Karma and Dharma


Most people in western world think that Karma is if you do good things, good things will happen to you and if you do bad things, bad things will happen to you. Then why does bad things happen to good people and good things happen to bad people? We have an intellectual block when it comes to Karma and Dharma.

They way most people think of Karma and Dharma is just repackaged religious garbage. They take Karma as, ‘If bad things are happening to good people, than they must have done something in the past bad and they are paying for it now’. They take Dharma as ‘If you don’t do good things or complete what you were suppose to do while you are here, you’re going to have a re-due or you will be sent to a worse life’. The judgement of,” insert whatever god you believe in here” is going to keep tabs on you and make you pay. When are we going to out grow the need to have an outside force reward us for acting good and punish us for acting bad? There is no right or wrong with nature. You are part of nature.

Karma is a Sanskrit word and it means ‘action’. This law is a natural law. You have to understand what the Eastern Sages meant by good and evil. We in the west have it all wrong. Good means selfless and bad is selfish. But it’s not it the selfless and selfish way we think. We think of selfish as taking all for ourselves like not sharing or stealing. We teach our kids to share the Halloween candy with mommy and daddy, “Don’t be selfish” we tell them. This is not what selfish meant in the ancient sense. Selfish is doing things in the ego(un-authentic person). If I ask you, “who are you?” Most of you will give me the name you were given at birth and you will tell me where you work or it will be composed of certain feelings, likes, dislikes, habits, characteristics, etc. I know, I would have said the same thing before Mystery School. Humans are in the masculine(ego) mind-set. We associate ourselves with everything in the ego mind-set. I’m my job, pretty, cute, rich, athletic, or anything that promotes or defends this inauthentic self. Today when a non-muggle ask me who I am, I respond with “I am the universe experiencing itself in this particular time and space. I am all that ever was, is or will be”. If a muggle ask you, “Who are you?”, just go with what you have always said because it will get ugly. They are not ready to hear a Dharmic answer.

Everything in the ego mind is me, me, me. When you are in the ego mind, you are polarized, you judge people, you get involved in rumors, you get jealous, you get angry very easy, you criticize people, you manipulate people, etc. You do all this because you are afraid and the ego always wants to protect itself and put itself on a pedestal. You have been living this sense you were born because it is what we have been taught. Do these sound familiar? How do I make some more money to be more secure? How do I find a lover to make me feel better? I want a new car or new home to make me feel better. How can I get the promotion to make myself feel better or more secure? How can I look better? All of these are ego. This false ego identity will do anything to stay in charge and make itself feel better. If you are rejecting and accepting thoughts, you know just how bad the ego wants to be in charge. The real deep down you knows the ego is a false self and starts to feel guilty. Your whole life you have been trying to protect an illusion. This is why you are seeking. We think life is hard, is full of pain and it sucks. This is true for 99% of the people. It’s true because they are living in Karma. Karma is suffering on the inside. You can’t have a peaceful, calm and happy life. You are always secretly angry at someone, bitter, scared, stressed or anxious. You even go out and give to some charity because it makes you feel better and makes you feel grander than others. I will get into charities on a later post. Money is how inauthentic people keep score.

Dharma is the selfless part of this law. Dharma means ‘cosmic law and order’. The key to understanding this is nature and the cosmos run automatically. No matter what you do, nature and the cosmos will still go on operating. Dharma is action without the ego mind-set thoughts. In previous posts I showed how Maat’s scales are measuring the heart with nature. The feather representing nature. The ancient Egyptians saw the heart as the mind. The heart operates without thinking and nature operates without thinking. Is your mind operating like the heart and nature? That is what the Goddess Maat is weighing. Dharma is the authentic person. Using magic to push the ego to the back, puts you in Dharma. You start thinking with the subconscious. You will never get rid of the ego totally, but you can make it an agent of the subconscious. You will learn more as we go along. In Dharma you don’t need the world to turn you on. You turn yourself on.

I always talk about the Higher Self. The Higher Self is you, your true self. The connection with your Higher Self is through the subconscious. The Higher Self will guide you, if you know how to look for the signs and we will get into that in a future post. I showed you Vibrations and Karma, so you could see how important it is to get out of the ego mind-set and let the subconscious lead you. The subconscious is where magic happens. The west has just repackaged Karma into “be good and you will be rewarded, be bad and you will be punished”. In truth, Karma has to do with whatever belief you are letting run your life. When we adopt a belief, we are looking at life through a specific lens. Every event that happens to us in our life, will move in accordance with the lens we are looking through. The beliefs you adopt toward the world and yourself will manifest. What ever your mentality is will be your world. It all starts in the mind. Reality shapes itself to your perception. Observation is very powerful, it is why I want you to observe your thoughts and your life. Change the way you look at things and the things you look at change. That is Karma. Dharma is living life doing what you love to do. Don’t let anyone pull you down to their level. I’m not telling you to live an immoral life, I’m telling you to get out of your comfort zone. Your comfort zone is your self-made prison. The rule I use is “Do whatever the hell you want to do, as long as you don’t hurt anyone or anything”. If someone has a problem with you, it is their problem not yours. Quit caring about what other people think. Start living in Dharma and Karma will not effect you.

10 thoughts on “Karma and Dharma”

  1. Explained well. I’ve always been told and seen myself as a non-conformist but could never truly break away. I just broke the piper’s flute! Thanks for leaving the bread crumbs.
    Dharma = Truth, Higher Self, authentic life, freedom. Karma = non-Truth, religion, inauthentic life, submission.

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