Eleven Traits of Witches and Wizards

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I’m often asked, “How do I know if I’m a Witch or Wizard?” I can often tell that if the person is genuinely curious, they are nervous. They have it in their mind that a person who is into magic sits in their parent’s basement and plays with wands and dresses in robes. That is what this world has reduced magic to. This is because the world is in the masculine mindset and has been for the last 5,000 years or so. A true Witch or Wizard has tapped into the power of the sacred feminine. People fear the feminine energy because they don’t understand it. We have brutalized and suppressed the sacred feminine. Governments and religions have put the world into a severe masculine mindset. We have no idea what sacred masculine or sacred feminine actually is. Everything about this world from the top to the bottom is ME, ME, ME!!! The ego will not clip its own wings. This is why chaos was so important to the ancients, it takes chaos to clip the wings of the ego. Chaos gives you a chance to break the false self-image.

If you are questioning about being one, you have overcome one of the biggest steps. You see how fake the world is. If the world no longer makes sense, you could be on your way to waking up. Just because you are awake, doesn’t mean you are a Witch or Wizard. First and foremost a Witch and Wizard are a free spirit who have mastered their own mind. So how would you know if you could naturally be a Witch or Wizard or if someone you know might be one? Here are some traits of a Witch or Wizard.

  1. Witches and Wizards not only love solitude, they prioritize it. They have overcome the voice in their head and love to be alone. Being around the masses actually drains a Witch or Wizard. Solitude is where they have their greatest insights. They don’t mistake aloneness for loneliness.
  2. Witches and Wizards are very individualistic. They embrace who they are without judgement, which means they love themselves. They know how important it is to be an individual. They get meaning from within, conscious of internal and external, matter and mind, spiritual and material, sharing and ebb and flow. They have self fulfillment and don’t care what others think about them. They have their own values, dreams and passions. They trust their premonitions as if they had an internal crystal ball.
  3. Witches and Wizards love to learn and have an insatiable curiosity. They are capable of seeking the truth at all costs. They are only interested in experiences that expand the mind and soul. This is why you will never find one of them in religion or politics. They see every life experience as an opportunity to learn and grow. They are open-minded, but have no patience for ignorance. They know in todays age of information that ignorance is a self-made prison. They don’t mind helping others learn, but once belief gets in the way they are done. To them ignorance is the greatest evil. They understand how much they don’t know because if they don’t know it, they can learn it.
  4. Witches and Wizards lead healthy lives. They understand a healthy body helps creates a healthy mind and soul. A healthy mind helps create a healthy body and soul. A healthy soul helps create a healthy mind and body. They understand they are all connected. This is why you will never see them eating at a fast food restaurant. They exercise because it gives them mental clarity, confidence and overall happiness. They understand exercise is a stress reliever and can help regulate the information coming in. They are born adventurers and discoverers.
  5. Witches and Wizards believe nothing is impossible. They don’t waste time focusing on limitations and negatives. They understand that we impose our own limits. If we set a limit, it implies there is an unlimited. When we impose a limit, we are already beyond it. They understand that people judge others by their own limitations.
  6. Love runs deep to those who Witches and Wizards let in their lives. Witches and Wizards surround themselves with people who accept them for who they are. If you are in the life of a Witch or Wizard, you are on holy ground in their personal life. They are not social butterflies. When it comes to friends, it is quality over quantity.
  7. Witches and Wizards love nature. Being in nature gives their mind a chance to wonder and ponder. They are in awe of nature. They can go for walks or just sit in nature and do nothing and feel right at home. They do not fear nature or themselves. They know they are part of nature. They long to be as close to Mother Nature as possible, so they can be in her beauty and power. They feel comfortable in storms. As a matter a fact they revel in the power of Mother Nature. Animals are naturally attracted to Witches and Wizards. They love animals so much that they cry emphatically with the creatures on this planet. They have a high emotional intelligence with all life forms. They are drawn to the Moon and natural crystals. The beauty of the moon takes their breath away. Most can’t walk by a garden without getting their hands dirty. They can hear the birds and insects every time they go outside.
  8. Witches and Wizards are in charge of their own lives. They are the captain of their own ship. They don’t have the ‘poor little me’ attitude. They have a powerful sense of personal responsibility. They are seekers of significance and meaning. Things don’t just happen to them they command whatever happens to them. They don’t bow down to anyone or anything because divinity is within themselves not outside of themselves. Their intuition leads them.
  9. Witches and Wizards are very creative. They are involved in one or more type of art forms because they love art. They use imagination to create art and their lives. They love what they do and do what they love. They know creativity is what distinguishes us from all other creatures and creative genius is what entitles us to think of ourselves as gods and goddesses. Even as an adult they will play and be incomprehensible to the masses.
  10. Witches and Wizards are highly adaptable. They can handle change and love fate. This is one reason why the ancients saw them as serpents, they are able to shed their skin. They are flexible and can thrive in different settings. They can adapt regardless to the restrictions or complications placed upon them. I find this one the most important. Religion tried its best to exterminate all the Witches and Wizards, yet we are still here.
  11. Witches and Wizards see things other people can’t see. They can have visions and dreams of past lives and future. They know this is not all there is and they don’t believe in coincidences. They seek natural and energetic remedies, for this reason they are drawn to the healing arts.

I hope this helps some of you that are wondering about trying magic. Maybe you see these traits in yourself or maybe you can see them in someone you know. Magic can be fun and it is life changing. The most important thing for magic is an imagination. These are just a few traits that came to mind. Did I miss any? Let me know in the comments. For you theologians that are about to put satan worshippers in the comments, try to educate yourself before you show the world your ignorance.

33 thoughts on “Eleven Traits of Witches and Wizards”

    1. Everything I read about the traits ,I have come to experience and wake up to know myself better. I see the world as one big illusion and I see the lies which blind mankind from the truth.
      I am an Aquarious I’m a very deep thinking and I love exposing things for who and what they really are. I see the spiritual world my know knowledge and at first I remember being afraid of it. But I keep seeking and life rose up against me. Addiction
      Prison Lust.Questioning my makeup of.
      I am a Blackfoot Indian and I a warrior and My Guide is The Black Wolf..
      If I am a Warwick by traits then so be it.
      When Neo took the blue pill he saw the truth and he followed it until he knew himself. Once a man knows himself. He can not be controlled by forces that target is mind. I am sound mind and my soul is longing for his mate. My spirit is the guArdian of my heArt.
      People don’t gather around me becauSe they hate me
      The come becaUse I have what they seek or fear.
      They have no choice listen to me when I speak out in public. They stop in disbelief knowing they here me speak the truth..
      I am the hell that rolls.
      I am the Paul Revere of the new age.
      I am the light at the end of dArkness.
      I am the Spirit of the Spirit who choose me.
      I am not the savior but the one who prepAres for him
      I am the power within who
      Rules ove fear.
      I am less than I know and the more I learn the less I know
      I’ve come to believe that knowledge is powerful and It doesn’t make me powerful It makes me more AWARE OF THE TRUTH THAT LIVED IN AND OUTSIDE OF MYSELF.

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      1. Very nice. Nice to meet you Richard Lane. Many who go down the road of occult wisdom end up in some kind of addiction. What is important is you got yourself out. Feel free to look around.


      1. You’re very welcome.Those sorts cannot conceptualize anyone not worshiping something/someone so if someone isnt in alignment with what they believe to be good, then that person must be alignment with what they feel to be bad.

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  1. i believe myself to be a healer, or somewhat of a modern day shaman i guess,the only reason i say that is because of first hand experience,the first time i healed someone was totally unententional and the person had no idea that it was me,after that i intentionally set out to heal 2 more people who i had NEVER laid eyes upon,nor had they ever seen me, i was only given their first names,within weeks i was informed that both of these individuals health had improved greatly,and believe me when i say that both of them were very ill.I am in no way tooting my own horn, my life on this planet has been no cake walk by any means, but the criteria that you listed above describes me too a tee, i have so much more to tell but ill finish in another post,by the way i love your blog

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    1. Thanks. 😊 I can believe you have not had a cake walk with healing powers like that. If you pretended to be some kind of saint and demanded money, they probably would accept you and your powers. It is ok to toot your own horn. 😉


      1. no one knows this except for me and now you, i can truly identify with what’s called”the wounded healer”because my very own daughter has seizures,these past 15 years have been hell for me,but i am drawn to the occult,mythology and ancient knowledge for some odd reason,as far as the healing goes there was a young lady in my neighborhood who was a known alcoholic and drug addict,but i could feel her energy,she was a very sweet but troubled person, i felt compelled to help her so i meditated and prayed for her in silence for about a week, i didnt see her for about 4 or 5 months but when i finally saw her she had stopped using drugs and alcohol, she had gained some healthy weight,she had a new job, AND a new automobile, mind you that she was just a girl from the neighbrhood, and i didnt even know her name, go figure….

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  2. Wow Wow Wow I Can’t Believe All Traits Mentioned Are All me,attraction To The Moon,ocean,magic,the Forest,waterfalls,flowers I’m An Artist Myself I Draw,sculpt,dance,sing,etc,love Animals And They Love Me To,my Spiritual Animal Is An Owl Is That Not A Wise Animal?,I Had Dreams I Can’t Explain I’ve Seen Into The Future So Many Countless Times,I’ve Been Attracted To Nature And Magic,magical And mystical Beings And Acts Seens I’ve Been 3 Years Old When I swim In Thee Ocean And Walk Or Sit In The Woods I Feel Home I Dont Care What People Say Or think about Me I Love Being Alone….. And Many More

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    1. That is awesome! I definitely would say you are a Magical person. The Owl is definitely wise. Here is what I know about the Owl and it sounds like it is perfect for you.
      The Owl is the Mystery of silent wisdom, heightened vision and hearing. Teaches the power of silence and contemplation and the balance of waiting and acting. When action is taken, it is swift. The Owl teaches the ability to extract secrets from within, so look and listen carefully. He also aids in clearing deceptions within and without. Are you trusting your instincts about people? Are you listening to your surroundings? Do you have patience? The owl has much wisdom in how to see and sense the world along with determination and patience in waiting for the right opportunity.


  3. “They are flexible and can thrive in different settings. They can adapt regardless to the restrictions or complications placed upon them. ”

    This resonates. The creed I live by is tell me the rules and I’ll play the game. Somehow, this tends to irritate others…probably because I’m a good player and I play to win.

    I’m enjoying your blog. Thank you for being here, just when I needed you.

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  4. I have all of the traits you have mentioned except number 10.
    They have an insatiable curiosity,they understand that healthy body helps creat healthy mind and soul,they believe nothing is impossible,witches and wizards not only love solitude they prioritize it.

    When it comes to being alone, I can spend a week inside my room.

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    1. Being alone is the hardest. Not many can be alone with their thoughts. You have conquered one of the greatest feats.

      Number 10 is change. It is the second most difficult. I bet you can do it.


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