themselves. This works with any cult or religion. They could start a cult of the Swedish Chef and this would work. Whatever assists a person to release an emotional blockage is a great thing. The problem is they associate this overwhelming feeling of love and peace with Jesus. When it is just a trick of the mind. They are also told this being saved is permanent. Once you are born again and saved, you are always saved. Everything will be perfect from then on. This is just another religious lie. Emotional blockages can and will happen again. But since the person is born again and is saved by Jesus, it must be the other person’s fault. So they start blaming and shaming others and making them feel guilty. It is a vicious cycle.

The overwhelming feeling that the person gets when releasing an emotional blockage is very real. When religions get them to release it, the person thinks that it had to be Jesus touching me or the Swedish Chef. There is no question in that person’s mind because their experience was totally real, so this religion has to be real. Pass the collection plate, we take visa, mastercard and american express. This is why they created the lie of Jesus dying on the cross for your sins. It is all about getting you to have the experience of breaking an emotional blockage and thinking that Jesus was responsible for you feeling that way. They have created the ultimate plumbing snake to unclog your blockage. If someone or some religion gets a person to release an emotional blockage, the experience is so powerful they will have a follower for life. Someone who is willing to die for the belief. A fanatic.

Emotional releases are a life changing experience. Don’t attach them to anything else but yourself. Do not attach the feelings and experience to something outside of yourself. Forgive yourself and let things go. Whatever you are carrying around with you or whatever someone has done to you, let it go, forgive yourself and forget it. Everything is a circuit and if you block the output, you will back up. This is very well-known with government and media too. They know if they can get an emotional reaction deep enough to make the water flow, they have you. Witches and Wizards understand how emotions help the programing, so they are in charge of their own emotions.

Watch the video to see one way this sorcery is done. Derren Brown is a great magician. It is people like him that give me hope for this world. He is a master at NLP. The technique he is using is called setting anchors. It is well-known all people have anchors. An anchor is something you associate with an event that happen to you with a strong emotion. Just as an example, let’s say your first kiss. This may have had a song attached because it could have happened at a dance. Whenever you hear that song for the rest of your life, it will bring back the emotions of that moment. That is an anchor. It is why commercials will have music to them. They are hoping to tie their product to your anchor. Anchors and beliefs are used to manipulate the hell out of us. There is a reason he had this conversation with her in a church. Mix his technique with all the symbols and it becomes very powerful. Until one understands how easy it is for one’s mind to be manipulated, they will remain a puppet of someone else’s show.  You need to discover things on your own. That way you will not attach the emotions of waking up to something outside yourself. We have a tendency to attach ourself to anything but our own personal power. Attach it to yourself and be Born Again to yourself. We are who we have been waiting for.

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