The Viking Era is believed to be from 792-1066 CE. The Vikings were north seafarers who traded and raided the North European homeland. Who were these people and where did they come from? Were they barbaric people like history tells us? In the last 10-15 years a lot of truth has come out about the Vikings, so why are we so slow to get the truth out about them?  With the truth of the Vikings coming out, it shatters the lies of human origins. Time to start shattering history.

The gods of the Vikings were the Norse gods and goddesses. I have shown in previous post that the Norse gods are the Egyptian gods. These gods and goddesses were aspects of ourselves and the cosmos, but they are also the so-called gods of Atlantis, actual beings that walked on earth many thousands of years ago. In the 11th and 12th centuries Norse writings  begin to appear and the Eddas and Sagas were written close to this time. The supposed history of the people who were just conquered was put to scroll. With their gods coming from Egypt, that is where we must go to learn the truth.

Viking literally means ‘bay goer’, but most people believe it to mean pirate or raider. They did not where cow horned helmets. That was a 19th century invention and it said that this originated from an archeologist who made a mistake when he found a certain artifact. Supposedly this archeologist found a figurine of Odin with two ravens on his shoulder, this was mistaken for a horned helmet. I know this is a lie because I haven’t met an archeologist yet that admits to a mistake.  In truth the helmet with cow horns is hinting at the origins of the Vikings as is the purple color of the NFL’s Minnesota Vikings uniforms. Everything I am showing you is known occult history.

As I have shown before, every civilization in the Mediterranean was a daughter of Egypt. All of these people could not get along in Egypt, so they left and started their own civilization with their own rules and languages(see Tower of Babel). The civilization that interests us in this investigation is Santorini or Thera and the Minoan empire in Crete. Both of these civilizations came out of Egypt before the Thera volcano erupted in about 1600 BCE. Thera was an Island, they had to have ships to get to the island. Egypt had ships as I have claimed all along. Both of these civilizations venerated the Bull, as in Taurus. They understood the astrological importance of the symbols because the artwork from Crete shows bull jumping and bull fighting. These symbolized the sun leaving the age of Taurus and is where bull jumping and bull fighting comes from. The people of Thera were the Phoenicians. The Thera eruption is what caused the biblical exodus(see Patriarch Pharaohs).

As Thera was getting ready to erupt, the Phoenicians packed their ships and went to Lower Egypt. Some may have went to Crete and others may have started new a civilization other places in the Mediterranean, but quite a few went to Lower Egypt. Lower Egypt was in a dispute with Upper Egypt about the heavens, the sun leaving Taurus and going into Aries. Egypt has ancient texts about the sea people attacking them and it was the Phoenicians working with the Lower Egyptians attacking Upper Egypt. The Phoenicians and Egyptians couldn’t get along, there’s a surprise, and so the Phoenicians left and became the sea people. The bible even says that Moses was having trouble with the bull worshipers within his own people.

The Phoenicians were master traders and they had settlements about every 70 miles along the Mediterranean coast lines. This was about a day’s journey in a ship back then. They became known as the “traders in purple”. The purple dye was a product of the sea and came from the murex snail. These snails were found only in the Mediterranean area. It was so rare and became so expensive that it became known as the color of royalty. It was even legally ordained that only certain people could wear purple.
As you know from my other posts, Pharaoh Aye took one of Akhenaton’s daughters and left Egypt for Ireland and Scotland(see Patriarch Pharaohs). Aye and Akhenaton were Lower Egyptian. Aye took quite a few people with him including Phoenicians. They were the sea people who helped him sail to Ireland. This was about 1300 BCE. In my work I show that the Tuatha de Danann were already there when he arrived. Eventually they booted him and his people over to Scotland(see Tuatha de Danann). The texts say that they eventually intermingled and the Tuatha De Danann gave several females to the Scottish people because there weren’t many females in Scotland. I think they knew they were related and so the Tuatha de Danann gave princesses to them to keep the bloodline going. I know this is complicated and if you are new to my work it may seem strange that the Tuatha de Danann was related to a group of people coming out of Egypt, but if you read my earlier posts on this subject, you will understand.

This is the beginnings of the Vikings. All the way back in 1300 BCE the Egyptians and the Tuatha de Danann combined their ship building know how and spread out from there. Was this information lost by 792 CE at the beginning of the Viking age? Why would the Vikings just all of a sudden start attacking Europe? Was it because they were hungry for treasure and power like the popular show Vikings portrays them to be? In truth, christianity was using force and terror as a way to Christianize pagans. It was either convert to christianity and get baptized or be executed (and christians are appalled at muslims). The Vikings knew their history and this was just Lower Egypt trying to control the world yet again. The Vikings were forced to leave Egypt and create a home in the north and now Egypt was coming for their home. It was time to kick some christian ass. They did it well for about 300 years.

Some readers may think I am way off base on this, but think about this…the Viking Torc was a creation of Akhenaton. He would give them to his followers as rewards. The Torc was taken out of Egypt with Aye.  The one that most screams Egypt is the valknut. Three interlocking triangles that no one seems to know what they mean. Most meanings given are just ridiculous. This is three pyramids!!! As in the three Egyptian pyramids! They are telling you where they came from. Lastly, the Rune alphabet is the Phoenician alphabet. Modern scholars will tell you they are both Hebrew. Hebrew is actually ( H Eberews) meaning ‘the people of the Nile’. All there for the people with eyes to see and ears to hear. All of the western world goes back to Egypt.

9 thoughts on “Vikings”

  1. This is an interesting link between Egypt and the north, I did not believe it but there are many sources!
    With the Vikings, however, I see a longer historical incurrence from the mesolithic Ertebølle culture to the Corded Ware culture in the Bronze Age!

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    1. Yes definitely. Im sure the Phoenicians and Egyptians integrated with people that were already there. The Scottish Chronicles and the Scotichronicon say they had to fight off several civilizations because they were not wanted. Im sure as they sailed there way to Ireland and Scotland fighting wasn’t all they did with the cultures already there.

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