Magic is the Key


Every organism depends on its environment for success and growth. A person needs to make sense out of his or her world, when that need is frustrated again and again, you get what you see in the world today. Everywhere you have people telling others they can’t do that because they are not good enough, they are not good-looking enough or they are not smart enough. People treat others they way they treat themselves. That voice in our head is judging us all the time. This means we are in this environment 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. No wonder we can’t grow.

Why do we measure our importance on things such as good looks, popularity, material possessions, influence and affluence? We have got to change this thinking. We have got to quit seeking approval from others. We don’t have free will because what has been programmed into our subconscious is the program that is running our life. Magic is the key to change that programing. For those that keep emailing me and telling me magic is child’s play, you don’t understand magic. Why would religions and governments charge people with magic and kill them for practicing it? Does that sound like child’s play to you? Magic helps you use your whole mind. That is why it  magic has been degraded to child’s play. We as a human race are beginning to outgrow the old paradigm, if we are to grow we have to change. I believe we know something is wrong, but we just don’t know what or how to fix it. Most think it is themselves and that is wrong.

Magic will help you make sense out of the world and the people in it. You will feel alienated from a cruel, frustrating and irrational environment and people, but you will be connected to reality. You will see how most don’t know what they are doing. They are lost and helpless, but pretend to be in control. The ones that are brave enough to seek are sucked in by the lies of religion and self-help. It is time for this garbage to go! Quit wasting your time with it. You are perfect! Until you realize your power you will never control your life. We don’t need to be a prisoner of yesterdays choices. Knowledge is power, safety, security and serenity.

Is this world what you want it to be? Are you happy with what you see? Do you like the way animals and nature are treated? If you are reading my work, you probably think something is wrong.
Well you are not alone. As Michael Ellner writes :

“Just look at us. Everything is backwards, everything is upside down. Doctors destroy health, lawyers destroy justice, psychiatrists destroy minds, scientists destroy truth, major media destroys information, religions destroy spirituality and governments destroy freedom.”

We value money over food, water and shelter. Governments force people to pay for insurance, but when the storms happen they don’t force the insurance companies to pay. Just take a look at how many people were screwed over by insurance companies in these last hurricanes. Medical insurance is the same way. They are forcing people to buy insurance, but not force the companies to pay the claims. Can’t take away the CEO’s yachts and the company parties. This world has been like this since day one. They have just expanded the greed to include more relatives. They separate us by race and boundaries and because the so-called leaders of this world can’t get along, we are sent to kill someone we have never met. War is honorable in this world. How bad does the world have to get before people say enough is enough? The desire to change and willingness to improves is pure magic.

This world has been controlled by fear and guilt. Fear and guilt sabotage the mind. That is exactly what this world wants, a world filled with anxiety. They want a race of people who feel so tormented they feel crippled, alienated, cutoff and powerless in this realm. They make us question our mind with our own mind. If a person who has had enough goes to a psychologist, they are put on drugs. We are a bunch of smiling depressives. Depression and anxiety are actually positive. It lets us know something is wrong. With so many people depressed and full of anxiety, it has to be the environment of this world. We act out of fear and just want to feel safe. We choose not to live, but to escape. We do whatever we can to not feel anxiety, guilt, inadequacy, self-doubt and being hurt. Like my basketball coach told our team at a low time, “We are playing not to lose instead of playing to win”. I hate to use a sports analogy here, but it is a perfect analogy of how we are living. Life demands continued growth and creativeness. I have said before we are expressions of nature, the divine or the force that wants to create. We have to break the chains the world has put on our minds. Magic is the key. I love the way it feels when I break the chains. Borrowing a word from J.K. Rowling, you will no longer be a ‘muggle’.

Magic embraces Aristotle’s entelechy. Because of religion and government there is so much in human history that has been hidden, denied, disowned and repressed. They have severed the connection of each and every person with their Higher Self. I love Jason Silva, but he is wrong in the video where he says religion gave us this connection. Religion from day one has been about control and greed. It is obvious Jason doesn’t know the history of the earth that I have shown in Lemurian Magic. He has to be a Darwinist or he will not be accepted. I will tell every Darwinist the same thing I tell theologians, “You are either ignorant or you are lying”. As Helena Blavatsky said “We did not come from apes, they came from us”(see Lemurian Magic). The old narratives include science. Just a small example of this, the sun is electric plasma, not nuclear. As long as our universe has black holes and white holes the sun will always be there. The black and white holes are not going anywhere and neither is our sun. More fear mongering! See the Thunderbolt’s Project. We are in a time of history that will bring truths to light. Just like when people finally stood up and said the Earth is not flat and everything does not revolve around it.

The Overview Effect by astronauts is a psychic transformation, but is also unlocking repressed history in their DNA. Them getting out there and seeing the full picture of the galaxy is unlocking repressed history in their DNA. They went home! We as a human race our not from here. It is why we treat the earth the way we do. We rape Mother Earth from everything she has and scream for more. I believe the ultimate plan is to actually leave this planet and we don’t care what shape we leave her in. Throw the old narrative to the road!!! We have been programmed to use the alien mind and not the hominid. We need to remember what we have forgotten. The human race was born here, but if we can get out of the alien mind and into the whole mind, we can make this world better for all of us. I am positive there is a whole new galactic community waiting for us to grow up and join them, but we can’t do it with our old way of thinking. Magic is the key to using our whole mind. Magic is the key to awakening to our true condition.




6 thoughts on “Magic is the Key”

    1. Thank you hitandrun. 😊 It’s time for us to break the chains. I am so glad to see your post exposing the lies and honored to have you reading my posts. We can dance in the dark and hope people join us. 😉

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      1. Loving dancing in the dark! Gserpent why does it feel, that even if we “get” this great Cosmic game, which we have designed, we can’t openly speak declare it, or claim it? Is it “safer” for a magician/god/angel to become invisible and do his/her work, thereby avoiding attention/parasites/naysayers/energetic hooks, etc? Or are we still influenced/cautioned by ancient memories that we would be burnt/hung/ridiculed/attacked? Or is this some other unconscious belief we have to let go of? With current collective state of mind, of killing messengers who say The Truth (whether journalists, investigators, researchers, etc), I wonder, whether I’m wise in being cautious and invisible, or whether I need to also shed some other memory/skin. I look forward to your advice. Gratitude

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      2. All of what you said is just part of being human. I believe it is because of our ancient memories, but it goes all the way back to the war of the gods and everything else you mentioned. Our history and collective unconscious is not pretty. Until most of the world discovers our true history and deals with it, all we can do is lead by example.


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