Learning Magic


We as a human race are busy being ‘poor little me’. We believe we have done something wrong or we are sick. We believe we need treatment or a punishment to make us well or atone for our sins. After all, the act of procreation is a sin in this world unless it’s divine copulation. You were born from sin, into sin, so you are sin. In this post I will propose that the only thing wrong is you don’t direct your own magic. You are either know how to perform magic or you don’t . It is that simple.

Learning magic and becoming a witch or wizard is free. All you have to do is change your mindset. Whatever habits are locked into your subconscious is who you are. Change your subconscious, you change your life. You will not be the same person after this transformation is complete. When we decide to learn magic, we give up a life that we may have become extremely comfortable with. We give up a self that we have come to identify with and have called our own. We may even have to give up friends, lovers and even spouses. Learning magic is not for everyone. When we learn magic, we find our power. We find our will, our voice and our self-respect. This comes with a lot of responsibility and that scares most because you will become that authentic person you were afraid to embrace. For those of you that are new to magic, you might want to check out my previous magic posts to get a feel for what I am talking about.

Have you been running from yourself your entire lifetime? Are you doing what you truly love to do? Be honest. Even doing what you love as a hobby can put you on your path. What is your path? Only you can figure that one out, but I will help you find it. If there was no such thing as money, no worries about providing for yourself or family, everything was taken care of. What would you do? That is your path. It does not matter if you are good at it. Do it enough and you will get very good at it. You will make it a habit. Once you make it a habit, it gets into the subconscious and she takes over. If you make money doing what you love to do, it’s a bonus. I can hear the reader now telling me I’m living in a dream world. That is the programming from this world telling you can’t do what you love. I’m not telling you to give up everything and do what you have always dreamed of doing, I’m telling you to incorporate it in your life. Just by starting to do what you love will be the beginning of making it a habit. Once it is a habit the subconscious takes over. When you get good enough at it, you can drop everything and do it as a living. If you want to.

The difference between someone who knows magic and someone who doesn’t is their habits. Do you know what your habits are? Let’s take a look. You can see what your habits are by looking at certain parts of your life. Who do you spend most of your time with? Who do you resonate with? Who do you connect with? What thoughts dominate your mind? What gets you excited? Do you ever get exited? What do you talk about? What books movies and music do you resonate with? What is your emotion most of the time? What is your inner dialogue? What do you do in your free time? Are any of these empowering or is it an inauthentic created life, character or personality to draw attention to yourself? Are you constantly in conflict with other people? If so, it is because you are in conflict with yourself. Use your world as a mirror to see who you really are. Depression is actually a good thing, it means you know something is wrong.

Let’s look at our addictions. Addictions are habits you have formed because you know something is wrong and you don’t know how to fix it. It is why I want you to start doing what you love. We are told our whole life what we need to do, what we need to be or how we need to make a living. If you are familiar with my work, you know there is nothing natural or authentic about this world. This world makes us restless, bored and angry. We yearn to understand and accomplish something great, but we don’t know where to begin. Even if we did, we would be so terrified to even start something for fear of what others would think. Enter addictions to alcohol, sex, Facebook, television, Twitter, drugs, shopping, sports, gambling, work or anything that will keep us from being alone with our own thoughts, feelings and emotions. The quick fix wins out. Addictions become your habits on how you cope with this world. Most people are just coping in this world. If you are just coping in this life, you don’t get it. If you don’t feel that you are worth it or can do it yourself, you create imaginary reasons why other people do it. Coping people will make excuses. All of this because you are irritated by your inauthentic self. Hiding in the shadows of the inauthentic self is the authentic self screaming to be released.

One of the biggest addictions out there is self-help. Everywhere you turn there is a self help book or guru. As I showed in the Magic post, they all are just giving you a piece of the pie or they are simply wrong. They keep dangling a carrot out in front of you, knowing that if they make it a habit it will be an addiction. They will put the need for self help in your subconscious so you will seek it without even thinking about it. Whatever has been put into your subconscious is your default. Here is an example: If you are a very gifted artist, but your parents kept telling you there is no money in art and it is a waste of time, that will be your default. You could be the greatest artist in the world, but if you don’t change what has been set in your subconscious, you will self sabotage. You will come up with all kinds of excuses as to why you are not good enough. All the while that authentic, very talented artists is screaming to get out. Enter the addiction of your choice. Following a guru is giving your power away just like a religion. It is why all of these self help people won’t tell you the truth that religion is a lie. As long as you give your power away to some made up entity, you will always be searching. Once you learn magic, you will know your individual power and never give it away again. These self-help leaders know that if you keep working to be confident, you are not a confident person. If you keep working on improving, you are someone who is constantly thinking they need improved. It becomes a habit. Do you see what I’m saying? Doing something to be positive is reinforcing that you need to do something to be positive. What if you are already perfect? Quit needing proof that you are perfect!

Sometimes I get some push back on my rejecting and accepting thoughts. I’ve gotten emails that mindfulness is better. To let the negative thoughts and emotions move through us and accept them for what they are. Face plant into hand after reading these emails. The danger of this new age approach is to not make any fundamental changes in our lives. Again new age is just another religion, there are so many things that following the religion playbook that most people can’t see it. If it takes the power away from you, it is wrong. This is telling you to accept these negative emotions and thoughts and just move on. I am bringing a very ancient philosophy out and showing you how to retrain your mind. This will alter your relationships and situations you are in so you can be in the ones you actually want. Ancient mindfulness was actually very close to what I show you in magic. New age has made it an acceptance mantra. Ancient magic is all about changing your mindset in order to change your world. We are having these emotions and thoughts because it is not your world, it’s an inauthentic world. It is all about overcoming this inauthentic self that you have built your entire life. Depression is the most wide-spread epidemic on the earth. The story that we tell ourselves about ourselves is no longer serving us. All of these error messages running in our head has got to go. Magic gets you connected to your higher self. Maybe we have gone as far as we can go with this masculine mindset. Eight hundred thousand people a year are committing suicide. It is time for a new approach. We are goddess and gods imprisoned in this vessel of flesh. The witch or wizard tries to reach into that once familiar realm of the gods and bring the magic down with creation.

As I showed in Magic, the magical age is usually 40. This is what Jung meant when he said “life begins at 40”. This is the time of the midlife crisis. In truth this is your authentic self calling and it can happen at any age, 40 just seems to be when it happens to the majority. Before this calling we are young and dumb. We are just walking around this world trying to learn, but this is known and they can’t have you leaning your power. Propaganda and lies program you from the day you are born. We are filled with fear because fear is a very useful tool for controlling. What we come to fear most is that will be excluded from the tribe and become and individual. We fear that if we accept our authentic self, we will have to live up to who we really are and find out what we are really capable of. If our friends and family find out who we really are, we will be disowned and kicked out of the tribe. The inauthentic person lives by the opinion of others and is afraid to be judged by them. Twitter and Facebook are paradise to the inauthentic person. The inauthentic person is insensitive and cruel to others, but saves the most cruelty for themselves. Deep down they know they are not being true to themselves, so they look in the mirror and hate what they see. Achieving love and compassion for yourself is the most important thing to learning magic. It is just as important as eating and drinking in this physical form.

Here is the truth. Other inauthentic people don’t give a shit about you! The are all just as messed up as everyone else and are just as terrified. Each person is caught up in their own egotistical BS, they could care less about you. If they are judging you, they don’t want to be left behind. As soon as you are out of their sight they will just turn on football or the Kardashians. If you were close to them, they may pray to daddy because you are not doing what they think daddy wants you to do. How immature does that sound? To an inauthentic person it is not immature, it is reality. They think they must do what someone else tells them to do. Just like in politics, make fun of everyone who does not believe the same way you do. Shame, shame, shame!!!!! It is time to grow up. This religion playbook is over. If you are not doing something for yourself and yourself only, it is a waste of time. You will always search for something to fill that hole.

When we learn magic, we quit running from your fears. We confront our fears and our life becomes simple. Everything changes. We become very different and everyone in our life sees the change. We change how we spend our time and who we spend it with. Inauthentic people will try to sabotage us by making us feel guilty and talking behind our backs. We don’t worry because we know new magical people will enter our life. and they will become our new friends. We will have to make painful decisions. People in our past will be in the past because we have outgrown them. This goes for the life you just left. The non magic life will have to be left in the past in order to have the magical life we want for our future. People keep telling me that magic can’t be as easy as it looks. Once you decide to learn magic, it is easy. The hard part is leaving the old life behind. It is like kicking a drug habit. We have been addicted to our inauthentic self our whole life. Each day a witch or wizard will have the same fears and worries as before, but now they will conquer them and continue to master them.

With magic we become enlightened. Each individual will have different levels of enlightenment. We understand to take the good with the bad in life and just flow through. The only thing permanent in this life is change. If you are going through a bad time in your life, you understand it is not permanent. The pendulum will swing the other way. If you are going through a particularly great time in your life, you know it won’t last forever. For how can you know what good is without the bad and what bad is without the good? We conquer our demons. Fear and hope disappear and we just know because we become immersed in the moment of everything we do. We will have compassion for ourselves and others. We become grateful. Gratitude is an energetic flow. Showing gratitude means you get it. With gratitude you are telling the universe you get it. You appreciate the gifts. When the universe sees you are ready to receive, it sends more. We become confident and have the goddess on our side. Your subconscious is the goddess and when you unlock her the masculine becomes an agent for her. This is why the horse is a symbol for the goddess. If you are riding a horse and fear, uncertainty and insecurity enters your mind, the horse will know instantly. At that point you have no control over the horse. The subconscious or the goddess is the exact same way. As long as you are in the masculine mindset, you will have an abundance of fear, uncertainty and insecurity. Most are in the masculine mindset, that is why the world is such a train wreck. This world has no idea what true sacred masculine and sacred feminine are. With magic you will know and be confident. You will know the outcome of your thoughts and world. I don’t mean an ego driven confidence, I mean a core confidence.

You can say I’m crazy, but think about this. Why did they used to kill people who did magic? I have shown in previous post how religion is a sham. It was invented for control of the masses and yet the thing it feared most was magic. Magic isn’t for everyone, most minds are not ready for it. When you think you are ready to give it a try check out my magic posts. But I must warn you to be ready for a massive change in your life. Magic changes what is in your subconscious. This world is a labyrinth and will give you many more lies to replace the lies you have dissolved. What is different about magic is you meet the goddess. You are the child of the goddess playing in the labyrinth. Take instruction from the goddess. The goddess tempering the masculine needs to happen. Once it does, you will know what is right and what is wrong.
You will be able to control your reality. As Goethe stated so well:

“I have come to the frightening conclusion that I am the decisive element. It is my personal approach that creates the climate. It is my daily mood that makes the weather. I possess tremendous power to make life miserable or joyous. I can be a tool of torture or an instrument of inspiration, I can humiliate or humor, hurt or heal. In all situations, it is my response that decides whether a crisis is escalated or de-escalated, and a person is humanized or de-humanized. If we treat people as they are, we make them worse. If we treat people as they ought to be, we help them become what they are capable of becoming.”

Magic puts you in the zone.

12 thoughts on “Learning Magic”

  1. Quote: “Achieving love and compassion for yourself is the most important thing to learning magic. It is just as important as eating and drinking in this physical form.” I cannot think of a better way to express this truth, nor can it be emphasized enough.

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    1. Thanks Sha’Tara. You are right it can’t be emphasized enough. It is thrown around so much that people make loving yourself sound cheesy. But I ask “How can you have love and compassion for others if you don’t have it for yourself”?


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