The Subconscious Mind


The subconscious mind is responsible for everything that happens in your life. It controls everything your body is doing without you having to think about it. Like your heartbeat, digestion, nails and hair growing, etc. But it is also everything below your awareness, like your habits, your beliefs, what your self-image is, weaknesses and strength. This is your model of reality. It is what you think is right or wrong. Whatever is programmed into the subconscious runs your life.

Most everything you do throughout the day is done on automatic, its your routine. While you are showering you probably think about other things and just shower. While you are driving to work or home, you are thinking about anything except “how do I get there?” It’s on autopilot. All the things you do everyday are a habit, you do them without thinking. All your limitations are in the subconscious. This needs to change for you to become great.

Your beliefs, who you think you are, your self-image, how good you think you look, how confident you are, what you think you are capable of, etc. Every wall you hit is because you have all this stuff below the surface that limits you. The subconscious mind does not respond well to one time input unless it has an emotional charge. Persistence is the key. Doing something once is in the conscious mind. You might feel great at the moment, but it is not going to be a lasting thing. I bike every day. When I first started it was tough to get myself out there, now its automatic. It is part of my daily routine. I actually feel anxious sometimes when I miss a day. It is set in my subconscious. Anything you want to do, can be put into the subconscious. Once she takes control, look out.

This is why I have you accepting and rejecting thoughts while standing back and looking at your life. You are consciously noticing what thoughts and behaviors you have in the subconscious. Are these thoughts good? If not reject them. Are your behaviors good? If not, we need to change them. It is called awareness. What ever beliefs, thoughts and behaviors that were programmed into your subconscious as a child, are running your life now. It takes a lot of work and practice to change it. With magic you can weed out anything.

As I have shown before, you have to attract your subconscious or the feminine. In nature the males are flamboyant. They do a funky dance, show off their bright colors and long hair. All this while the females are observing to see if he is good enough for them to mate with. He is performing a ritual. It has been known since the beginning of time rituals will help program the mind.

The video I show above explains what you need to do individually without rituals. Don’t be polarized by Bob Proctor. I know he is selling something and he is trying to get you to be successful with money. But his explanations will work on anything you want to change in your life. Your desire attracts your dreams. Fear keeps you from realizing those dreams. It works with your beliefs too. The stuff on my website makes most uncomfortable and fearful. They would rather continue to be comfortable in ignorance then feel uncomfortable with the truth. You will find that I will say and do many things to see how polarized my readers are. I want to see your reaction. If you are not centered you will push me away. This is why I started reposting magic with my Depolarizing post. In order for you to learn you must depolarize. Use what I say and do to observe how your mind is making you feel and consciously get yourself back to center.

The language of the subconscious is symbols. This is why the ancients wrote in hieroglyphs. Patriarchy has set the human race back thousands of years. All for its greed. Using symbols will speak directly to the subconscious. It is why all corporations use symbols or logos. Maybe one day I will make a post showing you exactly what these symbols mean, but right now understand they are speaking to your subconscious. In modern terms the subconscious is your computer’s operating system. Your conscious mind is an app running on that computer. That little window of consciousness is running most people’s world. That is what we are dealing with here, but no one knows how to get the app to speak to the operating system. Some researchers will tell you there is a third mind called the collective unconscious where every thing is stored and you can tap into it. The hard drive on the computer. I am of the school that the subconscious is all of it. You have all of it in the subconscious. The operating system is what makes the hard drive work. The hard drive is our world or our universe. I could go on forever about how this world programs you, but magic is all about programming yourself and that is what most future posts will be about. You have the power in your mind. Your body is how your self experiences your mind. Nature is the living subconscious. I will end on that deep thought so you can ponder.

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