Living Magically

Living magically is the state of living mentally active rather than passive. It is knowing what goes into our subconscious rather letting someone plant ideas in our head. It is the ability to look at the world through fresh eyes. It is being consciously aware of all our actions, goals and interests. It is the willingness to confront our perceptions and be willing to change if needed. It is expanding your awareness and understanding both internal and external worlds. It is the commitment to seek and see with our own eyes and mind. To know the difference between real and unreal, truth and untruths. Understanding the reality you live in is very real.

Old traditions and beliefs that have been embedded into our minds are starting to fall apart. As the wave of truth comes in and crumbles the traditions and beliefs that were built out of lies, people are becoming lost and fragmented. The problem is they are replacing those lies with more lies. We have nothing to protect us but our minds. You have the power to decide what you will consciously let into your subconscious and become your default setting. I recently watched the movie Inception. This movie is a beautiful representation of how ideas are planted into the subconscious and once it is planted there, your mind will defend that idea at all costs. This is the main reason why people passionately defend the lies of science, history and religion and it is also why universities, governments and corporations will destroy anyone who goes against those ideas. It is time for the world to take a magical look at itself and realize we can do better.

We live in an irrational world. A world where facts are discarded simply because they don’t go along with our beliefs. Truth is not respected and question asking is not valued, it is punished. People are told honesty is very important, yet this world is built on lies. We are taught to help other people, but bad things happen like a mugger attacking people in crowed areas, yet no one helps and everyone just acts like nothing happened. We are taught religions are the highest of integrity, but priests molest and rape children and nothing happens. All the irrationality of this world has caused people to give up the will to understand. People have given up on thinking, it is seen as not worthwhile. So when people are told the patriarch god is a god of love and infinite benevolence, but if you don’t do what he says you will burn in hell for eternity, they except it without questioning. Same goes for a person who has a favorite politician who lies to get elected, but it is fine because that politician supposedly thinks the same. If something is true, our ignorance of it or refusal to see it does not make it untrue. This world teaches us that it is acceptable to get the things we want by lying.

The reader may say we can use reason and start thinking rationally. The problem with that is when we use our reason we are using whatever has been planted in our subconscious. If you believe that your country is good and another country is evil, you will give yourself good reasons to go to war. If you have been told your whole life that you are not good enough, you will give reasons not to do something. That is what Blake’s Urizen symbolized, ‘your reason’. Urizen was bound by the chains of reason imposed on the mind. The chains that control the masses is ignorance, superstition and fear. That is where their rational thinking will come from. When we choose to live magically we choose to think for ourselves. We are free to focus our minds on what we want to focus on. We are free to examine unpleasant facts and strive for greater clarity. We are free to think for ourselves.

Lets just say a person is closed to reading my ‘His Royal Jesus’ post. This person finds themselves giving excuses to not read it. Whatever end of the spectrum you are coming from, it is all made up or he is the son of god, is your default. The reasoning to not read it will come from whatever belief is in your subconscious. Ask yourself “What am I pretending not to know?” Your subconscious is connected to all that ever was or ever will be. It knows when it is being lied to. Your subconscious is connected to everything and knows all. This is why you always have a feeling of unrest when you know something is not right, but we have never been told what this feeling is. When I came across Ralph Ellis’ work about 10 years ago, I knew instantly he was right. Fact after fact to prove his research correct has been surfacing ever since. When you live magically, you will know. You won’t have to defend the truth with an ego mindset, it will defend itself.

Most people are living in fear, pain, anger or some other negative emotion. When you are in one of these states nothing can be learned. Why do you think the media(mainstream or alternative) is all about putting you in these emotions? Once these emotions are set in your subconscious, it is your default setting, it is your reality. You crave these emotions, so you keep watching the television or keep visiting the conspiracy websites. As long as one is absorbed in these emotions, they do not have to think, perceive, connect or act responsibly. When you live magically, you will still have these emotions. You won’t become a robot, but you will be able to think clearly when these emotions arise. I am not telling you to hide your emotions, I’m telling you to figure out what are your genuine emotions or what emotions are triggered from some false outside source. When you live magically, you will know the difference. Do not hold your emotions in. Holding them in will give you an emotional blockage. For more on emotional blockages, see Magic. Living magically doesn’t mean hiding your emotions. It means learning not to let the emotions distort your thinking. There are no wrong feelings, let them come and go like weather. It is never wrong that you feel that way. Feeling deeply actually helps your magic because you have access to information you wouldn’t have without it.

One of the characteristics of a witch or wizard is we seek to understand the reasons for our beliefs. They ask themselves “What are the grounds for holding the views I hold”? All of us absorb values and ideas from family, culture and friends. Were these your ideas or were they put there by someone else? One who lives magically knows an unexamined idea or value is not worth holding. Living magically we live by our own values and ideas that serve us as and individual. The reader may say that sounds selfish. But when you start living for yourself and your dreams, you bring out your authentic self and that is a gift to the world. How many people have given up on their dreams to accommodate other people’s demands because they were afraid of being called selfish? Ayn Rand sums this point up nicely:

“Why is it moral to serve the happiness of others, but not your own? If enjoyment is a value, why is it moral when experienced by others, but immoral when experienced by you? Why is it immoral for you to desire, but moral for others to do so?

Living magically is loving your abilities and the possibilities they create. It is saying that my values as an individual are important and my authentic life is important.

All the self-help and psychology of today is about fitting in. Mold yourself so others will like you. Make yourself fit in to this world. Heres a question for all you self help gurus and psychologists. What if this world is the problem and not the individual? A sane person in an insane world looks mad to everyone else. Magical people could care less about fitting in. Once you learn magic, you will not fit in with the masses. If being liked by everyone is your aim, magic is not for you. Most people in this world don’t even like themselves, so why the hell would you want these people to like you? To get someone to like you means you have to ultimately act like them. We have got to get away from the socially prevailing beliefs and moral standards if we are going to find who we truly are. Why not see strange weirdos as the miracle that they are? Why not treat people who have visions and can see things as gifted and not some freak that needs drugs? I realize there are people who need real mental help, but again…What if the world is broken and it is causing serious mental problems? Living magically you understand that a person’s strangeness and weirdness makes a person unique. I say the stranger the better. Living magically means you won’t seek approval.

When I first started magic, I realized I could see the unseen and get information when I asked for it. I kept it to myself for the first couple of years because I was afraid. If I talked about it, I weirded people out and some people’s minds would literally glitch. It was unsettling to say the least. Some people got really angry at me. I am an introvert by default. When an introvert gets hurt they go in to their world and clam up. I just decided the world wasn’t ready for me. But as my magic grew inside me, I started to realize that as long as I care about the approval of other people, I could never except myself. If a person never accepts them self, they never give anyone else a chance to accept them. Living magically we have a willingness to embrace discomfort. We don’t fear rejection. We are willing to be uncomfortable. This means we say yes to ourselves. We have been conditioned as a human race to move away from fear and pain to preserve our life. This stems from the war of the gods(see Lemurian Magic). Magic helps you find the self-realization that it is you generating the pain and fear. When we realize this, we find meaning and purpose in ourselves.

We have to start realizing that what people make fun of us about and shame us for, is our best gifts to the world. We need to get rid of the idea these differences mean something is wrong with us or that it is a curse. In Magic I show you how to say yes or no to the thoughts coming into your mind. Living magically you will say yes to your authentic self. When you self understand, you understand the world, you are in harmony. Love is what you feel when everything is in harmony. Very few people are living in harmony with themselves and we wonder why there is so little love in this world. Living magically you are in harmony.


“The only real conflict you will ever have in your life won’t be with others, but with yourself.”-Shannon L Alder


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