The Power of Magic



I’ve been asked if I can explain what the Power of Magic actually is. In the Hermetic it states “The All is Mind”. Most researchers, including those who think they know the Hermetics, will tell you it is the mind of god. They have it all wrong. This power, which is magic, is the power of your mind. You are not a drop in the ocean, you are the ocean in the drop. The universe is living and you are the universe experiencing itself in this particular moment and place. The power behind the universe and us is Magic. Magic is in all things, pervading all space, manifesting in an infinite variety of forms, degrees and phases.

Magic is the power of your mind. Magic is an actual living force. It is the force that makes plants grow, animals and people’s bodies grow, and it is the power the enables living things to move, act and react. It is the power of water carving its way through earth and stone, it is the power of lightning and storms, it is the power of a trees roots growing and slicing through earth and stone, but it is also the power of a mother gently kissing her baby. Magic is a living mental force manifesting sometimes with awesome power and sometimes with delicate gentle touch, that is almost imperceptible, but it accomplishes its purpose. What ever that purpose may be.

Magic and life are inseparable. Where there is life, there is magic and where there is magic, there is life. So basically I am calling the forces of the cosmos and nature Magic. But it goes deeper than that because in ancient times, Magic was always believed to be connected in some way with the use of the mind, particularly in its aspects of will, desire and imagination. Magic would then mean mastery of the occult forces of nature and cosmos with the mind. Our mind is very powerful, but somewhere in the past we have lost it. The Power of Magic is still there. Everyone is performing magic everyday without knowing it. The mastery and control of the Power of Magic, means that one may learn to knowingly apply that which all have been using unknowingly and blindly. The knowledge of the Power of Magic and use of it brings power to those acquiring it.

The universe is not dead material. Our universe is a force, thought, spirit, soul, energy or whatever you want to call it. The universe is a great organism. The Power of Magic gleams through every atom of the universe. I always tell my daughter the joke, “You can’t trust atoms because they make up everything”. They Power of Magic is in every human, animal, mineral and space. It is in every atom, so it is in everything. Think of how a plant absorbs the minerals and energy from the earth and sun, then converts it to plant cells. We eat the plants and convert the plant cells to human cells that make up our body, muscles, organs and brain. Nature is one in her essence, she is alive and posses the Power of Magic.

Nature is constantly pushing and pulling. All forms of matter are particles, all forms of energy are vibrations of the particles. The vibration is caused from the motion of the particles. What causes the motion of the particles? Pushing and pulling or attraction and repulsion. Particles are attracted or repelled by each other. On the physical level, it is known as like-dislike, love-hate, attraction-repulsion, pleasure-revulsion or comfortable and uncomfortable. As I have shown before, opposites are built right into the core of our reality. There are poles to everything(see Magic). This is how we get the capacity to experience and respond to those experiences. If the All is Mind and you are part of this Mind, does it not make sense that you can use your mind to make things bend to your will or desire? This is what the ancients knew and what I am trying to bring back for the world to see. This is why when you change your mind, when you find the truth, people you have previously known will leave your life. Your are literally repelling them. But new people will show up in your life because you are attracting them.

This is where your Will to Power comes in or your desire. I maintain desire is purely human and desire is the reason we humans have time. Once we desire something, we measure how long it takes to get what it is we desire. This was how time was invented. Desire and Imagination are how we get started to bring the things we want or repel things we don’t want in our lives. To go in-depth on how this is done, see my Magic post. Once the Power of Magic manifests the opportunity to reach your desire, use the masculine power to get it done. Go out and do it. Here is the secret and this is what the so-called leaders of this world know. What is the opposite of desire? The opposite of desire is fear. Fear puts people in a desire-not-to state. This is why the media is all negative. Governments, religions and corporations have to keep a bogeyman in sight at all times. Anything and everything to keep the ignorant masses in fear. When people are in a state of fear, they lose desire. Think about that. If you are scared to bungee jump, ride a motorcycle, swim in ocean, fly in an airplane, or any fear you can think of, you are not going to do it. But it goes much deeper than that, fear is paralyzing. They have mastered how much fear to use on the masses. Just enough to keep us from doing great things, but not enough to keep you from going out and spending money to make you feel better. Fear is the neutralizer of desire.

Having a strong desire will get you want you want. The saying by Franklin Roosevelt, “Only thing we have to fear is fear itself”, is so true. Form a mental attitude of fearlessness and strength. By doing this you will see the change in yourself and you will notice how other people start reacting different to you. You can’t just think you are fearless and strong, you have to feel it. Feelings are your body thinking. Feelings are living thought. Feeling, wanting, desire, emotion, willing and demanding are all Passion. To create things you must have Passion. Passion is the key to the Power of Magic. This is a double-edged sword. For if you have Passion for the lies of this world or you are passionate about someone else’s ideas, you will bring only those things into your world. I am passionate for the truth and this is why I post what I have found. Governments, religion and the ignorant all oppose me, which leaves very few left to attract. Magic can be lonely, but it is a small price to pay for a free mind. You will find animals are very comfortable around you when you tap into the Power of Magic.

I have recently come across some texts that show magic got its name from the magnetism of the stone I talk about in the Holy Grail post. This stone fell from the sky or was given to humans by aliens, depending on which texts you read, and was magnetic. The magnetism of the rock resembled the magnetism of the mind, so the Magi priests were born and Magic was invented. They used the Power of Magic to fascinate people. Fascinate comes from the Latin ‘facinare’ and means to enchant. This stone became so valuable that religions were built around it. In every religion a stone is mentioned. The guardian of this stone was called the ‘budar’, budah, or Buddha. Everyone of these patriarch religions are connected. The magnetic stone is the magic stone.

A person has their own personal magnetism. What is your personal magnetism? As I have shown before, look at the people that surround you in your personal life. The close people, good friends and best friends. How are they? Like attracts like and however they are, you are. In nature like animals stay close to other like animals. Insects hang around other like insects. If your friends are turkeys, you are a turkey. If your friends are hyenas, are a hyena. If your friends are eagles, your are an eagle. If your friends are lions, you are a lion.

When I say to have Passion, Strength and Fearlessness, I don’t mean become conceited. I mean be confident you have the Power of Magic behind you. This universal power is endless. When you let it flow through you, you have the power behind you. This power flows like a great river, and when you flow with it you have the power of the river behind you. Those that go against it are going nowhere. If you become conceited and think that this is only your power, you are limited to the power in your own mind and not the Power of Magic. You separate yourself from the source of the power. Power of Magic is on ocean of power. The pushing and pulling power of nature manifests on the physical and mental levels. Realize where this power comes from. Haven’t you heard people being described as energetic, electric or magnetic? Think of the Power of Magic as the Great Ocean of Natural, Universal and Cosmic energies in which you live and move in. Feel yourself in touch with it. Constantly think about your relation to it and you will open up to letting the power flow through you. When you do this, you will know the real source of your power and will not shut the power off by becoming conceited.

The Power of Magic or the Universal forces is a feminine force. It is constantly desiring to create. It is never satisfied unless it is giving birth or creating something. It does not care if it is in the mental or physical plane. This energy is the Goddess. In Nature what has to happen in order for the female to give birth? The male has to attract the female. We humans have it all backwards. Women are constantly putting on makeup and cloths to attract the male. This is how I know the human race does not belong here. In nature the male has to attract the female, so humans being in the masculine mind-set will have to attract the Power of Magic. The force that attracts her most is passion and desire. Most humans are lazy. Some have a little desire, but very little passion. They let the Passion of some politician, priest or boss move them instead of doing what they love. When is the last time you truly wanted something and went out and did it? Remember that feeling that you were going to have it no matter what? That is desire and passion. You got what you wanted because the feminine energies brought the opportunities to you and you used the masculine energies to go out and do it. You will not attract her if you are giving your power away to someone real or imaginary.


The person who has the Power of Magic carries with them an aura of positive mental strength. It is plainly felt by those who come in contact with them. People say about such a person “they have something about them”. They are impressed by the person, but don’t understand what is going on. The person who has the Power of Magic does not tell you how important, smart or great they are. They make you feel their strength by their atmosphere without saying a word. They have the confidence in this power and themselves. Once you have worked with the Power of Magic for a while, you will realize it is your Higher Self(see Higher Self post). This is when you will you realize you are a Goddess or a God and you will amaze yourself at what you can achieve.


20 thoughts on “The Power of Magic”

  1. Quite a “mouthful” in there. As usual, you and I have a different terminology to express a power I think we agree on. Though I would never choose to be either a goddess or a god – I find those terms rife with mis-interpretative possibilities – I do know what it means to be utterly given to a purpose, in my case that being compassion. You speak of passion and I find that word in my own life goal. Magic as a part of life, certainly, no argument there. From magic we dream of the “power” to do miracles though it is never a controlling of others type of power. It is an inner force defining who we are to ourself – particularly in time of serious challenge, when doubt and pride raise their ugly heads. Not that doubt is entirely negative, it can be a way to control the ego, bring in humility. Anyway “magic” to me means the power to change myself into what I choose myself to be. Magic is self-empowerment.

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    1. You are absolutely right. It is self empowerment. But that seems to be a very hard thing to do on this planet. Part of what Im trying to do is get rid of the mis-interpretive possibilities of god and goddess. With the right interpretation, you are definitely a Goddess Sha’Tara.

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  2. Excellent post as usual! I would love to read a post from you, where you give an example from your own life in which you changed some condition or circumstance by applying the principles of magic – I’m sure it would be most inspiring. 🙏

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    1. Thank you, Box if Miracles. 😊 I will see what I can do. I have the toughest time writing about myself. You are not the first one that has asked me to do this, several have actually. People who I am in contact with via email, know these synchronicities are nudges from the Higher Self. If I don’t act on these nudges they become a 2×4 across the face. 😂 Looks like I’m going to have to leave my comfort zone and put a post out with some personal experiences. 😉

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      1. I totally understand your reluctance to share personal stories but it’s the personal examples that bring the theory to life. I look forward to reading whatever your intuition guides you to share with us. Best wishes 💁

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