What will help someone stay on the awakening path? How do I make sure I can become fully awake and not fall back to sleep? I know I am on the path to awakening and I am struggling, what advice do you have to help? These are just a few questions I have received since the last post. Most will tell you to keep an open mind, but that wouldn’t help anyone. What is an open mind? To me, keeping an open mind is accepting another person’s beliefs. So you just replace garbage with garbage. Belief is why the world is divided. I will be more specific and say – “be open to knowledge”. When you hear others talking about how you have to be like Sherlock Holmes, they are talking about being open to knowledge.  Figuring out what is true and what is false.  You have to feel the truth behind the camouflage.

Awakening mandates a shift in your whole mindset. Looking for knowledge requires you to embrace a more intuitive and nuance way of seeing. You have to understand “we do not know what we don’t know”. I’m not trying to put some Wizard or Jedi trick on you here. The most ignorant people in the world are so sure they are right about everything. They have it all figured out. When in actuality it is like Socrates said “True knowledge exist in knowing you know nothing”. Aristotle said, “The more you know, the more you know you don’t know”. It is not human nature to embrace the unknown. When we are confronted by an unknown it makes us uncomfortable, we ignore it, we run away, or we label it in ways that allow us to dismiss it. Embrace the unknown.

The mistake most people make when they begin down the road of Awakening is they try to confirm their thoughts. People have beliefs they desire to be true and they will over value evidence that confirms those beliefs. Anything that disproves the beliefs is disregarded. People will accept what confirms their thoughts no matter how ridiculous it sounds. Our brains naturally confirm what we want to believe, but we have to overcome that to really awaken. We have to overcome the “it worked for me in the past” attitude. You were not awake in the past, so if you keep doing what you did in the past, you will not awaken. Be aware of your biases  you are using to keep yourself from awakening. Don’t be afraid to change.

Another reason people won’t wake up is because they have too much invested in whatever lie they have believed. They figure they have invested way to much, so it does not matter how much truth is shown, they will not change their mind. They have invested to much time and effort in the lie to change. The truth I have shown changes the world. Each piece of truth that comes out makes what happen in the past irrelevant. It does not matter how much money, time or energy you have put into that lie, it will always be a lie. It is time to be irreverent towards beliefs we have out grown. You are now in an entirely new situation and you have to evaluate the world with the new information you have available. Open yourself up to the factual reality that is in front of you.

Be able to take a punch or several for that matter. Very few are able to navigate through what is true and what isn’t. How do you know you have found truth? You will know it intuitively and it will feel like you just took a punch to the gut or face. Mike Tyson once said “Everyone has a plan until they get punched in the mouth”. The truth will literally daze you. This is where most people run and never come back. Very few will pick themselves up and look for more. I remember my first punch. It was given to me by Michael Tsarion. I grew up Mormon, but it never felt right. I had never heard of the Goddess or the feminine side of spirit. When I started listening to his videos on the Goddess and the Sacred Feminine, it was like Mike Tyson gave me a right cross. I couldn’t breath and I couldn’t stop crying. I thought, “What the hell is wrong with me!” I ran to the bathroom to pull myself together. When I looked in the mirror, my light blue eyes were glowing. I had found the Goddess. I am eternally grateful to Tsarion for introducing me to the Goddess. The Sacred Feminine is a must for awakening.

With Tsarion it was just one punch. Little did I know that when I found Ralph Ellis, it was going to be like going 12 rounds with Tyson and getting knocked out in every round. That is how strong the truth is in Ralph’s books and that’s the reason most are scared to read them. I know it may sound weird for me to compare finding truth with boxing, but that is what a lot of the battles in the myths are symbolizing. That battle of the mind or intellect. The battle to get the truth. In Star Wars, the lightsaber battles are symbolizing battles of intellect. Then when we have found the truth, we are scared to share it with others. If someone asks us to explain some of our new-found truths, we get scared. Our hands sweat, our fight or flight kicks in(with flight emphasized in our minds), and our thoughts drunkenly trip over themselves. Why does this happen? Because we want to fit in. It was put in our DNA to go along to get along. This is the chain that most don’t want to break. If my web site only accomplishes on thing, I hope it gets you over the fear of being an individual and sharing the truth.

Previously I shared how I made others freak out when I shared the truth I had discovered.   I stopped because I thought the world wasn’t ready for the truth I had learned. As I showed in Gollum, the ego will say anything to get back in charge. I don’t approach people, they approach me. When they ask me for information, they are either searching or they want to try to prove me wrong. I understand now that when someone is searching I am helping them break their walls. They need to have that punch the same way I needed it. It is their intuition breaking the chains. It is why I started this website, to help those truly searching to have a place to find truth. If Michael Tsarion didn’t have his information out there, I would be dead. I really couldn’t take this world anymore, but that is another story. On the other hand, like Bertrand Russell says:

“The trouble with the world is that the stupid are cocksure and the intelligent are full of doubt”.

When these type people confront me, I enjoy every minute of watching their mind glitch. If it was someone I actually know, they avoid me at all costs. I never see or hear from them again. To Awaken is to become our authentic selves. Share that authentic person with the world. It will make this world a better place.

We are who we have been waiting for.  Come out of the shadows and dance.

4 thoughts on “Awakening”

  1. Some good points made here on awakening. I would, however, have a serious bone to pick with both, Socrates and Aristotle on the business of knowing. If I take those quotes literally, the search for knowledge ends right there, “knowing” that the more knowledge I gather, the less I will know, or I’ll know nothing. That’s not my path. I went throught the post suicide near death experience and was “blessed” with an encounter with non-Earth beings who were to be “the Teachers” for 20 years. Yes, agreed, within Matrix teaching, including parental, school, church and corporate, it’s all lies. Whether they are aware of it or not, these “accredited teachers” are predators because the belief systems they live by and foist on the helpless and the ignorant source from a predatory mindset. But awakening means discovering another path to knowledge and that knowledge is real and cumulative. It takes place outside the judgmental/condemnatory space of “truth versus lie”. False knowledge, that which undergirds man’s societies and global civilization, forces one to take sides, and your side, of course, has the truth whereas her side is a lie. Me being aware of this doesn’t equal “knowing nothing” – quite the opposite. Those who live by the lie, by belief systems incorporating Religion, Politics and Money, are the ignorant ones who know nothing because they don’t need to: they live by faith, that being… “the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen” as the bad book says. So, yes, in Matrix-dominated belief worlds, the more you know, the less you do, but once on the path of awakening, that no longer applies. As for having an open mind, same thing. An open mind in Matrix control means group think, but upon awakening having an open mind is of absolute necessity. I don’t worry if I accept something as true today to discover it is no longer true tomorrow because whatever happened to make me aware of this is what is replacing what I have to discard as no longer true. This constant process of replacing that which no longer serves with new ideas is a process that only an open mind can function with. So I have, and continue to, observe.

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    1. I take Aristotle and Socrates as saying the more you learn, the more you realize you need to learn more. There are infinite things to learn or know and there is no way we can do it in one life time. We cant know everything. The more I learn the more I know in the scheme of what there is to know, I know nothing. So I will keep trying to learn knowledge. Once a person thinks they know it all, it is over for their mind. Learning will stop. It is great to have an open mind if you can tell the difference between belief and knowledge. Most can’t tell the difference. Religion was built on belief. Everything about religion is a lie. I can believe people are good, but your definition of good and my definition are going to be different. Everything about belief is different in every different mind.

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