Cave Trolls


I haven’t done a post on Lord of the Rings lately, so I will show the Cave Troll. If you have read my Trolls post, you know Trolls are suppressed thoughts or memories. These Trolls need to be tended to in the awakening process. Tolkien represents this perfectly in his books. We all have suppressions we need to deal with, but most of us just let them be until they grow so big, they come out swinging.

All of the characters in Lord of the Rings are aspects of yourself. This battle with the Cave Troll is a battle going on in your mind. It could be something you did in the past that you need to forgive yourself for or it could be something you thought was true and turned out to be false. I think the Cave Trolls may also refer to the self talk in our head that we need to overcome. That voice in our head telling us something bad will happen, we are not good enough, we are not smart enough or any other negativity that dominates our thoughts. I show in my Magic post how to overcome these thoughts.

This battle scene is a perfect representation of the battles you will have in your mind while waking up. If you notice Legolas, a very androgynous looking character with a bow and arrow, is the one who hurts the Cave Troll the most and ultimately kills it. The bow and arrow have always symbolized masculine and feminine in myths. Legolas and his weapon are symbolizing how you have to use the masculine and feminine side of the mind in order to be victorious. We all have this, we just don’t know how to use it. I have shown many times before how all humans are in the masculine mindset. The Goddess is the key to the underworld, but you can’t just kick the ego or masculine to the curb. The ego becomes an agent to the Goddess once you have found her. That is what the Strength card in the Tarot is showing.


If you think I am way out there on this, look at the Lovers card. Check out the eyes of the man and woman. She is the connection to the divine.



The ego has zero connection without her. Religions and governments know this and they will not give you any secrets to the connections. Our minds are very powerful, but the ego is weak with greed and selfishness without the sacred feminine. This is why we are never shown any of the secrets of the mind. You have to go and dig for them. Conquering the Cave Trolls is a learning process.

One brilliant aspect of this story, not shown in the video, is Frodo’s Mithril. Frodo survives this blow from the Cave Troll because he is wearing Mithril. There is also sorts of fantastic speculation about Mithril on the internet. Tolkien used this to give hints about the journey of awakening. Mithril is Myth and real put together. I think Tolkien was showing the Myths of the world are real, but I also think he was referring that you have to figure out what is true in your life as well as in this world. What is myth and what is real.

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