Abundance and Scarcity

When you are in abundance, your cup runneth over. Most people equate abundance with material things and money. They think they are in abundance because they have a lot of stuff or money. This is one reason they will never control their own magic. Abundance has to do with emotions in magic. We have went over having a proper mind-set and not being polarized. We talked about finding your passion and being on your purpose. The quickest way to abundance is doing what you were born to do.

By doing what you are meant to do or what you love to do, you will fill yourself with positive emotions. Your passion and your purpose is what you were meant to do. It is the positive emotions you get from your own self-worth that will fill the cup. When you feel positive emotions for yourself, you will want to share those emotions with others. You will give value to others and make them feel good about themselves too. Most people are filled with negative emotions because they can’t stop that negative voice in their head. They are more than willing to share those negative emotions with others. The opposite of abundance is scarcity, when your cup is not full. People in scarcity seek to take value from others, to try to fill their own cup.

You have to love yourself before you can love others. If you had an abundance of money, would you not try to share it with the people you love? If you don’t have that money how can you share it? You have to love yourself first to get an abundance of love. Most are in scarcity of love and try to get someone else to fill that cup for them. You will find that once you love yourself enough to have abundance, people will be chasing you for love. Someone in scarcity will try to take value in someone else. Jealousy is from scarcity. You want what someone else has or you don’t want to lose what you have because you are in scarcity. Those who seek power want it because they don’t have any power over their own lives. Holding grudges is scarcity of security. A person in scarcity is always worried about what others are doing, they are competitive in everything and they blame everything on everyone else instead of looking within. They seek validation and attention from others.

When you are in abundance you don’t need validation, you validate yourself. To see if you are in abundance, ask yourself, “Am I giving value to others or am I taking value from others?” Witches and Wizards are in abundance. They give value to others. When they leave, they left the person better off then when they came. When you’re in abundance, you have a confidence about you that is appealing, dare I say almost sexy. When you are in abundance you will attract others in abundance. When you have an abundance of good emotions and love for yourself, you will know a person in scarcity by the way they act. They are needy. They don’t have self-worth and emotional abundance. You must help yourself before you can help others. Look at the people in your life. Do they give you value or do they take value from you? When you have emotional self worth, you are not trying to get it from someone else.

When you focus on what you love to do, you not only fill your cup you raise your vibration. Get out of petty thinking. In scarcity people fight over petty things. Ever see people at work fighting over petty things? It is because they are in scarcity. Most adults, especially men, are kids in a grown up body. A kid takes all the credit and puts the blame on everyone else. A grown up shares all the credit and takes the blame. When I get emails asking me “whats the catch on you putting this knowledge out for free?” I know they are coming from scarcity. Everything in magic is a loop. What goes in must come out and what goes out will come back. I have an abundance of knowledge. What good is knowledge if you can’t share it? By sharing this knowledge I start a loop to receive more. This is the Ouroboros and it works with everything(see Ouroboros). When you are in abundance of something and you give it away, you will receive more of what you put out there. I have people contacting me and telling me to check out something they think would interest me. I would have never thought of checking this subject out if they didn’t read my blog and contact me. I learned something new.

So when you have an abundance of self-worth and positive emotions, you put it out there with your high vibration. In return people give you back positive emotions. When you smile at someone they smile back, unless they are in scarcity. Think of a time when you were in a low vibration or scarcity. You lost your credit card or it was stolen. Could you think straight? What about a time when you were in high vibration like you just met a person you really like or you just got that job you really wanted. What was your mind-set? That is the difference between abundance and scarcity.

Having abundance means you have choice. Your life is filled with self-worth that you don’t need anyone or anything to give to you. You can do what you want to do. You don’t need to go to a party, ballgame, movie, etc. to make you feel good, but if you want to you can. You can take it or leave it. Your life is exciting to you. You don’t need compliments or validation of any kind. You understand that no matter what happens, you feel safe. Whatever storm life throws at you, you know you will be okay. If you don’t have what you want right now, you know you can get it.

As William Butler Yeats said: “The world is full of magical things patiently waiting for our senses to grow sharper”.

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      1. Well there are many possibilities I can see; I like your posts that have a tune of flow and synergy, and maybe there is something we can come together on that is in tune with that and also the information overload that we are dealing with as Humanity

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