Happiness is a word that has been thrown around a lot. We need to make a distinction between happiness and excitement. What most call happiness is excitement. True happiness is a calm mellow state of being. A peaceful mind is happiness not something that will stimulate and excite us. When someone says they want happiness, they really mean they want stimulation. Happiness is not found outside of you, it is only found internally.

Excitement is not happiness. Excitement is in the ego mind. We live in a world of duality, so when you seek excitement and get it, you will get the inevitable lows. Our problem is we want to be stimulated all the time. Think about it, news, internet, video games, movies, sports, partying, etc. Here we go again seeking for something outside of us. Genuine happiness is not excitement. Happiness is peace, calm and contentment. You are happy being who you are. You don’t need something from outside of you to make you happy. Your ego will keep you chasing after something. When you finally get that something, the excitement only last so long, so now you have to chase something else. The main reason why a person cheats on their mate is because they are seeking excitement. I’m not going to tell you to live some kind of buddhist, zen, priest or monk life. Don’t worry there will be no collection plate passed around.

Have you gotten exactly what you wanted in life? Have you gotten that carrot? Everyone says, “life has its ups and downs”. I’m going to let you in on a secret. Each person creates their ups and downs. Everyone is in the masculine mind-set. This is why I have you accepting and rejecting thoughts. It pushes the ego aside and makes room for the subconscious. You will never get rid of the ego totally. Anyone who tells you that you can’t get rid of your ego all together, has no idea what they are talking about. Sorry, lets call a spade, a spade. Our ego is the reason we are human. If we didn’t have an ego, we would be an animal. All we would care about is survival and reproduction. The key is to get the conscious and subconscious working together. You can stop the rollercoaster ride. Just stop seeking external stimulation.

Most will tell you to meditate. Meditation has been grossly misinterpreted by western culture. Westerns will tell you to meditate on something. That is not meditating, that is thinking. I use nature to find the answers and I have never seen one thing in nature, other than humans, meditate. Meditate means to ‘stop thinking’. Mediation was originally intended for you to observe your thoughts and get the ego’s voice to quiet down. This is another reason why I have you rejecting and accepting thoughts. By doing this you are observing your thoughts. Eventually the ego will quiet down. If you are thinking all the time, all you can hear are your own ego thoughts. It is like someone who talks all the time and no one else can get a word in, but this is going on in your head constantly. This is why you never see anything in nature meditating, they don’t have that voice or chatter in their head. When you quiet that voice, your mind and nature become one.

I recommend reading. Not just any reading. Read stuff that goes against your beliefs. This is what I did reading Ralph Ellis’ books. I had to get the hard copy of his books because when the dots connected in my mind with the truth, I threw his books across the room. Most people are looking for validation for their thoughts. Everyone wants truth as long as it goes along with their thinking. This was the best way to bring the ego to atonement for me. It told my ego “you don’t know everything!” The ego was only going by what had been implanted in the subconscious mind my whole life. It was like breaking a wild horse. Once the horse was broke, my mind became my own. Now I could seek the truth without that voice calling me names and telling me I was stupid. This is what Gollum represents in Lord of the Rings(see Gollum). There is no greater teacher than your own intuition. With the ego quieted and working with the subconscious, your intuition shines through.

Following your purpose and passion in life is the fastest way to happiness. Most people are following someone else purpose and passion. Are you doing what you truly love? Are you doing what you were born to do? If a hawk, who is born to fly, does not fly, it gets hunted down by predators and dies. Very few people are living their purpose and passion. This is why the world is dead or the walking dead. They are living someone else’s purpose and passion. People are so eager to do something that anyone with so-called authority tells them to do. Is the human races purpose to consume and kill people who think differently? Is it’s purpose to bow down to an imaginary god or leader? Is the purpose of the human race to be a slave? If you know my work, you know the original intent of the human race was to be slaves(see Lemurian Magic). Breaking these chains is the best thing you will ever do.

How do you find your purpose and passion? That is for you and only you to figure out. I will give you a hint in finding it though. If there was no such thing as money, what would you do? If you are doing something just for money, that is not your purpose and passion. Money is how inauthentic people keep score. Once you figure out your passion, do it as a hobby if you need to. Just do it. Being on your passion takes courage because you must leave your comfort zone. Don’t worry about the results. Don’t focus on the fruit. Focus on the tree and the fruit will grow. If you are not on your passion about the age of 40 you will get a smack in the face from your Higher Self. It is called today, the mid-life crisis. I will get into that on another post. Have the courage to live your passion. As Alfred Alder said:

“Courage is not an ability one either posses or lacks. Courage is the willingness to engage in a risk-taking behavior regardless of whether the consequences are unknown or possibly adverse. We are capable of courageous behavior provided we are willing to engage in it”.

Bravery is the mind’s wisdom of it’s strength. The coward and hero walk together in every person.

25 thoughts on “Happiness”

  1. Happiness? I don’t know. I think that what you are describing is not happiness actually, but a state of joy, and joyfulness. Can one honestly claim to be happy regardless of circumstances? Happiness, from my experience, requires a stage to maintain it; something made up. Joy for those who understand it and live in it, remains even in the pits of hell. No props, no stage, not even hope. Imagine you’re in Auschwitz, 1941. There is no happiness there but there was joy for many. In fact it often becomes the last “refuge” of the lost and abandoned, the only “cure” for despair. That’s when one disconnects from one’s problems and begins to see the larger picture. “Here, have the rest of my soup, I’m not hungry” when everyone is starving, including yourself. In that one act is your redemption and you find your joy. Happiness, IMO, is still body or sense-centered. Joy takes us beyond the body.

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    1. I think we are both on the same page. I’m speaking of true happiness and one definition of happiness is contentment, another one is intense joy. I just have an aversion to the word joy because of Joy to the World and rejoice. Im curious, why does one need redemption in order to feel joy? Can one not be joyous unless they are redeemed? Why does one need saved? What entity does one hold a debt to repay? Joy is to close to religion for my comfort. My clear state of mind has made me happy. It’s like magic. 😉

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      1. That’s understandable, as I have the same aversion for “love” having encountered it first in the religious sense and it was NOT a good thing. Good questions about redemption, and really, how can someone (some thing) that created us in its image have anything to complain about if we turned out exactly the way it had foreseen it? Something really smells in that whole redemption story. I was in it for a time until I realized it was a massive hoax, particularly the whole crucifixion thing. “I’m pissed at people so I’m going to set it up so that they kill my own son, after he drives them to it, and then I’ll punish the beejeesus out of them for doing, again, what I set them up to do.” “Gee, thanks a heap there, Lord, you’re a pal!” But after rejecting the religious aspect of “life” I was not about to go into that “nothing after death” camp either, so I forged ahead and found some deeper truth. There’s my joy… oops, sorry, my happiness!!! Keep up those “writes”.

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      2. That’s so interesting because I have an aversion to the word happiness. I see happiness as being dependant on external conditions being met, whereas I see joy as being something you can cultivate from within, regardless of external circumstances. Not being brought up in a religion I don’t associate the word joy with it but I can understand your aversion. 😉

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      3. It’s funny how we humans work with associations like that. I can understand your aversion too. I was brought up a strict Mormon, and joy was all about what god brought you. When you know something is not right, you get this guilt. Not the guilt you get from doing something to someone, but a deep down inner guilt from knowing this is not you. Most will become the smiling depressives to hide that guilt and wait for god to come to bring joy or happiness. But whatever we want to call it, can only come from within and from our doing. Mine was quieting the mind, so I share from personal experience. It makes me happy or joyful. 😉

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  2. Whooooooo Hoooooo!!! I had to dance to the video TWICE before I could write this. LOL Fabulous and FUN. I agree with what you wrote. Think it’s spot on. Having said that. I still like excitement, surprises and wildness…you can have that and still have a happy, peaceful and BALANCED life. I really agree with your point on meditation. OMG. Great post and FUN VIDEO…dancing fool music. Thank you for that. 🙂

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    1. Lol! You are welcome. Im glad you liked it. I still like excitement, wildness and surprises too. You can definitely have those and still have a balanced life. If you didn’t have those you would live the life of a monk or something. What kind of life is that? Do what you love! There is no dogma in magic. Thank you, Hitandrun! 😊


  3. “If a hawk, who is born to fly, does not fly, it gets hunted down by predators and dies.” True and beautiful. What is happiness? Doing things we love without expectation of approval from others. Doing what we know of doing. There is freedom and naiveté in the happiness we create for ourselves. Thank you for your blog! 🙂

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