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The Kabbalah is known as the tree of life, but should not be mistaken for the actual symbol of the Tree of Life throughout the world. This tradition was passed down orally for thousands of years and has lost it’s true meaning. There are a few keys to solving what this actually represents and one of those keys is a very popular kids game.


First thing you need to know is, like all things Judaic, the Kabbalah originated in Egypt. Michael Tsarion incorporates the Tarot with the Kabbalah Tree and this work is genius. The Tarot also originated in Egypt, so it is no surprise that they work well together. If the Kabbalah goes back to Egypt, how did it get associated with trees, path to the divine and chakras? The simple answer to that is ignorance. Like all things of the ancients we are left holding the empty shells of truth. The actual word Kabbalah is Cabbalah and it comes from the hebrew word ‘cabal’ meaning rope but also oath or pledge. This all had to do with Masonic initiations. Kabbalah’s true meaning is the oath or pledge that ties the individual to a group or organization. It goes deeper than that, so lets figure out how we got to the new age version of the Kabbalah.

Lets see why the Kabbalah is associated with trees. Judaism, Christianity and Islam refuse to let anyone know about their pagan roots. All three come out of Lower Egypt and planting trees in a grove was very sacred in Egypt. It even says in the Bible:

“And Abraham planted a grove in Beersheba, and called their own the name of the lord, the everlasting god.”

To see the true identity of Abraham read my Patriarch Pharaohs post. Theologians and other researchers that have caught on to this try to say the bible is referring to the tree of knowledge and the tree of good and evil. These are guesses at best by researchers who don’t understand the true history of this world. What god in Egypt has to do with nature and trees? It is are old buddy Osiris again. The link between Osiris and trees last to this day with the Green Man(see Green Man).

The groves in Avaris were of Yew trees. Yew trees constantly have new sections of the trunks spring up beside the old, so the entire tree constantly regrows and renews itself. Did Osiris not get caught in the trunk of a tree until Isis pulled him out? Because of this renewal of itself the Yew can live for thousands of years. They were seen as a symbol of eternal life and these trees were decorated much like our Christmas trees. If you are familiar with my work, you know the Christmas tree represents the Great Pyramid and the lights represent the walkway that used to be lit all the way to the top. Now we see here is the reason why we put other decorations on the tree.

Where does the formation of the Kabbalah come from? The answer to this is the Ankh. If you were to make a connect the dots for a child to draw the Ankh, it would look very similar. If you have read The Ankh post, you know it has to do with you and your higher self. Speaking of children, the shape of the Kabbalah is the origin of the game hopscotch. There are even texts that say the Templars played hopscotch. What are grown men who are supposedly enlightened doing playing hopscotch? The answer to this has to do with Elohim. The word Elohim in hebrew is considered both singular and plural noun for god. This is the word they used to take all the Egyptian gods and make them into one. The ten Sephiroth were actually the Egyptian gods and goddesses.  The image above was gods and goddesses used from my own research.  I’m not 100% sure they are in the perfect Sephiroth, but I know I am very close.

All the Egyptian gods and goddesses are aspects of yourself. The throwing of the rock is the remembrance of the rocks coming from the skies. The djed pillar is considered the back bone of Osiris, but hopscotch has to do with the leg of Osiris. The leg of Osiris is the supporting power of the pole that keeps the earth from tilting all the way over. In the Book of the Dead Osiris states

“I have come myself and delivered the deity from the pain and suffering that were in the trunk, in the shoulder, and in leg. I have come and healed the trunk and fastened the shoulder and made firm the leg. And I embark for the voyage of Ra”.

The deity he is talking about is you. The game of hopscotch is about the power of standing on one leg as that as the pole of the earth. Surviving the deluge is represented by picking up the rock. Using all the powers of the Gods and Goddesses that are within each and every person was used to survive the cataclysm and this same power can be used to survive anything life has to throw at us. That is what the game of hopscotch and the Kabbalah represent. This is why hopscotch was played in ancient Egypt and why the Templars played it regularly. The Sephiroth were mistakenly taken as chakras because people don’t know or believe they are divine. They are a God or Goddess and do not know it, so they keep trying to find ways to connect with the divine. Once one realizes they are the divine, there are no chakras needed.  You are a Goddess or God.  No path is needed to reach the divine.  All you have to do is connect with your Higher Self.

We are who we have been waiting for!

18 thoughts on “Kabbalah”

  1. You always present themes to think about and it is much appreciated! I think of the tarot, specifically The Hanged Man, that is loaded with symbolism from many sources. The puzzle is his one leg straight and one leg crooked, and so despite the explanations of Odin and Christianity offered for the symbol of the card, your thesis about standing on one leg may be the explanation.

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    1. Thanks Poeturja. 😊 I try to go with the simplest answer. I was taught that if someone is trying to make it complicated they are just trying to make themselves look smart or they don’t really get it. Simplest answer is always the solution.

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      1. Lol! That’s the one I use. It was actually taught to me as the KISS method. For guys it means ‘keep it simple stupid’ and for gals it means ‘keep it simple sweetheart’. It was a mathematics professor who taught me that.

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  2. It is also where the game snakes and ladders came from, the tree of life being Jacobs ladder and the snake being the divine energy that winds it’s way down the paths and sephiroth to Malkuth (Ma) from the sanskrit meaning earth as in *MA-tter*

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    1. Snakes and ladders is a game invented in India around 2nd century BCE. This puts the game after Alexander the Great’s conquest. Everything comes out of Egypt. The Jacob’s ladder story is a copy of an Egyptian story of Osiris. The ladder has always symbolized the Great Pyramid or more specifically the stairs that used to go around it. Serpents have always represented wisdom. It was always a priestess or priest that went to the top. Both being wise of course. Horus was even called the God of the ladder.


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