Law of Gender


Magic is sex. Now that I have your attention, let’s talk about sex or the Law of Gender. The Law of Gender is the seventh Hermetic Principal and it states, “Gender is in everything; everything has its Masculine and Feminine Principals; Gender Manifests on all planes”. On the physical level the Law of Gender manifests as sex. No creation is possible on any level without this Principal. Every person contains the 2 energetic forces of the Law of Gender within herself or himself.

The two energetic forces are Male, positive, and Female, negative. As I have shown before, these don’t refer to good and bad. It is a flow of energy. The male, positive charge, pushes outside of itself and the feminine, negative charge, draws into itself. The male force penetrates and the feminine force absorbs and assimilates. The male force penetrates the feminine energy and impresses upon it ideas and desires. The feminine takes the ideas and desires, absorbs it, assimilates it, and gives birth to the creation. Just like physical sex. The male energy is your will or conscious mind. The feminine energy is the subconscious mind. When your Will impresses an idea or desire upon the subconscious, she will then absorb it and give birth to the idea in your reality. Our minds are unique to this world because of our imagination, will and desire.

Will and desire are very important in magic. Just sitting there imagining what you want will do nothing. That is only using the feminine energy. You have to look for the opportunities brought to you by your subconscious, then use the masculine energy by going out and doing it. In nature the male always attracts the female. Magic uses the laws of nature. A strong desire makes a strong will. The will is fiery, passionate, dynamic, and exaggerating in its abilities. When you have a strong desire, you attract this feminine energy or the Goddess. This is the whole purpose of rituals and ritual magic. All the props, robes, symbols, sigils, garb, mantras, chanting, candles, incense, singing and dancing is all there for one reason and one reason only, to make an impression on the subconscious. If you are into ritual or ceremonial magic and don’t understand this, you are just the weirdo in your parent’s basement playing with wands.

All religious ceremonies are rituals. Everything done in church services is to bring out the people’s subconscious, so it can be programmed. Carl Jung knew this and Alvin Boyd Kuhn wrote in his book The Ultimate Cannon of Knowledge:

“Jung feels the massive power of the archetypes and symbols so strongly that he attributes the controlling power of the Roman Catholic Church over its masses of devotees to the fact that it never ceases to flaunt these insignia of its mission and function before the eyes of its ignorant following. So that even though there is no “sharp and subtle” intellectual comprehension of their meaning, there is still enough dynamic by way of intuitive suggestiveness and dim apprehensions of hidden force in them to sway the feelings of the communicants. He ventures the statement that even a mistaken idea of the meaning of a symbol or other semantic representation may sometimes produce a tremendous psychic and moral-spiritual effect.”

All religious services are rituals to impress the churches will one the subconscious of the masses. People keep going to these rituals every week or multiple times a week. What ever is programmed into he subconscious will manifest in the person’s life. People will fight to the death over what has been programmed into their subconscious. This is why rituals are done in secret societies. It is all about programming the people watching. Rituals for the ancients was done for rites of passages in life. Just an example, rituals were for childhood to adulthood. The ritual would attract the candidate’s subconscious. The candidate would impress his or her will on their own subconscious about becoming an adult, an individual or authentic person who could think for themselves. From this point on the subconscious would manifest things accordingly in the person’s life. Todays religious rituals is all about giving away an individual’s power. This is a major reason why the world is the way it is. So if you want to do ritual magic, by all means do it. It will work.

The subconscious takes what the will gives it, processes it, then gives birth to or manifests it in your reality. First it will try to manifest internally then externally. It does not matter who’s will is being impressed upon the your subconscious. This happens whether you are aware of it or not. This is why I say you have to use your conscious mind to guard your subconscious. Corporations figured out using symbols or sigils for their logo speaks directly to the subconscious. I figured out this was true one day when I had a craving for a certain fast food restaurant. I hate fast food, but before I woke up I used to eat it. I won’t touch it with a 10 foot pole now. One day I was craving a certain fast-food restaurant. I went to my wife and said, “I don’t understand why I am craving this place, I hate fast food”. She told me her brother stopped by the night before while I was at work. He had left a bag from this restaurant on the kitchen table. When I got home from work, I didn’t consciously see the bag, I just went upstairs, cleaned up and went to bed. The whole next day I was craving this fast-food place. What had happened was my subconscious saw this corporate logo sigil or symbol and manifested cravings internally.

The subconscious sees all, hears all and knows all. The subconscious is the all-seeing eye. Once I figured this out, I started never leaving the TV on in the background, leaving newspapers lying around, scrolling through news feeds on the computer and quit visiting conspiracy websites. Your subconscious is hearing the television on in the background, seeing every word in the newspaper or news feed and when you get on the conspiracy websites they are programming your subconscious with fear and angry content. Whatever your subconscious is seeing or hearing, it will manifest it into your life. If you keep reading and watching things like conspiracy websites that make you fearful or angry, your subconscious thinks you want it and will manifest it into your life. This is why you have to guard your mind. You have to keep someone else’s will from impregnating your subconscious. Use your conscious mind as a ‘cock block’, so to speak.

This is the main reason why I recommend cutting the cord. They are planting ideas in people’s heads without them knowing it.. Plant your own seeds and cultivate your mind. Television is dying, but it is desperately hanging on to the edge of the cliff with sports. People need that one more hit or one last score. Especially if they are a gambler. One of the events that led to me waking up was a very good friend of mine committed suicide over gambling on sports. All he ever watched was news and sports. Quit paying to be programmed. Why can’t this world put as much energy into planting good seeds into peoples minds as they do planting garbage into the minds of the masses? Just think if we would just recognize the gifts people have and nurture their gifts to help them grow. Spark a fire in people or fan their flame. Plant seeds in your life and others that will grow into magnificent trees and bear fruit. All we plant now is seeds of weeds and as they grow they snuff out the fruit bearing trees and choke them out. The only thing that can grow is the thing you give energy to. Give energy to your goals and dreams and help others with their goals and dreams. Make it rain!!!

I showed you in the Power of Magic post, that nature or this natural force is feminine and you have to attract her. So how do you attract her? In a word desire, but I will go a little deeper. Become completely detached from needing anyone to fulfill you in your life. Quit needing another person or thing to make you feel happy or fulfilled. Everything in this world is about finding someone else to complete you. You need to become confident and happy by yourself. Nature is perfectly happy by herself. When people get involved in nature they screw things up. That is how you should live. If someone gets involved in your life without you asking, they will screw it up. Not once has nature ever asked man to get involved, yet we still seem to screw things up for her. When you are desperate and needy, you attract people on that same level. Becoming happy, confident and stable will attract this feminine force. Becoming 100% authentic will attract what is 100% authentic. There is nothing more authentic than this force. She is the genuine article! She does not need television or the internet to stimulate her. The more psychological dependencies you have on your parents, friends, lovers, siblings, a fake god or anyone in life, the less authentic you become. As long as you think they can give you anything of value, you will feel a need to sacrifice your authenticity. You won’t be able to express yourself they way you want to express yourself. When she comes to you, it will be 2 needy-less entities coming together to make a reality. Her vibration mixing with your vibration.

12 thoughts on “Law of Gender”

  1. I really loved the section on the subconscious mind. There could not be a more apt description for it than “all seeing eye”.

    After 15 years of not watching the news or reading newspapers I became intrigued by the US election last year and started regularly reading the internet news every day. I knew what I was doing was a little macabre and voyeuristic but I couldn’t stop – it was history in the making after all! A short while later I became despondent 😭 about the state of the world and lost faith in humanity. That’s when I stopped – it took me a few weeks to bounce back to a more positive frame of mind. 😊

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    1. I will have a whole post on the subconscious coming up. I will not watch it either, but every now and then I see something that catches my eye. My mind will start rebelling again. I usually find myself right back at the beginning rejecting thoughts. I’m glad you liked it. 😊

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    1. Awesome question! This world does not like to admit that same-sex relationships happen in nature, but they do. I think the same-sex relationships that occur in nature and humans has to do with a deep connection that most humans can not understand. This connection is so pure, dare I say it is sacred. The Native Americans saw this connection as sacred. For me to try to explain it would be like me trying to explain to people on how to be a woman. Unless you experience it you can not tell people how it is. Some how I think the connection and relationships go way beyond physical attraction.


  2. These two symbols, one of the Caduceus associated with Hermes in Greek mythology and secondly, from the Hindu tradition we have Ida and Pingala, what would be the “Q-source” in the Egyptian traditions?

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      1. No problem. Heka the god of Magic and Medicine carried a staff entwined with two serpents. This was taken to Greece and became the caduceus.


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