The Flow State



I talk about being in the Flow State and how magic can put you in the flow state, but what really is the Flow State? The Flow State is what happens when you are not thinking about the past, you are not thinking ahead, you are just thinking about what is in front of you each second. Not thinking with words, just being in the moment. If you are walking in a park and you see a beautiful tree for the first time, don’t think “Wow that is beautiful!”. You just see it and enjoy it for the beauty that it is. When you are in Flow State you are in a moving meditation, meaning your mind is silent.

When you are in the Flow State, you know instinctively what to do. You have a trust in knowing what to do and who you are. All the hours you have put in to what you love to do have led you to this. It does not matter if it is sports, cooking, sewing, painting, playing an instrument, video games, writing, any craft, etc., all will put you in a state of flow where the world comes to you effortlessly. How do we get into that flow? In a world with constant stimulation, fear and worry that keeps you always in the past or future and never in the moment, how can we enter flow? Being in the moment is the key. You have to forget about everything else and not think, silence that voice in your head. You even have to forget about what you are doing and know you can do it, believe you can do it. When you just trust who you are with not just confidence, supreme confidence, in who you already are and what you can do, you tap into the God-mode or Goddess-mode. Your techniques, your movements and your understandings will come to you naturally.

When it comes to performing in front of people, not matter what it is, anxiety, depression, and our thoughts can get in the way. How do we get out of our own way? As I have said from the beginning, you have to be comfortable with being alone. You must silence that voice in your head. Mastering the exercise of accepting and rejecting thoughts will help, but take it a step further. Get out in nature alone and close your eyes. Try to eliminate all thoughts. Any and every thought. I say thoughts because our thoughts are words. If any images come in, let them flow. I found the easiest way was to listen to my own breathing. If any emotions show up, let them come and go like weather. Just let them flow. As you listen to your breathing, you will start to hear the birds singing, animals scurrying, wind blowing and all sounds of nature. Open your eyes and look at the environment without judging it. Sit in awe, silently, of the beauty that surrounds you. Don’t say in your head “OMG this is beautiful! Everything is gorgeous!” Don’t say anything in your mind. Don’t appreciate it with language. Just let it flow naturally. No matter what language you speak, get it out of your head. Look at it like a child in amazement. Children are in constant awe and flow, but over time we make them focus on other things. That flow state dissipates and the voices in the head take over. Children have so much energy because they don’t think, they just use their imagination and do it. They Flow.

When you get into God-mode or Goddess-mode, you are not focused on the technique. You are not judging yourself. It will all come naturally. You will have no idea what is happening, it will just happen. When elite dancers or athletes are performing, they are not thinking about it. They have no thoughts running through their head. They are just doing what the moment calls for naturally. Their mind knows exactly what to do, just like nature knows exactly what to do. The person who is thinking about what they are doing may become good, but they will never be great. The moment you think about what you are doing, you tie your mind down. You can never have flow in the ego. You have to be in the moment and have absolute belief in yourself. This is why I go on and on about the power of you, the individual and loving yourself. When and if you ever hit the flow state you will know you are a Goddess or God.

You are not your thoughts, you never were your thoughts. Your thoughts were put in your head by someone other than yourself. Turn your conscious mind off and you will find out who you actually are. Everything I am showing you in magic is about turning the voice off in your head and becoming confident in yourself and your abilities. I can not over emphasize trusting yourself once you start down the road of Magic. Don’t be afraid, accept your decisions, do not judge yourself and accept what you do will be right. Quit trying to be perfect. Know that you are perfect. Trying to be perfect means you are comparing yourself to someone else. When you start doing what you love and have refined it by doing it again and again, it will come out perfect. Like a beautiful ballet, symphony, artwork or acting performance, what ever you are doing will be perfect. Does not matter what it is, it could be cooking, biking, playing sports, working on a car, painting, etc. It will be perfect.

If you are reacting to your environment, you are polarized.  By not being polarized you don’t react, you respond. This is what Bruce Lee meant by “Be like water”. Water is soft and subtle not hard and rigid. When the river is dammed, it will find away around, you can not stop the river from flowing. The moment you consciously think about something, your done. Don’t think, do. The hardest part about putting my inspiration down in writing is thinking about it. When I get inspiration throughout the day, I write it down immediately. Yes I keep a note pad with me. The moment I try to take those thoughts and think about how I can put them in my writing, it’s over. I start making it hard on myself. My mind starts telling me it doesn’t make sense or it’s a bad idea. I have learned to write the inspiration down like remembering a dream, they come from the same place, and I do not look at it until I’m done writing a piece. My hardest part is, once I have the idea, I start thinking about how I can present it. At that second I get out of Flow. Just like if a dancer or athlete are thinking about their next move, they get out of Flow.

Ever see in ancient hieroglyphs a spiral. Most will say, “How cute they drew a galaxy”. They may be drawing a galaxy, but as I have shown the All is mind. They are showing you the Flow State. Fibonacci sequence is the Flow State. It is all over nature, including galaxies. Ever see the wind spiral some leaves or a tornado. Wind is thoughts(see Dragon). This is where becoming an Air Bender comes from. Nature is the living Flow State. Once you start thinking, you are out and have to start over. If you have trouble getting stuff done, stop thinking about it and just do it. How you do anything is how you will do everything. Build momentum in the spiral by doing what you love to do. Don’t think about anything, just do it. You will find that you lose track of time because time has no meaning in the Flow State. It will seem like only a couple of minutes have went by, but when you are finished it will have been hours.

You don’t have to be in nature, but it helps. Learn to be comfortable being alone. Quiet that voice in your head. Once you have mastered that, practice doing it while you are walking around. Practice it everywhere. You will find that you will start to hear and see things you never thought you could. What you overhear is more important than what you hear. I will warn you though, it is very addicting. Once you have hit any kind of flow state, you will want it again and again. I hit my first flow state playing sports when I was younger. I kept playing sports just to get it. Magic showed me how to have it without sports. I have to say hitting the flow state in sports is cool, but hitting in while doing regular things is awesome. Let who you are flow naturally. You are a Goddess! You are a God! You might as well get good at being one.

9 thoughts on “The Flow State”

  1. Interesting point of view! I’ve never read an article of yours I disagreed with more than this one, but I’m glad I read it, it shows that however dissimilar in our approach to life, we have a common base – that of self-empowerment.
    Quote: “You are not your thoughts, you never were your thoughts. Your thoughts were put in your head by someone other than yourself.” Perhaps that is true of those who have never truly entered “within” and discovered their own power. I most certainly am my thoughts. I think them, I analyze them and I own them. They are not someone else’s although I can recognize similarities when others express such. The more I search within – and without – the inner and outer cosmos, the more originality I can express to myself. I think my own thoughts, therefore I am self empowered.
    After we have our thoughts, we should, of course, test them. One way is to write them down and study the writing. Another is to go out and experience the results of putting such thoughts in motion. That is what intelligence is all about for me.
    When I think of the condition referred to as “the now” I think of a point of nothingness, a non-existence between what has passed and what is coming. I think of a demarcation line between past and future, that’s all the ‘now’ can be… unless one uses one’s awareness to include all of what is past with all of what is coming and call that the now. Then it makes sense. Otherwise, how can anyone even take one forward step? How does one plan anything? How is any decision made? How is any follow-up possible? Sure, there is flow, but even a river has banks, and must flow from higher to lower, like it or not. What flows before me as I contemplate the river is something that comes from the past, and it flows into the future. For me the now means no flow, just statism, a form of ultimate control coupled with total denial of reality. IMO, of course.

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    1. You have done inner work. Of course your thoughts are yours. When you were deep into religion, were those thoughts yours or were they planted there by someone else? Did you really say to yourself one day, there is a bearded man in charge of everything or was that put in your head by someone else? This post is about getting in the flow state. You are already there. You don’t need the map, so discard it and be yourself. Of course there is a future and a past, but in order to hit the Flow State you can’t worry about either. An athlete, performer and dancer prepares over and over and over again, but if they are thinking while they are performing, they will not hit the flow state. Flow state not escape reality. When I’m in the flow state, there is no time. Time is purely conscious. One can’t stay in the flow state as a human, but can go in and out of it. Ever watched an elite dancer or musician play, do they look they are thinking of the past of future. I personally think they are in the moment, the beautiful moment they are creating. In the Flow State. If they are denying reality, I can’t say.
      A river will flow in the direction of least resistance. There is no resistance in the Flow State. If the flow state is escaping reality, so be it. I guess my writing is denying reality because I usually am in the flow state when I write. No wonder people call me crazy. 😉


      1. Ahhhhhhhhh! When explained this way, it all makes sense to me. For a bit there it seemed as if you were paraphrasing/parroting the self-styled New Age commercial guru from around here, Eckhart Tolle of whom I have no use. My mistake, GS, sorry! I never think of myself as having achieved any particular state, or understanding, that everybody else doesn’t have, though all my life it seems I do that – live in an alternate reality most people just don’t get. I guess one has to put in the work? Well, you would know about that.

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      2. You have reached a state very few will reach. There is nothing to apologize for. I know exactly how you feel.
        New age borrows from magic. Magic does not need to borrow from anything. The flow state is probably where new age got being in the moment. They like to give small pieces of the truth, but don’t tell you that you need to do the work so the magic can happen. Kinda like their law of attraction. They will tell people to sit and visualize all day, use the feminine energy. They don’t tell people they have to use the masculine energy, which means going out and doing it, to actually get what they want. They borrowed the visualization, but left out the work part.


      3. Thank you very much for explaining – I didn’t know this about New Age, all I knew is, it did not work and their books and teachings were lies. You are so right, it is never, just sit back and receive. Yes, the “force” is out there, and it is also within, the Yin and Yang, the Female and the Male, but we as individuals must integrate this knowledge through experience. The sword did not ooze out of the stone and direct itself to the future king Arthur, the boy had to risk failure by grasping the hilt and pull it out, and after so many “worthies” had tried it and failed, the act of reaching for it, that alone must have been a daunting move. But then, afterwards, you still have to grow the strength to wield such a sword, and learn how to do that in effective measure.

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      4. Oh boy, I just knew you were going to pick up on that big time!!! I was just using the myth as presented in Matrix teaching for effect, knowing that most would easily relate to such examples.

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