Attitude of Gratitude

I’m not a fan of Thanksgiving, but I am all about giving thanks. That is the way I deal with this holiday. If you want to see what the ignorant masses are truly celebrating, read my Thanksgiving post and Pocahontas post. The Attitude of Gratitude is needed for your magic.Have gratitude for the things you have. Don’t dwell on the things you don’t have. If you gave someone something and they never express gratitude, would you continue to keep giving them things? Being thankful let’s your Higher Self know that ‘you get it’. In the western world we are bombarded with ungratefulness. So we need to retrain our mind to be grateful for the things we have. Have the actually feeling of gratitude.

What is gratitude? It is talked about a lot in self-help world. One of the things we get into when it comes to magic is we try to create a perfect life. Get out of trying to create a perfect life. You are already perfect. The more you try to be perfect the less you will get there. Remember everything has an opposite, we live in a world of duality. There are rules you can’t break. What goes up must come down. This is talking about you. You have to accept your life is perfect and be thankful for it. Stand back, look at your life and be grateful.

Don’t let gratitude replace your desire. You must identify problems and challenges and fix it. You still need to practice magic. Practice gratitude along with your magic. Gratitude helps make you feel that you don’t need to chase anymore. Be happy in the moment. Chasing something will not make you happy. Life is perfect, be cool with what is. Be grateful of the big and little things. There is nothing to big or to small to be grateful for. But its the little things we forget to be grateful for. We take for granted all the little things in life. Just like studying nature will amaze you how all the little things help it to be magnificent or studying biology gives you and appreciation how the small things make life wonderful, being grateful for the small things will help realize how great your life is. Try this mental exercise to be grateful for the little things and it will get you out of the mind-set of more, more more.

So on this Giving Thanks day, I want to express gratitude to you, my readers. I am a fairly new blogger and when I first started I was scared to death of the reaction I would get with my material. But in Magic you have to conquer your fears.  As time went on you have made me feel more and more comfortable and I thank you for that. If it were not for my readers I would have no one to write for, so thank you from the bottom of my heart for taking the time to read my blog. Happy Giving Thanks Day!

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