Circular Flow

Circular Flow is the flow of your own personal circuit. It is what the ancients were trying to tell us with the Ouroboros. I have shown you that everything is a circuit. What goes in, must come out. What goes out will come back. Your vibration is a circuit. The connection to your Higher Self is a circuit. Everyone has heard of the Circle of Life, business cycle and the moon waxing and waning, but they don’t pay attention to their own circuit. Most of people’s problems come from the imbalance of the flow of their own personal circuits.

Everything in your life is a circuit. It is just like your finances. If you have too much going out and not enough coming in, you run lean. If you have to much coming in and not enough going out, you get blockages. When I started down the path of ‘waking up’, I was keeping all the information in my head. I don’t suggest doing that. I was having major mental blockages. When I found Magic, it was suggested to me to start keeping a journal. Didn’t have to be a journal, just something to start the outflow. This started the flow and freed space up in my head to receive more information. I went back to all my favorite books and realized my mind only caught a fraction of what I was reading because it was so full of information. I had a blockage. By putting in down on my computer I was freeing space up in my mind to receive more information. I often joke that if the Vatican ever gets a hold of my computer, it will be the destroying of Alexandria all over again.

I have told you to find a hobby that you love to do. Once you connect your conscious mind with the subconscious, info that you want will start to come in. As long as you have quieted the conscious mind, the ego, the subconscious will speak to you. Other times it will bring the information to you, like books, websites or other people. To much information to quickly will jumble and clutter the mind. If you are reading my post one after another, you need to have an appropriate outlet to help you process it. I personally ride a bike, learn guitar and tinker with an old car. All of them I love doing. You could do music, art or poetry. Anything you choose, anything to keep your mind occupied. I find writing the info down helps my mind process the info faster. If I am on my bike ride, once I get back I write down what came in. If I am doing anything else, I stop what I’m doing and write it down. Kinda like people write things down about a dream after they wake up. It is the same thing. The conscious mind is forgetful. Just like if you don’t write a dream down and you forget it, the info coming in may be forgotten.

I showed in Force and Form that your sexual energy is your creative life force. This force is also connected to willpower, energy, motivation and drive. If you are expending too much creative sexual energy without having an input to recharge, you will also expend your will power, energy, motivation and drive. To little output will give you a creative block. Ever have so much energy pinned up that you get cranky. I believe most of us in the west know it as cabin fever. Everyone’s drive is different. You need to figure out what flow is perfect for you. Your body and mind will be at ease once you find your flow.

Everyone has emotional blockages. We hold our emotions in. Very few will let their emotions flow. I always tell you to let your emotions come and go like the weather. In Alchemy the sign for emotion is water. When you hold your emotions in, you clog the drain. Emotional blockages can be very damaging. The only way to release an emotional blockage is to let the water flow, literally. You will find yourself unable to quit crying, but once it is released you will feel like a new person. Remember in a previous post I said that when I met the Goddess I couldn’t quit crying and wondered what the hell was wrong with me. I had kept the deep guilt of knowing that religion was wrong and patriarchy was a sham, but I went along to get along. I wasn’t in line with my Higher Self. When I was shown the truth and forgave myself for living a lie, the blockage was broken and the water flowed. When you have an emotional blockage, your whole demeanor and attitude stink. When you eliminate an emotional blockage you won’t be able to stop crying. Releasing emotional blockages is one way religions have so much control over the masses. I will have a post on this later(see Born Again).

Once you understand how this circuit works you will not only understand yourself, but it will help you understand others. What people talk about and express with others is what they continually feed their mind. It is why most guys can only talk about sports. I have a friend that all he does is listen to Fox news all day and no matter how far the conversation is away from politics, he always ends up talking about politics. That is about the time I walk out on him. I have another friend who all she does is look at conspiracy websites. That is all she talks about. Needless to say, I avoid these two as much as possible. Observe yourself and see how you are expressing yourself. What do you talk about or if you write, what are you writing about? That is the loop finding a way out to complete the circuit. This is another reason to do what you love, so you can express what you love. When someone comes to you and they want to gossip, talk politics, religion or other garbage, understand they can’t help it. It is in everyone’s face all the time. What goes in has to come out. When you talk about what has been put into your mind, it reinforces the loop because what you put out comes back.

What you put out comes back to you. This is where the confusion with Karma in the new age comes from. To see what Karma really is, read my Karma and Dharma post. It is like the new age just took from magic what sounded good and left the rest out. What goes around comes around is not Karma, it is the circuit or the Ouroboros. When you start something, you become the source it has to return to, so it can complete the circuit. Ever wonder why rich people give away obscene amounts of money. They are starting the circuit and freeing up room to receive more. Give to anything you believe in. Even giving extra money to a server at a restaurant works. I try to give to small local charities because the big ones are just as corrupt as religions and huge corporations. Make up your own mind and give to what you believe in, just give. Generosity and gratitude promotes growth.

Establish an even flow of the circuit for yourself in everything you do. Get yourself back in balance. Just try to do it gradually. When a cold front hits a warm front, you get violent storms. It is no different for you. Gradually get yourself back to balance. Acclimate yourself. Regulate your input and output to what works for you. I used money as an example but the circuit works on everything. Lets look at what is going on in Hollywood and the Government with the sexual harassment. This idiots started the loop when they began treating people the way they have. The circuit is returning to close the loop. I hope they are feeling the way they made their victims feel. Knowing the power of this circuit will give you so much power as an individual. I give knowledge knowing I am starting a loop that will bring me more knowledge. In no way am I losing the knowledge that I’m giving you, but the knowledge I gain is priceless. By empowering others you empower yourself. Spread rumors about people and you disempower yourself.

Your thoughts and actions create your reality. Everything is energy, your thoughts begin it, your emotions amplify it, and your actions increase the momentum. What you frequently put in your mind is your frequency. What you put in your mind has to come out. Want to change your life, change your frequency. Change your frequency by changing what you put in your mind. By changing what you put in your mind, you will change what you put out there.


As Albert Einstein said:

“Everything is energy . Match the frequency of the reality you want and you cannot help but get that reality. It can be no other way. This is not philosophy. This is physics.”


24 thoughts on “Circular Flow”

  1. I guess I’ve lived most of my life striving to live as you describe, so all you have written is completely sensible. I forget, though, that there are a lot of people who do not understand, so that is where your gift–distilling and posting the information–is a form of giving back and helping others. Great post!

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      1. The problem is that “magic” is a compromised term now, almost useless in serious exchange with anyone. It probably works better if it is spelled the old way, “magick”. When I engage the concepts of “Ourobouros” and the lemniscate or infinity symbol, I like to think that the “O” is more of a universal kind of repetition whereas the infinity symbol, to me, represents the cosmos, and is ever expanding… 🙂

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      2. The old way is magic. Crowley was the one that added the k to differentiate between the stage magician and a magical person. I’m bringing it back to its roots. Where it belongs. Stage people are illusionist, not magicians.

        If every picture is worth a thousand words, then every symbol is worth a thousand pictures. That’s the power of the symbol. 😉


  2. Excellent, just the post I needed to read today. I am in the process of clearing out items from a past undertaking that no longer serve me anymore. I took the items to a place where they will be put to excellent use. Still have more items to clear out – many more items will be donated, a few things I will sell online. I feel my mind and spirit clearing in the process. What a liberation! The advice in this article is spot on as well :-)) Your conscious expanding writings are amazing. Thank you!

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      1. Would you mind making an article speaking more about meditation if you don’t mind .. or of you have one already that’s speaking of it could you share the link. I interested in learning more on the meditation subject and it’s orgins

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      2. It is believed that meditation originated in the east with Hinduism, Taoism and Buddhism, but it comes from Ancient Egypt. All of the worlds religions come from ancient Egypt. I mention meditation in several posts, but have not done a post about meditation itself. I will see what I can find for you. 😉


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