Force and Form

Making an impression on the subconscious is the key to Magic. It is the main purpose of rituals. What ever info given during a ritual is impressed on the subconscious. In real life when something happens to a person in a traumatic way or with lots of emotion, that makes a lasting impression on the subconscious. When that happens to most, they sometimes have problems the rest of their lives. We want to make positive impressions on the subconscious. We do this by employing Force and Form.

Remember in the Law of Gender post I said magic was sex. Your magical energy comes from your creative energy. Your creative energy and sexual energy are the same. What makes you want to have sex is the same energy that will help you manifest. If you are looking to get laid all the time, your magic will not work or it will be very weak. This is why the orgasm is called “The little death”. It takes time to replenish that energy, but it won’t replenish if you are trying to get laid all the time. Why do you think priests practice abstinence? This is also why everything in the media is sexual. They know exactly how to get you to dump that energy and keep you from living the life you want. People who see sexual images in Disney cartoons are not just seeing things. It is done on purpose. It’s all about getting us early, just like religion. There are subliminal sexual messages all over television.

What do I mean by using Force and Form? Form is using your imagination. Visualizing what you want. Make visualizations as vivid and bright as you can. Force is putting as much emotion into it as you can. For an example, while visualizing a new car that you want, remember how you felt the last time you got a new car, employ that emotion into your visualization. This goes for any thing you visualize. Mix in emotions, but what ever emotion you use, when it manifests it will bring that emotion with it. If you use anger to manifest something, when it manifests it will make you angry. I figured this out while I was in truth finding mode. Ever hear the saying,”The truth will set you free, but first it will make you angry”? When I started to find out how deep the lies in this world went, it made me angry.  When I set the intention to find more with the anger emotion attached, it made me even angrier. So I started sending intention to access knowledge with excitement and now excitement is what I feel when I get that knowledge.

Sports teams are starting to employ visualization techniques to get a leg up on their opponent. Their visualization techniques have the athlete to employ the emotion of how the athlete feels when they score or make a great play. They are told to hear the crowds reaction in their visualization. Just like sports, magic takes practice. What you put into it, you will get out of it. You can not fake Force. If you have never scored a touchdown in a football game, you will never know what emotion to use to visualize more touchdowns. So if you try to manifest your true love and you don’t know what true love is, your probably going to get what you think love is. This is why I said in the last post, you have to love yourself. How can you know what love is if you don’t love yourself. Think of person who just the thought of them makes you smile. The thought of that person just brightens your day. If that person is not yourself, how can you know what you want? You are stuck with yourself for the rest of your life, you might as well love yourself.

So Force and Form is the key. Force is the emotion, the energy, the drama or what you put into it. Form is the imagination, the desire, the visualization, intention and seeing the desired result. It is communication to the subconscious mind of exactly what you want. The subconscious communicates with images, emotions, experience and symbolism. Your conscious mind is the barrier of communication with the subconscious. Remember in the Law of Gender I said your conscious mind has to be a cock block. Well that is what it is doing, but it is blocking your Will. Your subconscious has been programmed and the conscious mind will try to block anything that goes against it. You have to program your own mind and block the programing from others. This is what I’m teaching you. Mindfulness and awareness starts the communication between the subconscious and conscious. Your conscious mind is what stresses you out.

Thinking is the way to not get what you want. Imagination is the key to magic. The ‘word’ is the trap that has made our minds what they are today. In the beginning was the word. The ‘word’ is why our minds are stuck in the ego(see The Word). The majority of the day we think in words. You are no longer communicating to your subconscious mind what you personally want. But they sure as hell have been communicating to your subconscious what they want you to think. With symbols, images and emotions. I hear the reader ask, “How are they using emotions?” Music is the answer to that. Music makes you feel an emotion and when they stick a logo or a product to it, your subconscious listens. Your subconscious has been programmed with everything external and nothing internal.

Essentially manifestation consists of combining a powerful force with a clear form. A force powerful enough to get past the conscious mind and onto the subconscious. The subconscious mind is connected to all. It is your paradigm. If you think about money all the time, it will bring you opportunities for money, but it goes deeper than that. Your subconscious is the all. It is the divine. She is it! Nature is the living subconscious, yes nature is your mind. It is why I tell you to get out in nature and meet yourself all over again. Subconscious is the global mind. You are co-creating your reality with all the other beings, animals, insects, etc. on earth. When your magic works and someone tells you it is a coincidence, They are right. Coincidence is not something that happens by accident as this world would have you believe, it is 2 or more incidents coming together to make your reality.

If you have a clear line of communication to your subconscious and you have enough Force, energy and power behind your imagination or Form, you will send ripples into the subconscious to manifest into your reality. This is what is referred to as planting seeds. Knowing what you want is the Form or the seed. To create a good Form you need to supply visualization, sensory input, and symbolism using your imagination. Force it with the energy and emotions of how you would feel if you had it. When you are trying to manifest, how would you feel if it manifested? That is Force. Have a playful mind-set. Start small then build up. Just like everything else, it takes practice. Once you have planted the seed, you have to forget about it. Set it and forget it. If your conscious mind is thinking about it all the time, it never lets it go for the subconscious to work on it. When you plant a seed in your back yard, do you sit there and watch or think about it till it grows? No, you forgot you planted it until you go out there one day and see it has grown. This is where the idea of planting seeds comes from. If you are consciously thinking about your magic, it will not work. It is like digging the up out of the soil then putting it back in. Set it and forget it. Let it grow in the subconscious. The more fertile your environment, the faster it will grow.

I know very few will get what I’m saying here. Magic is not for everybody. There is a reason why there are very few true Witches and Wizards. Yes the patriarch religions burned or killed most of them, but Magic takes patience and believing in yourself. Both of which are rare in today’s world. When you are the master of your own mind, state and awareness you are vibrating on a very high level. The level of Magic.

10 thoughts on “Force and Form”

  1. I used to be quite frustrated with my subconscious and saw it as the enemy until the day I read the following;
    “We have been taught that bringing the subconscious under conscious direction is extremely difficult. We have been programmed to see the subconscious as elusive, intangible and out of our control. The truth is the subconscious has always been under the direction of the conscious mind, so much so, that it will easily accept the aforementioned beliefs and act them out. The subconscious is in fact docile and submissive and will easily accept a counter suggestion.”
    This completely changed my relationship to my subconscious as I realised it was true. I now think of my conscious and subconscious as friends and partners working for my good.

    On another note, I have a different perspective on “words”. I see them as a collection of symbols that contain the essence of the meaning of the word. Years ago I did an exercise, where you choose a word that doesn’t have an emotional charge and you visualise it and observe it without consciously directing the visualisation. Not being a religious person I had always been puzzled by the word grace – it held no meaning to me whatsoever.
    I saw the word grace in my mind and I observed it – it was made of soft white light, it shimmered and pulsed, it felt gentle and playful. I had the sense that it was a ‘being’ and I watched it dance and eventually morph into the word good. The whole process was very pleasant and took about 20mins. Afterward I felt very serene and light but I didn’t take it seriously, meaning I didn’t think it was real.
    The next morning I hopped into a cab to take a 10min journey to the store. I noticed the cabbie had the radio on and the news was playing. I became absorbed in my own thoughts when all of a sudden I heard the most beautiful, haunting, African-American voice singing. When I realised what the song was I got goose bumps all over and felt flooded with emotion – it was Amazing Grace! It was the most beautiful experience, it felt like grace was a being who was saying to me, Hello, see, I’m real. At the very least it is a testament to how the subconscious can magically manifest an experience.
    Great post, as always, thanks. 💕

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    1. Thanks. 😊 It is not the subconscious that is the problem, it is the conscious. It is very hard to get past the conscious mind once the subconscious has been programmed. It is why people will fight to the death for their beliefs. We are programmed like robots and we carry out what they have programed into our subconscious. The trick is getting the conscious and subconscious to work together. You said it perfect, “I now think of my conscious and subconscious as friends and partners working for my good”. The key is your individual good. Not the good of the governments, religions, corporations, or any other group trying to program us to do their will. Programing one’s own mind and blocking outside programing is what magic is all about. You are way ahead of most.
      What you experienced with ‘grace’ is synchronicity. I will have a post on synchronicity later. I have a section on it in my Magic post if you can’t wait. Playing with the word like that you used your subconscious. Most are unable to do that or not willing to take the time to do that. When I read Egyptian or Mayan hieroglyphs I can feel it doing something to my mind. I may not know exactly how to translate it, but I can feel it speaking to my subconscious. If you ever get a chance, check out Alphabet Versus the Goddess by Leonard Shlain. Very enlightening read about the word.
      Thanks for the great comment. I always enjoy talking to people about their experiences.

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    2. Perhaps on a more “crass” approach, using computer terminology which for me always works very well with “mind” themes, I think of conscious as all those things that load on start up and are immediately accessible as you work your computer. Simply put the subconscious is everything else in the background: OS files and all the data filed on the hard drive. Any of it can be accessed, none of it is “out of reach” as real computer techies and hacks will show you, though some files for safety and security reasons are hidden, it’s just in the background, some of it working and necessary to the conscious operations, some of it just waiting to be accessed, such as that wonderful folder: documents. Our subconscious is our own “Documents” folder.

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      1. I see the conscious mind as an app and the subconscious as the operating system with access to all. You are right. The subconscious makes everything run without us even thinking about it. Stuff the app can’t handle. Maybe each individual has their own documents folder. I am of the school that the subconscious is making the sun shine in the same way it is making your heart beat. When you and I tap into the subconscious, it is the same subconscious. Its just you are tapping into it in your space and time, where ever you are, and I am tapping into it in mine. The subconscious, the Goddess is it. Maybe I’m wrong, but I’m definitely on to something. This is what the ancients knew before patriarch was invented by Sumer and the Lower Egyptians.


      2. I just read a quote, “It is necessary to any originality to have the courage to be an amateur. ― Wallace Stevens, Opus Posthumous: Poems, Plays, Prose.”

        So, we’re amateurs in the matter of discovering our past, perhaps our future, and the history of the universe. So sue me, she says. Indeed.

        I have this troubling internal information that tells me the very ancient “goddess” who has been called by many names and whom many have forgotten through the lies and brainwashing of the violent patriarchy, was/is none other than Lucifer. I may have mentioned this to you previously. I’m not trying to push any personal agenda here, just trying to get to the bottom of things that have no bottom. Though scant, I have read as much information on Lucifer as I could get. The patriarchy has her as a rebel against god, demonized, then cast to the earth. I know some of her background, before she became that bright archangel in the Time Lords’ “heaven,” and what she did here with her crew of defeated followers. Genesis chapter 1 basically allows us a glimpse of that story in a tiny nutshell. What I cannot “see” is what happened after her second defeat and the installation of the truly demonic, totalitarian, chaos loving Jehovah, called “the Lord God” in Genesis – beginning in chapter 2 with the Eden BS story, the creation of Adam and Eve and the rest of the patriarchy’s history. Anyway, it’s always amateur time for those who would dig deep beneath the official stories to uncover bits and pieces of actual truth. Glad you are on WordPress, gserpent.

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  2. Force and Form I have read are the primary forces that Chokmah and Binah use in the creation of all reality. “That which is above is the same as that which is below.”

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