One of my first ever posts was called Magic. I explained how to get started with Magic and how to learn it. It was quite a long post. I had some tell me to turn it into a novel. I’m going to break that post down into categories. That way I can expand upon each category and hopefully help those who really want to learn magic. The first category will be depolarizing yourself. Everything starts in the mind, so if your mind is unbalanced, your life and magic will be unbalanced too.The Law of Polarity is the key to all Magic. Everything is dual in nature and everything has poles. Everything has an opposite, but these opposites are different degrees of the same thing. Hot-cold, large-small, noise-quiet, love-hate, light-dark, etc. All is a vibration. All paradoxes may be reconciled. There are 2 sides to everything. Duality is built right into the fabric of our reality. You need the equal and opposite force for movement. Our bodies are bio-electrical in nature, so polarization is not a bad thing. However, polarization of the mind is how those in the know manipulate.

Polarized people have a strong opinion for or against something and they are easily manipulated and controlled by either introducing an opposing force or a like force to move them, repulsion or attraction. They use this with politics, religion, sports teams, television, media, alternate media and rumors. All media only report issues that polarize the people. There will always be a debate on everything. I used to be polarized by politics and sports then the alternative media. I know what it is like. I admit, I was easily manipulated. Then I found the Mystery School I have spoken about it previous posts. This is where I learned what I’m about to teach you.

It takes a good 6 months to a year to depolarize yourself. I was actually able to do most of the stuff in private. I went to a different department at work where I worked by myself most of the days. Back then I saw it as solitary confinement, today I see alone time as paradise. After I had depolarized myself, it had been a good year or two before I went back to the department where I worked with lots of people. When I came back they knew I had changed. I wasn’t a reactive person anymore. Sports was just a game. Gasp!!! They even asked me if had a lobotomy. I started to realize they hadn’t seen me in a long time and I must seem very different. A huge joke was started around the company about how this great athlete had turned into a Jedi. They would even walk up to me and say “These are not the droids you are looking for”. All I could do is smile. I could be called worse things than a Jedi. You will change and when people take notice, see it like coming out of a cocoon. Yes, that is how drastic some will change. Mine was huge. I was a sports fanatic with the ego the size of stadium. Today, I’m the most laid back person you will ever meet.

Most magicians will tell you that you need to do the Middle Pillar ritual to help get you depolarized. As I have stated before, I don’t do rituals. If you like to do rituals, by all means look up the Middle Pillar ritual and do it. There is no dogma in magic. I have other ways just as effective, if not better. The first thing that needs to be done is to become the observer of your own thoughts. Most of us have a negative mind-set. We literally hate ourselves. This has to stop. You are going to live with yourself for the rest of your life so you might as well start loving yourself.

This first exercise will be one of the hardest things you have ever done. Every time a negative thought pops in your head, I want you to reject it. Does not matter if it’s about yourself, something or someone else, reject it. Every time you have a positive thought, I want you to accept it. This will get you in the habit of observing your own thoughts. I say it will be the hardest thing you have ever done because you are addicted to what ever you have been thinking your whole life. As soon as you reject a negative thought another one will pop in immediately. Keep rejecting them. Don’t forget to accept the positive thoughts. I found myself forgetting to accept the positive thoughts. This exercise will take at least 90 days. It took me all of the 90 days if not more. Most of what has been put into your mind was put there by someone else. This exercise will give you the power of flipping the switch between yes and no of what you want to think about.

You have to not be reactive to others, what they say and the events that happen to you in life.

“Life is 10 percent what happens to you and 90 percent how you react to it” – Lou Holtz

Power does not come from anger, it comes from truth and wisdom. Why the need to blurt out opinions to someone who is jus as polarized as yourself? Perspective of the mind, everything begins in the mind. Know when to hold your tongue and let things go. Silence is to sound what space is to form. If you say someone made you feel a certain way, you do not have control of your thoughts and emotions. Inner peace begins the moment you do not let another person or event spark a reaction. Become un-reactive. This is the beginning of independence and personal freedom.

The next thing you will need to do is ground yourself, literally. Take your shoes off and stand or walk in the grass. When is the last time you walked barefoot through grass or any patch of earth. Why do you think you feel so good after a vacation at the beach? Touch the earth. Let your energy flow out into her and her energy flow in to you. Grounding is supposed to happen naturally, but we all walk around with rubber sole shoes. Take your shoes off and get out and ground.

Now lets move on to the pillars. The pillars represent the law of polarity. The pillars in architecture represent the pyramids, but that is a different story. The high priestess in the Tarot sits right in the middle of the pillars. Greek myths talk about going down the middle of the pillars of Hercules. You have to see these pillars like battery terminals. One is positive and one is negative. This doesn’t mean good and bad, it should be taken as flow of energy. When you disconnect from a terminal of a battery, what happens? The flow of energy stops. You have to stay in the middle, so you can touch both sides or both pillars to keep the energy flowing.

A Witch and Wizard become depolarized so they can’t be manipulated, but there is a negative side to depolarization. When you are in the middle, you will understand both sides, but neither side will understand you. Neutrality will not relate to either side. The more depolarized you become the more you vibrate on a different level. You become the wise, but alone. The Hermit card in the Tarot. I have very few people left in my life that are pre magic and they are family. But I have met new wonderful people who were not in my life pre magic. They are not in my physical day-to-day life, but no price is too high to pay for a free mind. I have been taught in the art of NLP and know how to manipulate people, but I refuse too. I would be no better than the people who manipulate the masses on a daily basis. Quality not quantity is what I look for in friendships.

I can hear the reader ask, “If depolarizing is lonely, why do it?” First of all, there are other Witches and Wizards out there. There may be some near you, there just are no authentic Witches or Wizards near me. Your individual location may have quite a few and you will attract them. Your awareness will increase greatly. By viewing both sides you get wisdom from both sides. You will have no interest in debating, but you could debate either side. Depolarized people can play both sides when they need to. You can’t remove yourself from the poles totally or you will become stagnate. Absolute stagnation is death. Becoming depolarized will open a whole new world. It will take 6 months to a year for you to become totally depolarized and it won’t be easy. In neutrality you have to establish good habits to support your goals. But as Hall of Fame basketball coach John Wooden said:

“It takes time to create excellence. If it could be done quickly, more people would do it.”

Depolarization is the beginning getting out of the mainstream and finding out who you are as an individual.  It is the beginning of realizing your power.  In Magic you are either trying to draw something to you or repel something away.  By being centered, grounded and depolarized, you decide what you push and pull.  Instead of being the one push or pulled.

30 thoughts on “Depolarization”

  1. I just wrote a very long comment/reply and it simply disappeared. Not sure what happened. I was saying that Magic has its own way of finding people. It found me. Opened a door, one evening, when I was standing in the kitchen, at a family gathering, and I walked through and never looked back. I was talking about a book with a woman and there it was. The door was bigger than Alice’s and teal in color, until I got through the energy that was the doorway. It was like seeing things clearly, getting new contact lenses, and knowing that you never really saw ANYTHING until you put them on. I know you get that. 🙂 Anyway, after that, regular life was like watching a play that I had no interest in, at least parts of it. Everything was drama but it was all manufactured. I was a political activist for many years but I had to do that to learn a lot of things, which I did. The fact is, nothing that’s going on actually needs any particular individuals. Seems like the drama can find actors everywhere and have a full cast and an audience without doing much of anything.

    I think what you’re doing is wonderful. Offering knowledge and experience to anyone who wishes to move in a new and amazing direction. Magic is/has everything. No one has to accept all of it. Once you’re aware of it, you know that it’s something freely offered to us. Anyone who involves ego, well, that’s in a different place for sure. There is no ego in magic, only openness, energy and clarity. At least that’s the way I see it. There is no hierarchy, just equality and a desire to be part of something larger.

    As you know, I read Tarot Cards. I do it my own way and it works. I’m impatient, so I made up my own spread and it’s spot on because, as I said, magic works with us, as individuals. It isn’t rigid, it folds and bends and fit’s into our own way of doing things. There is no right way to read the cards, there’s only reading the cards. That is the nature of magic. You just do it, it’s flexible. I don’t know if you agree with me but that’s how I see things.

    I also wanted to mention the great video. I danced…a lot…and I know the enormous amount of energy it took for that woman to dance the way she did for that long. Wow!

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    1. I do get it and I agree completely Hitandrun. It is for the individual and I love that you have made and work with your own spread. That is magic in itself. There are no absolutes in magic. No dogma. There are rules that can’t be broken, like we all die, but however one wants to work with those rule and around those rules is their individual choice. Thanks for the great comment! I agree 100%!


  2. I’ve been TRYING to reject negative thoughts and accept positive thoughts now for about 20 days. Making headway, very slow process. My question is that, “since nature abhors a vacuum” and when I reject the negative thought, there is a slight uncomfortable pause, and like you said, another negative thought will instantly replace the last rejected. Did you use any type of ‘go-to’ positive thought when situations like this arise? I’ve even heard female voices make comments, I’m guessing the ego want to maintain control. Any thoughts?

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    1. Female voices are always the subconscious. It’s why women are more likely to accept their subconscious. It’s the subconscious breaking her chains. She has very little confidence and may need to be coaxed out. Listen to her and try to get her confidence back. Trust her. It’s your intuition.
      I kept my mind busy. I rebuilt a 66 Mustang. Very meditative. For me it was because I enjoy working on cars. Do anything you enjoy doing. I mean anything. Whatever keeps the mind silent. Keep rejecting negative and accepting positive thoughts. It will never go away completely but it will slow down a lot. I really only get negative thoughts now when stressful things happen. I know it’s the ego trying to take control. So I tell Gollum to go away. Lol.


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