Lightning and Thunder


Lightning and Thunder are symbols that have been mistakenly given a bad reputation. Most believe it has to do with a negative state of mind or the physical state of the world. I’ve seen researches say it symbolized chaos, trouble and difficult times. Religions will tell you it symbolizes the power of god. It was his power to strike fear into all and kill his enemies. Why the hell would an all-powerful god need to strike fear in people? Why would he have enemies? In truth, lighting and thunder symbolize the power in us. The hidden power in ourselves.

Olympus is the abode of the gods and it is your mind. Hades is your body. This should not come as a surprise if you know that all gods and goddesses are aspects of yourself and the cosmos. Zeus’ lightning bolt symbolized strength, intellect, bright ideas, intuition and spiritual illumination. To the ancient Chinese, lighting was associated with new life. To the ancient Celts a tree or spot that was struck by lightning was considered sacred. In the Native American tradition, lightning was a wink from the great creator spirit. The ancients understood the meaning of lightning and thunder, religion took it and used it for fear mongering. That doesn’t surprise me at all.

Lightning and Thunder have to do with heightened states of consciousness. Our creative power, our imagination and are courage to create. This power comes from our unconscious mind, where the magic happens. The greatest artists, poets, writers, architects and scientists have all said their work comes from somewhere beyond consciousness. Even Mozart said he did not know where is music came from, nor could he force them. Goethe said about his writings:
“I wrote the book almost unconsciously, like I was a sleepwalker and was amazed when I realized what I had done.”

How is it that these great creative people get the lightning storm of inspiration? The trick that the ancients knew was to alternate between intense work and rest/relaxation. Thinking intensely about what you want to achieve feeds the unconscious with questions and will set the unconscious in motion to solving the problem. When you take a break from the intense work, it provides a relief from conscious tension. This allows unconscious insights to appear in the conscious mind, the lightning strike. The philosopher Bertrand Russel says this about it:

“I have found, for example, that, if I have to write upon some rather difficult topic, the best plan is to think about it with very great intensity – the greatest intensity of which I am capable – for a few hours or days, and at the end of that time give orders, so to speak, that the work is to proceed underground. After some months I return consciously to the topic and find that the work has been done.”

He is saying that it took months for him. I have found it doesn’t take anywhere near that long. Just think about it intensely and it will set your subconscious into motion. This is Magic. I have had the lightning strike in as soon as a few hours. I think it really depends on the difficulty of the task as to how long it will take. It may also have to do with belief in yourself. If you don’t believe you can achieve it, the solutions will never come.

The flashes of wisdom and understanding are the lightning. The thunder is the execution of this wisdom and understanding. Using this intelligence and intuition is the mind functioning like the Genie that it is, at the incredible height of its magical power. When you tap into this power, you are no longer part of the herd. Embrace the aspiration. Live for risk and refuse to become stagnant. This is the key to self transformation. The lightning is the sign of the individual. Let them hear your thunder, your poem, your music, your writings, your art or anything you can create with your mind. Your free and individual mind. No longer let them hear the sound of the herd stampeding or grazing. Let them hear your thunder!!!

Western culture is in decline. It is time for the individual to live his or her goals. It is time for the individual to plant the seed of his or her highest hope. Specialize in creation not consumption. Most people, in spite of their pleasures and comforts, are empty and miserable. They have no aspiration and no meaningful goals to pursue. They are stagnant in their nest of comfort. Because of this they will seek the de-individualization of every person in the name of equality. This is what Nietzsche had to say about the masses:

“No herdsman and one herd. Everyone wants the same thing, everyone is the same: whoever thinks otherwise goes voluntarily into the madhouse.”

Become the individual who is able to rise above the herd. Follow yourself and go where you want to go. Acknowledge your dreams and your greatest possibilities. Show them how strong your Thunderstorm can be!

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